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Top 5 Attractions Near Mira Road Station that you shouldn’t Miss Out on

Keying in the best places to visit near Mira Road Station? Rest assured you’re not the only one since Mira Road is known as something of a major connectivity hub which is home to throngs of visitors, business travellers and tourists coming to Maximum City. Why? For starters, there’s the important railway station which is linked to the Western Suburban Railway network and you can travel to Churchgate in the heart of Mumbai, with ease! Also, there are readily available bus services while the Line 10 (Mumbai Metro) covers Gaimukh to Shivaji Chowk on Mira Road. The Line 9 of the Mumbai Metro covers the Mira Bhayander stretch, linking it to the western suburbs. So you pretty much stay connected to almost all parts of the city and its suburbs. 

Tourists and business travellers love this stretch for its readily available social infrastructure including leading educational institutions, hospitals, banks, shopping centres and even malls like Dattani Square Mall, Dubey Estate Shopping Centre and others. There is proximity to the Oberoi Mall and other social infrastructure in several parts of Mumbai and Thane while the Ghodbunder Road, NH-48 and other major thoroughfares are readily accessible. Hence, Mira Road stands out for its connectivity and is a big hit with business and leisure travelers alike. But is that all there is to Mira Road? Certainly not! The locality and its eponymous railway station are situated in close proximity to some of the most fascinating and attractive landmarks in Mumbai. So if you’re staying here, it’s time to hit the road (quite literally) during your day/time off. 

Top 5 things to do near Mira Road Station – Best places to visit 

There are several attractions nestled near the Mira Road railway station if that is what you are taking as a starting point. Note that many of these landmarks are not as famous as some of the other done-to-death Mumbai attractions but possibly that’s what you’re looking for. A little exploration, some peace and quiet and a magical ambience at every destination. If that’s what you’re after, Mira Road can be a great place to stay, particularly near the railway station. 

Without further delay, here’s presenting the top 5 attractions near the Mira Road railway station. 

1. Global Vipassana Pagoda

We know what you’re thinking! An oriental Pagoda and that too amidst the bustling city of Mumbai? Well, wonders never cease and this landmark is basically a retreat for meditation and spiritual wellness near Gorai. Inaugurated in the year 2009, it is built on land which falls on a rather spectacular peninsula nestled between the Arabian Sea and Gorai Creek. Talk of being a photographer’s paradise! A day here is one of the top 5 things to do near Mira Road Station

The serene ambience will make the slightly longer distance seem worthwhile. The Pagoda is a tribute to the Buddha and His teachings down the ages, sporting traditional Burmese inspired design touches and housing a monk community that practices the same dutifully to this day. This structure is also an expression of gratitude for the ancient Vipassana practice that originated from Myanmar. The Pagoda shape has been inspired by the Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda or Golden Pagoda and the center has the biggest stone dome in the world without any pillars for support! The dome goes up to a whopping 29 meters while the building reaches 96.12 meters which is two times the size of another famous Indian monument, namely the Gol Gumbaz Dome at Bijapur. The hall inside can accommodate more than 8,000 people across 65,000 square feet with meditation classes that have truly gone global now. In fact, if you have the time, a 10-day course sounds quite productive and that too free of cost! 

The Global Vipassana Pagoda is the ultimate combination of nature, serenity, wellness and bliss! It will certainly add another dimension to your perception of Mumbai as a city. 

Timings- 9 AM-7 PM

Distance from Mira Road Railway Station- 19.2 kilometres

Address: Near Essel World, Gorai Village, Mumbai 

2. Essel World 

Now that you’ve come to the Global Vipassana Pagoda and had your share of spiritual and mental bliss, it’s time to let that inner child loose at adjoining Essel World, one of India’s biggest and most famous adventure and amusement parks. If you’re on a trip with the family, then it’s even better since your kids will not have enough of the thrilling rides on offer (statutory warning: adults may fall in love with them too!). Find rides galore at the country’s biggest amusement park including water rides and specialized rides for adults and children alike. Situated amidst the pristine village of Gorai, this is an island promising fun and merriment all day long! 

You will find the Water Kingdom within Essel World which is again the biggest theme water park in Asia! This paradise covers a whopping 64 acres with more than 71 entertainment zones/rides across age groups. Some of the hot favorites include Monsters in the Mist, Top Spin, Shot N Drop and of course, the bowling alley and ice skating rink. Groove it up on the dance floor and then satiate your hunger pangs at the in-house restaurant. Shopaholics will find souvenirs and gifts aplenty at the stores within the campus as well. Essel World is not just a fun island; it is an emotion. One of childlike freedom and enjoyment, forgetting all the cares of the world. Who knows, you might just want to go again the next day! 

