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Top 5 Winter Activities for Every Type of Traveller

Winter makes everyone feel like staying in bed, waiting for a hot beverage, and enjoying doing home chores or engaging in home activities. But some people often tire of staying indoors each year as winter comes. There are numerous kinds of exciting activities for every type of traveller to do. So, let’s explore the top 5 winter activities for every type of traveller. 

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Let’s look at the best 5 winter activities!

Top 5 Must-Do Winter Activities for Travellers

Are you tired of sitting at home every winter and missing out on some fun activities? But confused about where to start, here are some must-tries for you.

  • Skiing

People who love snow and are up for a thrilling adventure can opt for skiing. In India, it is the most popular winter sport. People who love skiing worldwide visit India for this activity. You can go skiing in Manali, Pahalgam, and Shimla, while Auli and Gulmarg are highly famous among skiers. You must train under a professional if you are going for the first time. 

  • Trekking

With huge popularity in India, trekking is a winter activity loved by people worldwide. The icy winds and nail-biting cold will seem worth it when you reach the top and witness the breathtaking panoramic view of majestic mountains. Compared to the international ones, the winter treks in India are shorter, but the level of fitness you will require is high. 

  • Mountain Biking

If you love the mountain but not the snow, don’t worry; you can opt for Mountain Biking. It is one of the best sports in India to challenge yourself. India, in winter, has a magnificent view to offer when you cycle through lush green mountains, beautiful valleys, surreal river banks and wild terrains. Due to the pleasant temperature during winter, you can witness the luxuriant green landscape from a different viewpoint. 

  • Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a must-do activity when making a bucket list of exciting things in winter. It is life-changing for many people and gives them an experience they never even thought of, as the ocean holds the power to leave you astonished with its magnificence. 

  • Surfing

If you were awestruck by watching surfers surf easily through ocean waves and wondered if you could do the same. Don’t worry, as it is not that difficult. You can try out this sport on the vast coastline of India, where you can see various surfing destinations. The ideal time for beginners is winter, as the waves return to normal and the water is gentler.

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