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Top Hidden Gems and Secret Escapes You Must Visit

In our modern lives, taking a break from the routine is essential. While planning visits to renowned global destinations is common, we often overlook the hidden gems within our own country. India is a treasure trove of secret escapes and hidden gems, offering unexplored wonders waiting to be discovered. Furthermore, this blog will take you to the best family hotels in your preferred location, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay. Let’s explore and cherish the beauty of underrated travel destinations, stepping away from city allure to embrace untapped natural wonders.

1. Jhatingri, Himachal Pradesh:

Jhatingri, in Himachal Pradesh, is a serene hill town just 5 kilometres from Ghatasni on the way to Barot. Nestled in greenery with mountain views, Jhatingri is ideal for a tranquil retreat with activities like trekking, fishing and camping. Notable attractions include the Chaurasi Kutia Temple and the enchanting Jhatingri Waterfall. 

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2. Arvalem Caves, Goa

Arvalem Caves, located in the village of Arvalem, North Goa, India, form a complex of five rock-cut caves with a history dating back to the 6th century AD. Explore the unique features of each cave, including sculptures, inscriptions, and Shivlingas. A short walk from the caves leads to the popular Arvalem Waterfall, ideal for swimming and picnicking. The surrounding forest provides a peaceful setting for a picnic lunch. You can either book any 4 star hotels in Goa or Goa hotels near beach low price near this spot. 

3. Doodhpathri, Srinagar:

Doodhpathri, 42 kilometres from Srinagar, is a stunning meadow known for its lush landscapes. Visitors can explore the picturesque Doodhpathri Waterfall and the captivating Tosamaidan, known for its greenery and snow-covered peaks. 

The place offers a serene and breathtaking retreat into nature’s embrace, with several possibilities for fun-filled activities like picnic spots, horse riding adventures, etc. Therefore, book the nearest hotel in Srinagar to explore this terrain’s cultural experiences.

4. Glacier Point, Himachal Pradesh

Nestled in the embrace of nature, Glacier Point unfolds a breathtaking meadow, offering a mesmerising view of a colossal glacier. The nearby snow-clad mountain enhances the surreal experience, accompanied by the soothing sounds of the rushing river, inviting you to embrace the tranquil atmosphere. You can taste the delectable delicacies from the best restaurants near Glacier Point, like The Curry Village Dining, Ahwahnee Dining Room, etc. Since it is just 35 km from Manali, you can book the best Manali hotels near Mall Road to explore both places conveniently. 

Why Choose OYO?

Exploring India’s hidden gems becomes more exciting when you find the perfect place to stay. Returning to a hotel that feels like home after a day of exploration adds to the joy of your trip. OYO offers the best hotels with top-class amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay even in these offbeat locations.

During your stay at OYO hotels, you’ll enjoy free WiFi, 24/7 room service, car parking, a private bathroom, air conditioning, a television, and a geyser. The hotel prioritises your safety with continuous surveillance through security cameras. Some of our best accommodations near the spots mentioned in this article are Super OYO Hotel Country Lodge, Super OYO 19811 Abc Residency, Super OYO Flagship Declassio By Goa’s Pearl Near Aguada Fort, Super OYO Corinthia Boutique Rooms Near Candolim Beach, etc. 

No matter how hidden or secret your preferred spot may be, our best OYO family hotels will ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.


If you’re an explorer seeking unique and refreshing experiences in India, there are several rare and lesser-celebrated destinations that await your discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or a novice, you’ll find diverse places that promise to captivate your heart and soul. Rest assured that your accommodation needs will be met, as OYO hotels are conveniently situated across these offbeat locations. Book your stay with us, and let OYO enhance your exploration with unmatched comfort and luxury, all while adding a touch of warmth to your experience.

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