Timings: 10 AM-6 PM

Address: Essel World Amusement Park, Gorai, Mumbai

Distance from Mira Road Railway Station- 18.1 kilometres 

3. Gorai Beach 

When news broke out of Salman Khan having started construction of a luxurious and mega bungalow as his next chill spot near Mumbai, people started scouring the destination, a one-time small beachside hamlet that is now set to be the Hamptons of Mumbai, much like Alibaug. Gorai Beach and the surrounding coastal village will give you a slice of paradise near Mira Road Railway Station. 

Soak in the calming sea breeze and hear the roaring waves as they roll onto the clean and tranquil sands. Gorai is one of Mumbai’s most popular yet cleanest beaches, a fact that draws travellers even more to this little idyll. Spend an invigorating afternoon till sunset when the beach truly comes alive and gives you Insta-worthy moments worth treasuring for eons. Take in the beautiful palm trees swaying in the gentle wind, the sheer tranquility and rather romantic ambience (makes it a must-visit with your better half in tow!). Douse those hunger pangs with lip-smacking local delicacies at the shacks and street food vendors dotting the beach while you can always indulge in water sports activities here along with boat rides, camel rides and picnics with the whole brood! In fact, as some tourists have been known to say, simply stepping onto the beach makes one feel in a foreign land with a clean and invigorating beach, gusty waves and a delightful ambience. Goa or possibly Thailand anyone? 

Distance from Mira Road Railway Station- 15.6 kilometres 

How to Reach: Take the ferry which is situated approximately 3 kilometres away from the Borivali railway station (6-7 km away from Mira Road railway station). Take the ferry from here till Gorai Beach. 

4. Aksa Beach 

2000s kids may be familiar with a rather catchy song (forgive our colloquialism here!) that went Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Doon featuring none other than Salman Khan (who seems synonymous with beaches in this part of town!). Well, if you’re in the mood to venture a little farther from Mira Road railway station, then this Aksa Beach itself is where you should head. Again, one of the cleanest beaches in this stretch, Aksa Beach gives you stunning sunsets to savor along with tranquil and beautiful sands for long walks or an invigorating evening jog. 

Aksa Beach is encircled by INS Hamla at one side which is an Indian Navy base and another smaller beach known as Daana Paani on the other end. The tranquil green surroundings are a major plus point as well. Of course, there are little shacks all around for those hunger cravings while if you’ve come all the way here, you might as well foot it a little more towards the Marve Beach and Madh Fort. While a song and dance routine on the beach aka Bhaijaan is always par for the course at Aksa Beach, what you’ll really appreciate here is the pristine ambience. It really speaks to you in so many different ways while de-stressing you on a whole different level together. Coming to Aksa Beach means that you’ll start envying the people of Mumbai and how they have gorgeous beaches to unwind in at the end of each hard day! Yes, it’s true! 

Distance from Mira Road Railway Station- 21.7 kilometres

How to Reach: Malad railway station is near Aksa Beach. You can take a bus from the Borivali or Malad stations or auto-rickshaws as well. 

5. Kanheri Caves

Think mystery. Think adventure and think a little natural wonder at the same time. What you get is the Kanheri Caves, one of the best places to visit near Mira Road Station. Did you know that Mumbai has caves dating back to the 1st century BC? Probably not! The Kanheri Caves are one of the oldest such cave structures in all of India and are famous for their natural formations of basalt. There are 109 entrances to the caves (will blow your mind!) and the name itself comes from Krishnagiri which is the ancient Sanskrit term. Congregation halls with big stupas also indicate Buddhist shrines in the erstwhile past. 

Still not whetted your appetite for more? The caves have various paintings of the Buddha which are unfinished and will amaze you while the Vihara or prayer hall and various monasteries will create a spellbinding effect by all means! A bonus attraction here is the pristine and awe-inspiring Sanjay Gandhi National Park where you can partake in adventure sports like trekking, rappelling and others. The caves are also dotted by tiny waterfalls that create a picturesque background (should eventually find its way into your cover/Insta feed!), complete with rivers and picnic spots. 

If you’ve worked up an appetite during your trails, simply check out the numerous eateries nestled outside the Sanjay Gandhi National Park including the Bay View Restaurant, Cascade, Aura Restaurant and even local food vendors galore! Post lunch, indulge in boat rides, toy train rides and go flora and fauna spotting at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, an oasis of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps, aka Mumbai! 

Timings- 9 AM-12.30 PM/2 PM-5.30 PM 

Address: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali East, Mumbai 

Distance from Mira Road Railway Station- 13.6 kilometres 

Mira Road Railway Station is simply where all the action is! Find your way easily to most landmarks in central and South Mumbai along with its suburbs from here while accessing business/office hubs with ease too. And whenever you have time, create your own itinerary and check out the best places to visit near Mira Road Station without further ado!

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