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Tips to Plan a Relaxing Staycation This Summer

Summer is the perfect time for a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, the scorching heat and hot winds may not allow many to plan an outing. But there is a solution to your summer vacation woes – a staycation.

On a staycation, you can book family hotels in or away from your city with OYO, explore the place, and then get comfort like your own house. Whether you stay in your city or go to visit the top sightseeing places in the city, a staycation aims to take a break from your regular life. 

With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can have a relaxing and rejuvenating staycation that leaves you feeling refreshed and renewed. In this blog, we will share some tips on how to plan a relaxing staycation this summer.

Top Tips for Having a Staycation in Summer

Planning a staycation can be easy with the following tips:

Plan What You Want to Do

A significant part of your staycation is planning where you want to go and what you want to do. Planning a location to your preferences and interests delivers the best experience. It can be a remote location near your city or a hill station in your state. However, staying in the same city, but in a different accommodation gives the perfect touristy feel. 

Make a Budget

When your funds are limited, it is sensible to have a budget and limit your expenses within that amount. Always remember, going on a staycation doesn’t mean you have to splurge on a vacation. 

You can create a budget by estimating whether you want to travel outside your city. Explore the accommodation cost by checking the family hotels in the place you are planning to head to. Also, spending within the budget will help you plan your staycation without burning a hole in your pocket! 

Use Online Resources

When planning a staycation trip, checking out the places online is always a better option. You can discover fares of accommodations and some of the top sightseeing spots in and around the destination and get discounted prices on online bookings and events. 

For instance, the website and mobile application of OYO Rooms can give you some of the best deals and offers on hotels, townhouses, or guesthouses. Even if you are planning within a budget, you can go on hikes, explore a trail, or picnic at a park. A staycation offers a room to explore multiple things on your vacation.

Rent an Accommodation with OYO Rooms

If you don’t want to have your staycation at home and want to escape it, then you can book your accommodation near your city from OYO Rooms. You can have your choice of the kind of accommodation you want. You can pick a guesthouse, hotel room, or even something luxurious.

OYO Rooms facilitate all the basic amenities at an affordable rate. Use the filters per your preferences, and the website will list some of the best options according to your interests. Even if you have something specific, like a bigger bed size, with OYO, it’s all readily available.  

Furthermore, booking with OYO is way more easy. Just a few clicks and it’s done. You can also book a place near landmarks like the railway station or airport. The intention with a staycation is to stay in and have a good relaxation, and you won’t have to rush to catch your flight or train if you live close to the stations.

Be a Tourist in Your City

You can book accommodation in your city if you don’t want to travel and stay well in your familiar environment. Once you have had your accommodations, you can list all the spots you want to visit in your city. These places can be the ones that you have wanted to go to for a long time, but you can’t because of your busy schedule. 

Staycation is a perfect way to manifest your inner explorer and witness your city from a different view. As a tourist, you could find something new about your city you may not have known. You could taste some street food, explore shops, and do whatever you want. 


A staycation can be a perfect solution for you to escape the daily grind and enjoy some much-needed downtime. With the right planning and mindset, you can create beautiful memories.

The most significant difference will be made by the kind of accommodation you book. You can find some of the best accommodations through OYO family hotels, which give you value for money. You can not only choose the accommodations you want, but you can also use various filters to personalise your search as per your needs.

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