5 Travel Apps To Make Your Life Easier!

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In times when you have an app to accommodate every little aspect of your life, how can traveling not provide app-creators with food for thought to come up with new, creative ideas to make the experience more hassle and stress free?

In a world connected through technology, these apps provide just the right resources you need to be able to enjoy your vacation in every corner of the world. Be it near the North pole, or a trip to the grocery market on a Sunday- to make the best out of every excursion you undertake- here is a list of five apps that can become your travel buddies.

Must-Have Apps While Travelling:

1. Google Maps- Easy Navigation

Google maps

Traveling to a new, foreign land? Always end up taking the wrong turns when asking for directions? Just don’t trust your spatial intelligence and need someone to guide you back home after a tiring day?

‘Google Maps’ is the most handy, easy to use and accessible app when it comes to finding navigation in all areas. Not only does it serve the purpose of leading the way but also keeping you updated on the traffic, allowing city tours with a 360-degree view and a voice-guided GPS navigation if your hands aren’t free.

What’s more? You can download the app for free and access it when you are offline as well. If you don’t trust your data connection or are someone who always likes having backups to feel safe, you can always try downloading Google Maps so that you can use it even when you are offline. All you need is enough storage in your phone. The process to download Google Maps is one simple step- Go on the map to the area you want to save, type ‘ok map’ into the search option and then press ‘Download’.

2. Zomato- Food Delivery


What’s a trip without treating yourself to delicacies? Your taste buds should have the same royal treatment as your other senses. After all, when on a trip, you have to ‘taste’ the culture to truly understand it!

Be it on the streets of Italy, looking for the best pizza place near you or on a business trip to Bangalore, trying to order a quick bite before you start your day- Zomato offers something to everyone.  Not only can you avail discounts and order food of all kinds, you can also look up restaurants. The pictures, reviews, pre-sets, locations and menus of restaurants provide you with just the right material to decide where to have dinner today. The map feature of the app also allows you to find your way to the restaurant.

‘Zomato’ with its world-wide connectivity, easy accessibility and loads of options finally ends the eternal debate of- Where/ What do we eat today?

3. OYO- Affordable Hotels and Rooms

OYO app

Contemporary, modern villas or picturesque cottages in remote towns; luxurious homestays or residences that remind you of home. If you travel far away from home, then OYO seeks to bring home to you- at all locations and for all kinds of travelers.

Be it the nature-enthusiast in you who wants to stay near the backwaters of Kerala or the adventure freak residing in the hill ranges; the one seeking a quietly tucked away cottage or one who wants the city to be close by- OYO with its townhouses and homestays, luxurious hotels and Silver-Keys has something to offer to everyone.

The app allows you to find the accommodation options near you and provides the best deals at all prices. Hence, affordability is a given when it comes to OYO. It also allows you to read the reviews, the ratings and the description of the residence along with nearby attractions that you can visit. It is the ultimate package to make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

Splitwise -To track bills and other shared expenses


When you have companions on a trip, keeping a track of the budget and the expenses can prove to be a tough job. When you cannot trust your friend’s math skills or just your friend (in many cases)- Splitwise is the perfect app to handle all your expenses, debts and budget in a hassle-free manner.

The app keeps a running total of who owes you what, how much you owe someone else and the details of your expenses. It is a great way to keep a check of your expenses as it allows you to plan your budget accordingly. Also, the details of debts keep things in an organized manner and when you have to clear it, you can simply transfer the money through PayPal.

So, the next time your friend says “what money?’, when you ask him to return your 100 rupees, you can simply show him the app as concrete proof and mark the beginning of a new era.

AccuWeather – For live weather forecast


Precautions are always better than cure.

 When you are on a trip-letting your eyes soak in the visual treat and finding yourself bubbling with a happy energy- you wouldn’t want a sudden storm or an unexpected rainfall to ruin your day, right?

The weather can either make or break your mood. The rainfall can be fun when you have thick-soled shoes or a cute umbrella with you. The sudden chilly night can be cosy when you are wrapped in multiple layers. The dry weather can become the perfect time to play badminton.

All you need to do, is plan ahead.

That is exactly what ‘AccuWeather’ seeks to do for you- make you ready so that you can enjoy your trip in all weather conditions. The app provides warnings for when severe weather occurs. It also lets people track storms with animated radar maps in real-time. It even provides minute-by-minute weather forecasts for your exact location for up to a few hours ahead of time.

AccuWeather is just the right app to make you plan ahead and avoid any dangerous or other unexpected situations so that you can enjoy your trip stress-free.

So, here was our list of five apps that can be your travel companions in your next trip. Hopefully, with the help of these, you will be able to find your way to a joyful vacation. If not, ‘Google Maps’ can always lead the way!

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