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Traditional Rajasthani Food To Drool Over

The land of Rajputs and the state of Royals, known for Palaces, pottery, jewellery, and puppets, don’t lag in food. The abundance of dishes with tastes ranging from tangy to spicy, including chutneys, achars, and papad, add to the flavours and directly reach your heart.

Are you planning a trip? Then, remember to add these delicacies to try!

Breakfast Snack

1. Pyaaz ki kachori

Get up in the morning to this delicacy. A common snack in Rajasthan is a deep-fried dish with onion. The spicy dish is taken together with chutney and dahi.

2. Bada

Of course, you have a variety for breakfast. The hot and spicy delicacy with chai, what a lovely morning! It’s made from large green chillies dipped in besan and deep-fried. Based on flavours, the fillings vary.

Vegetarian delights!

1. Dal Bati Churma

Most famous and top on the list. The crunchy baked batis dipped in desi ghee, sweet churma and spicy panchkuti daal. You can have jaggery mixed churma for health-conscious people.

2. Flour dumplings

Don’t go with the name; it’s traditional gatte ki sabzi! It is a curry made from besan balls, combined with different spices for your taste buds and rice. It contains curd as a probiotic to help your gut accommodate more foods. Shahi gatte, Masala gatte, and gatte pulao add to the variety.

3. Ker Sangri

The original dish of Rajasthan is made from local berries, Ker, ad wild beans Sangari. The looks might distract you from its spicy, tangy taste. But it will let you crave more. Coupled with bajre ki roti, it has dry fruits and melting butter on top.

4. Bajra roti

The roti is too famous and too delicious to need any combination. Just use garlic and onion chutney, and you won’t be able to stop yourself. The Rajputana taste is worth having it.

5. Kadhi

Common at every Dhaba, how come you don’t want to taste it at its place of origin? The extra spiciness and authentic, tasty dish is famously eaten with rice. Pakodas are lovely additions to the kadhi.

6. Raab

Not feeling well, Rajasthan’s tradition offers a dish for that too. The bajra ki raab contains bajra, warm ginger juice, ghee, and loads of magnesium and iron. Commonly drunk by people with weak appetites and victims of colds and coughs.

Non-vegetarians, we got you

1. Laal Maas

The hot red chillies gave it the colour and hence named it. The sizzling spices and chillies are paired with tomato gravy and red meat (mutton). This delicious and flavorful food is a must-try.

2. Mohan mass

Rajasthanis offer royal non-veg dishes also. This one is cooked finely, delicately, and filled with dairy and dry fruits. The cardamom and cinnamon garnish the rich and thick gravy dish. Peppercorns, cashews and coconuts steal the show with a long cooking time in this meal.


1. Moong Daal ka Halwa

Made from moong daal and rich in dry fruits, commonly preferred in winter. It is considered a royal item at wedding functions.

2. Ghewar

It is the most famous and traditional sweet in Rajasthan. Made from milk, sugar syrup and fluor, it is circular. Also available with variety like malai ghewar, mava ghewar etc.

3. Mohanthal

Again a Royal desert made from gram flour. The small square-shaped sweet has sugar or jaggery and ghee. Dry fruits on the top garnish it.

4. Mawa kachori

This sweet version of kachoris is filled with dry fruits containing khoya; it is deep fried with sugar syrup dripping from kachoris and extending its taste.


1. Chhanch

Not a fan of tea? Have Masala chhanch and pair the above tea combos accordingly. Commonly known as buttermilk, the drink will cool you, extremely suitable for summer. You can have it plain or with masala. Even pair it with lunch or dinner and taste the Rajasthani food culture.

2. Jaljeera

The chatpata and tangy drink will refresh you inside out with its magic. Most preferred drink after travelling or shopping in hot summers, this is the mind-blowing refreshment. No fancy ingredients, just water, ginger and cumin at your service.

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