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Tips To Tackle Back Pain While Hiking!

Hiking is an activity that involves walking long distances in a natural environment. Most people who travel to mountain regions practise hiking to improve their strength and physical fitness. Covering the terrain in the lap of nature helps people relieve their stress and connect to nature. However, it has certain disadvantages as well.

During hiking, people often experience back pain, which can make it difficult for them to cover the track. This ultimately prevents them from enjoying their trip properly. Therefore, if you are hiking, it is crucial to follow specific tips to treat back pain and enjoy the top sightseeing in a high-altitude area.

Ways to Tackle Backache During Hiking

You can experience two types of back pain during hiking. These include lower back pain and upper back pain. In both cases, you will find it difficult to stand and walk long distances. Therefore, you must take note of the following points to reduce discomfort:

  • Reduce backpack load

During hiking, you need to carry your backpack with all the essential items. However, if you stuff it to the brim, it will add unnecessary load to your back, which might affect your posture. Therefore, if you are going for a hike, consider packing only the lightweight, essential items. Any extra gear you may not need only increases your challenges during the walk.

  • Stretching to relieve muscle tension.

Stretching your body before and during the hike is extremely important to prevent back pain. There are several stretches you can practise to increase the flow of blood and better flexibility. So you must take some time to stretch your body before hitting the trail for hiking.

  • Appropriate footwear to reduce the impact

Proper footwear plays a vital role in reducing back pain during hiking. Ill-fitted shoes or boots can cause posture and body balance problems. Moreover, shoes with thin and flat soles can not absorb enough shock during hiking. Therefore, you must ensure that your shoes are of the proper shape and size to prevent the onset of backache.

  • Hiking poles for support

Hiking poles have a sturdy structure that helps people gain necessary support while walking through a challenging trail. The poles also keep your body upright so you can avoid lousy posture during hiking. This way, you can manage to prevent the harmful effects of hiking.

  • Select an easier trail

Professional hikers can cover difficult trails with convenience only because they have been practising them for years. If you are hiking for the first time, it is recommended that you take a convenient trail because if you start with a difficult path, chances are high that you will develop severe back pain. Therefore, you must choose a trail carefully in the beginning and gradually build stamina for challenging ones.

  • Give your body some time to recover.

Hiking is a strenuous activity; the worst thing you can do is overstress your body to cover a specific distance in one go. Therefore, to avoid pain and side effects, you must consider taking breaks during the hike to give your body enough time to recover. Moreover, if you need to take some extra minutes to regain strength, do so to avoid getting back pain.


Hiking can be a fun-filled experience during an outing. However, if you have backache, you may not enjoy the top sightseeing on your trip to the fullest. Therefore, consider taking the following steps to handle back pain during hiking. In addition, if you need to relax in a comfortable ambience during your trip, search for the best family resorts near me and book an OYO hotel that offers facilities like AC, a geyser, free parking, etc.

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