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This Diwali, Feel at Home even When Miles Apart! Book a Homestay!

Diwali is a festival when people connect with their family members and celebrate their time together. However, this is not always the scene for everyone. Many students and employees who stay away from their hometowns can not visit their families to participate in the celebration. This only adds to their disappointment and regret. Although the joy of meeting your family is not replaceable, you have the option to book a homestay in your current city or a place you want to visit to get the authentic feel of Diwali celebrations.

Here are the ways a homestay can be the best alternative for Diwali celebrations this year.

1. Personalise Accommodations

If you are someone who enjoys staying in a personalised and characterful setting, you must choose a homestay for the Diwali celebration. Unlike hotels, a homestay provides the benefits of spending time with a family. Moreover, there are different options available to you. This includes going from a high-class family to a more traditional setting. Therefore, you can select according to your needs and get a feeling of staying at home even when you are away from home.

2. Better Attention from the Host

A homestay has a limited number of rooms, and it is run by homeowners. Therefore, there is an excellent chance of getting personal attention from the hosts. In addition, you also have the opportunity to share their lifestyle for a few days and learn about their culture. If you are interested in spending a lot of time chatting with your host family, a homestay can be the best alternative to family resorts in a new city. Another benefit of this staying facility is you can get to know about the tradition and story of celebrating Diwali.

3. Enhanced Safety

If you are travelling solo to a new place, there can be risks of various uncertainties. However, by choosing homestay facilities, you remain assured about having people who can care for you just like family members. Moreover, they can also advise you about the safe routes for travelling to the top sightseeing places in the city for an immersive Diwali experience. Moreover, they can provide pickup and drop services so that you don’t have to navigate through the tiring local travel system.

4. Hygienic Food

Dining at a restaurant is a lot different from eating at home. During travel, people generally eat restaurant food while they are roaming around the city. However, if you want to mix both with home-cooked special Diwali delicacies, you must choose a homestay. Most homestay service providers cook food according to the personal needs of travellers. But you can always choose to live a few days experiencing a different culture to enhance your life experience. Moreover, some people may invite you inside their kitchen to offer a personalised experience and provide you with an opportunity to learn different cuisines.

5. Local Knowledge

The in-depth knowledge about the city you can get from the hosts of a homestay is unmatched by the internet or other professional guides. Many hosts enthusiastically introduce their guests to the local areas. This assists you in having a completely new and delightful experience of a place that is not listed on any website or documentary. Moreover, the hosts can tell you some of their family stories, which can make you feel deeply connected to the place.

6. Immersive and Unique Activities

When you choose a homestay, the host family makes an extra effort to provide you with an immersive experience by arranging unique activities for you. Throughout your stay, they make special arrangements according to your preferences to ensure you enjoy every bit of your time. These activities may include making rangoli, participating in prayers, visiting the known places that offer top sightseeing in the city, etc. In addition, they may also invite you to visit some of their relatives for family gatherings. This provides a great opportunity to connect with new people, which can further make your Diwali worthy even when you are away from your family.

7. Experience Diverse Culture

In different parts of India, people celebrate Diwali for different reasons. This includes Lord Krishna’s victory over Narakasur, celebrating the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya, calling ancestors to join Diwali celebrations, etc. If you book a homestay in a certain city, you will get the chance to learn different cultures and traditions by participating in the ritual ceremony of the host family.


Choosing a proper homestay is a crucial part of enjoying Diwali celebrations properly. Although the idea of homestay might sound alluring in the first place, it is highly essential to look for the details of your host and decide wisely. For added protection and safety, you can select the host families registered with OYO rooms. These rooms offer a safe and friendly environment with appropriate staying accommodations. Moreover, just by searching for a simple family room hotel in a particular city, you get a list of affordable OYO homestays that offer you the best facilities.


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