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Things to Keep in mind When Booking a Hotel or Resort in Jaipur


Thanks to today’s budget airlines, many can now afford comfortable and convenient journeys at reasonable prices. However, selecting the best hotels in Jaipur and OYO rooms for a trip is not always simple. There are numerous factors to consider, and our decisions are often influenced by factors such as travel budget, needs, location, and others.

Things to consider before booking resorts or hotels in Jaipur

1) Location

The location of the hotel must be convenient for you. This may appear self-evident, yet it necessitates a clear understanding of your objectives. If the ideal hotel or the best resort in Jaipur isn’t in the appropriate location, it won’t be ideal for you. It makes more sense to be near public transportation in a city like Jaipur so you can take the train instead of wasting money to hire a cab.

You’d prefer to stay in a central location near the sights. Female solo travelers, in particular, may value being in a safe neighborhood where they can come and leave at night without fear. But, especially in a bigger city, there are moments when a quiet back street is just what you need.

Top attractions to consider while selecting resorts in Jaipur:

  • The pink and red sandstone façade of the Hawa Mahal is widely recognized as Jaipur’s most recognizable monument. The women of the royal house would surreptitiously monitor the activities on the street through the palace’s latticework openings, concealed from public view. The pyramidal shape of Hawa Mahal rises five stories from the ground.
  • Nahargarh Fort is a remarkable structure perched on the edge of the Aravalli Hills. Madhavendra Bhawan, the principal palace within the fort, was built as a vacation palace for the royal family. There are nine additional double-story housing areas within the fort. The royal frescos and marble carvings may still be seen on the interior walls, which are an example of Indo-European architectural style. The views of Jaipur city from Nahargarh Fort are breathtaking.
  • Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observation point and a testament to the scholarly brilliance of a bygone period, dating back to the 18th century.

2) Food and Drinks-

Booking a room in a hotel in Jaipur with a lively bar appears to be a wonderful idea. However, if you’re tired from a long journey and find yourself sleeping above the din, it won’t seem so great. Similarly, if you know you’ll always prefer eating out in the neighborhood, there’s little purpose in choosing a hotel based on its restaurant options.

Choose a hotel in Jaipur that fits your lifestyle by being honest with yourself about the types of food and drink outlets you’ll utilize. However, complimentary breakfast is something to think about. Hotels that include breakfast as part of accommodation offers rate are definitely worth looking into.

Jaipur’s famous Food:

  • Ghewar: Ghewar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet that is popular with both residents and visitors. It is pistachio and almond-studded and deep-fried. LMB in Johari Bazaar is a well-known eatery where you may try this dish.
  • Kachori: Kachori is a fried food in both sweet and savory varieties. Pick up a box of Rawat ki Kachori’s famed pyaaz kachori while in Jaipur and enjoy it with a nice cup of tea!
  • Daal Baati: Daal paired with hard wheat buns is a traditional Rajasthani meal (baati). They are on the menus of most of the local eateries in Jaipur, seasoned with ghee and served hot.

3) Connectivity – When and How to travel in Jaipur

When to Go:
Summer, monsoons, and winter are the three major seasons that Jaipur enjoys.

  • The best months to visit Jaipur are October to March, when the summer heat has subsided. The months of December and January are the coldest and driest of the year. The weather warms up in February and stays lovely until March, making it ideal for a vacation!
  • July to September: While it is still hot in Jaipur during these months, the monsoons bring significant humidity levels.
  • Summers in Jaipur can be severe, with temperatures reaching 40°C in May and June, making them the warmest months of the year.

How to Travel:

  • By Air: Jaipur International Airport is located 12 kilometers from the city center in Sanganer. Flights from all around India, as well as overseas destinations including Dubai, Muscat, and Abu Dhabi, serve the airport.
  • By Road: The Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation has a fleet of air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses that travel between cities and towns in the state. If you’re driving to Jaipur, you’ll find that the national highways connecting Delhi and Gujarat make for a pleasant journey.
  • By Train: The city’s biggest railway station is Jaipur Junction. It provides direct trains from major Indian cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Choose the ‘Palace on Wheels’ for a truly luxurious experience.
  • In Jaipur, both public and private transportation is readily available. Choose from bike rickshaws, local buses, and air-conditioned radio cabs.

4) Considering cleanliness for best resorts in Jaipur –

When it comes to hygiene, reviews can be a blessing. If you’re on a low budget, you might want to consider staying somewhere with a communal restroom. Examine what previous visitors have said, and if a pattern emerges, consider increasing your budget, so you get a hygienic bathroom and room.

Similarly, comb through the reviews for evidence of undesirable guests who might want to share your room – and avoid any facility that has had cockroach or bed bug problems until you’re sure the management is on top of it.

5) Type of room to book hotels in Jaipur –

The size and shape of a room can significantly impact your trip. Call or email the hotel ahead of time to find out whether the rooms have a standard layout.

It’s also fine to see your accommodation before paying if you choose a hotel that charges on check-in rather than check-out. Whether you require more space, verify the square footage in the fine print and inquire if a floor plan is available for inspection. Choose a boutique hotel instead, where you may pick a specific room, quirks and all, to avoid any unpleasant shocks when you arrive.

6) Amenities –

The star rating of a hotel (such as 5-star hotels in Jaipur) might be a good place to start when determining the degree of comfort and amenities available. The presence of an elevator, a minibar, a 24-hour reception desk, and a pool will affect the rating but will reveal nothing about the hotel’s quality.

Small things, like having a plug socket near your bedside to charge your phone quickly overnight or having a powerful hairdryer with a fair-length cord in the bathroom, may make a big impact. However, there is much to be said about choosing 5-star hotels in Jaipur based on their facilities, such as Westin’s Heavenly Bed or Kimpton’s portfolio-wide pet policy.

7) Check the price you pay –

Price goes hand-in-hand with the location. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the location is if you can’t afford the room. But don’t let the headline price deceive you. You’ll have to pay taxes or resort fees.

Even if there are no resort costs, some amenities, such as parking and internet, are considered extras. Make sure you do your homework ahead of time so you know how much you’ll have to pay at the end of your stay.

There are methods to save money, such as skipping the valet and opting for a room with no view. Also, if you’re a member of a rewards program, remember to factor your points into your booking.


Choosing the right hotel can make or break a holiday. However, selecting the right one may be difficult and time-consuming with so many hotels and resorts in Jaipur. Want to do it right the first time and avoid typical hotel booking blunders? Consider the above guide before booking hotels in Jaipur.

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