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Tips on Planning a Successful Destination Wedding

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate your wedding, why not consider a destination wedding! But with all the different moving parts involved in planning a wedding from afar, how can you make sure your big day runs smoothly? Find out in this article how you can plan a successful destination wedding with the help of some useful tips and tricks.

Location is key!

The perfect way to start planning is to freeze the location for your wedding. The place can hold a special meaning for you, whether it is your favourite vacation destination as a couple or the place where you met first. Or you can pick something centrally located if you have friends and family travelling from different cities for the wedding. Visit the location before you start your planning process. Now look for the best resorts and family hotels with positive reviews. Check for their availability and then pay a visit before finalising.

Determine the Budget

Once your location is frozen, set the budget for your wedding. Before evaluating the venue and dreaming about the decor, it is essential to understand your budget. With OYO Rooms, you can choose from some of the finest family hotels in the city of your choice, even if your budget is limited. Once you have arrived at the budget, figure out if you can afford to hire a wedding planner or if you will take matters into your own hands. 


A local wedding planner can help reduce the stress of planning your wedding in an unfamiliar place. They are well-versed with venues, florists, caterers, photographers, and other vendors. A planner can save expenses in the long run by offering reliable and experienced vendors to ensure the flawless execution of your wedding plans. 


Venue booking and guest accommodations are typically a sizeable chunk of your wedding expense. It is a great idea to prepare a guest list at this step to ascertain the size of your destination wedding. 

Save the Date in Advance

Once you have finalised the location and date, ensure you send “Save the dates” to your guests. It is advisable to inform the guests at least a few months in advance so that family and friends can have sufficient time to participate in your wedding celebrations. If your venue is international, you will need to update essential travel details and documentation requirements for your guests since international travel guidelines are different from domestic travel. You can share your official wedding invitation closer to the wedding date and remind the guests regarding the travel guidelines. 

Choose your Local Vendors

Research local vendors and book them in advance. You can start this process as soon as the venue is confirmed. If your venue provider has preferred vendors, talk to them and understand. A few tips while choosing vendors

  • Photographer – A local photographer familiar with top sightseeing views in your chosen destination can help you take wedding pictures in the most beautiful and unique places. 
  • Music & Entertainment – Inform the DJ about the songs you will need for the dance performance with your wedding guests. Select the music and give the entertainment team guidelines about your preferences. 
  • Florist – Choose a florist who understands local arrangements and can cater to popular wedding florals. 
  • Caterer – Set a menu that your guests will enjoy and include some local dishes in your wedding menu. 
  • Decor – Understand what your vendor will provide and if you need outside vendors to handle some aspects. 
  • Transportation – Determine transportation to and from your wedding venue and arrange shuttle services for your guests.

Theme Decor

You can have a theme that reflects in wedding signs, menus, centrepieces, menu flavours, etc., and amplify the overall destination wedding. Most couples choose a clever hashtag that involves their names or wedding location, and guests can use this while posting photographs on social media. 

Activities for the Guests

You can plan day trips, spa treatments, or short tours to explore famous spots in the city. Wedding guests will appreciate the gesture, and your wedding will always be memorable for them. You can share a list of the breakaway events you have planned so that guests can decide if they can join in.

Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding is quite a challenge, and the additional logistical aspects of a destination wedding can be complex. Though it may sound daunting, over the last few years, destination weddings have become common and more accessible. You can create a wedding website to help share information with the guests and keep them updated.
Sail through comfortably with these tips and enjoy your dream wedding at the destination of your choice.

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