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Top 5 Himalayan Treks for Beginners

The Himalayan Range is the perfect place to begin your trek journey. Plenty of trails in this range offer the mesmerising appeal and beauty of trekking at a high altitude. Moreover, the snow-clad mountains, shimmering rivers, and lush forests add charm to this place. 

The Himalayan treks are spread across 2,400 km in the north, covering seven Indian states. Thus, people can choose any trek according to their likes and preferences as well as the availability of comfortable fun resorts

Here is a list of the top five treks in the Himalayan range for beginners.

#1: Chatakpur Tiger Hill Trek

It is located near Darjeeling and is considered an easy to moderate trekking destination. It is spread across 7 km and includes dense forests and orchards of Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary. To get the best trekking experience at this place, you can go camping overnight and catch the splendid view of sunset and sunrise from the watchtower in the town. Here you can also get a mesmerising view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. Trekking at Chatakpur offers an unforgettable experience with a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere. Moreover, downhill you will come across Senchal Lake and Buddhist monasteries. 

If you are thinking of trekking to Chatakpur, consider planning it around October-November or March-April to get the full experience of Senchal, which remains closed throughout the monsoon months. You can also find the best family fun resorts at this place, including OYO Capital at 82698 Sillery Gaon.

#2: Triund Hill Trek

It is one of the most preferred places for weekend treks in Himachal Pradesh. It includes dense rhododendron forests and vast meadows and pastures. All along the trekking path, you can indulge in the alluring scenic beauty and the delighting chirping of birds. Triund hill trek is 9 km long and takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete. 

When you reach the top of Triund, a mesmerising view of Kangra valley and Dhauladhar mountain welcomes you with open arms. However, you can go even higher to visit Ilacqua Glacier and Indrahar Pass through the Lahesh Caves. September to November and May to June are the best times to plan your trek to Triund Hill. In addition, to relax from trekking fatigue, you can search for the best family resort in Triund, such as 4205 Hotel Anuj Regency.

#3: Bir Billing Trek

This trek in the Himalayan range takes visitors to an entirely different world. Apart from the top sightseeing in Bir, you can enjoy activities like camping and paragliding. Moreover, this place also hosts the World Paragliding Championship, where the professionals perform the sport at an altitude of 8900 feet.

The total distance of the Bir Billing trek covers 14 km. You can take a walk or book a car to explore the vast area, including small villages, fields, natural beauty and gigantic mountains. Apart from the top sightseeing places in Bir, you can also experience monasteries with scenic backgrounds, mouth-watering delicacies at cafes, beautiful sunsets, etc. This place has multiple activities to offer. This place is also more preferred by visitors due to the availability of family-friendly hotels like OYO 60812 Ocimum Palace.

#4: Chopta Chandrashila Trek

It is considered one of the best places in the Himalayan range for beginner trekkers. You need nearly five days to complete the Chopta Chandrashila trek. Throughout the journey, this place offers mesmerising and alluring natural beauty. In addition, people who visit this place during winter experience walking through a valley draped in thick layers of snow. 

Although beginners feel intimidated by the thought of walking in the snow, most of them complete the trek without any inconvenience. And the best part is the availability of top-class family suits at accessible locations such as OYO 87822 Hotel JK Laxmi, OYO 88083 Hotel Aashish and Restaurant, etc.

#5: Nag Tibba Trek

This trek is located near Mussoorie, offering an adventurous journey for beginners. This trek covers an area that consists of small villages, wildlife, and the Gujjar tribe’s camps. It is located at a height of 3048 metres above sea level. In addition, it is the highest trek in the lower Himalayan region. 

Nag Tibba stretches over 4 to 5 km and offers spectacular, breathtaking views. Moreover, while trekking here, you need to remain cautious because it has a steep incline at the beginning, which gradually softens as you proceed further. 

You can have a great stay after your adventurous trek at Nag Tibba by choosing OYO hotels such as Flagship 35774 Bamboo Safari, 72895 Pine Tree, etc.


All these treks of the Himalayan range are perfect destinations for beginners and amateur trekkers. However, they can proceed further if they feel like exploring more areas of the magnificent mountain range. Therefore, if you want to begin your trekking journey, you can choose any of these places to create an adventurous and beautiful memory.


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