Try These Amazing Things To Do In Pushkar For A Memorable Vacation

  1. Visit the Ghats of Pushkar
  2. Camping
  3. Brahma Temple
  4. Pushkar International balloon festival
  5. the Varaha temple
  6. the Savitri Mandir
  7. The city of Medta
  8. Pushkar Yoga Garden
  9. long drive to Ajay Pal ji

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Pushkar is located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan and is a very holy site for the Hindus and Sikhs. This happens to be a temple town and there are many ghats here as well, surrounding the famous Puskhar lake. The lake is beautiful, and the sights around it are even better, as people come to pray and offer their devotion to the Gods. The temples here mostly date back to the 18th century and the architecture on them is stunning. Consumption of meat and eggs are forbidden in the city. There are also a couple of Gududwaras in the region and the people come from far and wide to attend the famed Pushkar fair. This, and many more can be enjoyed in Pushkar and here are some of the things you must try out in the city:

Visit the Ghats of Pushkar:

The Ghats of Pushkar are a magnificent place to visit. Many religious festivals take place over here and the locals also perform a number of ceremonies. The Ghats of Pushkar reveal the lifestyle of the people here and the little traditions and conventions they believe in. Pushkar happens to be a very Holi location for the Hindus and a number of wise men and sadhus also come here round the year. There are many temples in Pushkar which date back to the mediaeval times. The architecture and the craftsmanship of the temples are a joy to explore and those who are budding architects and want to study the history of architecture, often come to visit them. Some of the most famous Ghats are the Badri Ghat, the Panchdewari Ghat, the Vada Ghat and the Saptarishi Ghat. Most of the Ghats are located around the famous Pushkar Lake and the festivals around Diwali, Navratri and even Shivratri will leave you with bedazzled.

2. Camping:

Camping in Pushkar is a lot of fun because the sand dunes are located only a few kilometres away, the most famous of them being the Sami sand dunes. There are also cottages and resorts in the region that have come up lately, after Pushkar has become such an important location for tourism. The air of Pushkar is very clean and free from the pollution of the big cities. Hence, camping under the stars is a real joy as you will see the vast expanse over your head. Y also get to experience the true beauty of desert and you will see desert life and scenery in a whole new light.

3. Try the Camel safari:

Camels are known to be the principal form of transportation in the desert and the camel safari in Pushkar are especially famous. They will take you to the heart of the Aravalli Range and you will see splendid views of the desert, spreading for miles around you. The villages of Rajasthan- those that are situated the within the desert and cannot be reached by any other form of transportation- can also be reached through the Safari. You will be going to local villages like the villages of the Kalbelia people. The camel safari will also take you to the famous Brahma Temple, one of the few in India to be dedicated to Lord Brahma. You will get to experience an adulterated Rajasthani culture and the life of people who live in desert villages.

4. Opt for Jeep Safari:

Pushkar is a wonderfully beautiful town but it also happens to have some very rough and rocky patches and a jeep ride will be able to take you through it. The chiefs will take you over the sand dunes of the desert and you will get to witness the lives of the villagers. who happened to live in the interiors of the desert land. You can also visit the city of Ajmer which is not very far from here. The Rose Garden of Pushkar which is a very important landmark and then you can go on to the higher hills, from where you can enjoy the magnificent sunset.

5. Opt for a food walk through Pushkar:

Since Pushkar is an important pilgrimage site, it is only natural that people come here from all walks of life and hence number of food stalls are set here. You must travel through the streets of Pushkar to enjoy the various street food like mouth-watering Samosa, Kachori, jalebis and various kind of chaat. Most of the food that you will find here are vegetarian, but they are so filling and mouth watering that you will come back to it again and again, even if you are a non vegetarian. A food tour of Pushkar will also give you a closer look at the lives of the people and will acquaint you with desert cuisine. It is amazing that how the people come up with such interesting recipes and mouth watering dishes when the desert are not very fertile to start with.

6. Adventure Activities:

Pushkar is a great place to enjoy some adventure activities and the children simply love to roam about in the vast expanse of the desert resorts, which often covere a lot of ground. The elders, on the other hand, can go for more thrilling rides like water boating, ziplining and zorbing. Because Pushkar is situated a little further into the desert, they have a lot of space around it where the adventure activities are held. You can also opt for sand dune bashing in the desert which is a very popular activity.

7. Paintballing:

Not many people know about this, but Pushkar happens to have one of the best grounds for paintballing in the country. If you are travelling with a group then this is the best place to have fun where all of you can participate at the same time.  The arena allows a maximum of 10 people at a time and you will have a gala time dividing yourself into group and clashing each other with colours. The players will have the opportunity of choosing from different variants based on the number of pellets. The paintballing sessions are almost always full and if you want to come during the weekends, then you have to book your slots well in advance.

8. Visit the famous Pushkar fair:

There is no better place to delve deeper into Rajasthani culture then spending some time at the famous Pushkar fair. The Pushkar Mela Ground is extremely large and you have to walk for a few hours to get to the other end and cover the entire fair. The trade is famous because people from all the surrounding villages come here to trade in cattles and it is quite a size to see so many animals gathered in one place. A few other activities are also organised here like the most moustache competition and the famous Matka Phod, where people have to stand at top one another and climb to the top to burst a pot which hangs overhead. The team which does that the fastest wins.

Visit the famous Pushkar fair:

There is no better place to delve deeper into Rajasthani culture then spending some time at the famous Pushkar fair. The Pushkar Mela Ground is extremely large and you have to walk for a few hours to get to the other end and cover the entire fair. The trade is famous because people from all the surrounding villages come here to trade in cattles and it is quite a size to see so many animals gathered in one place. A few other activities are also organised here like the most moustache competition and the famous Matka Phod, where people have to stand at top one another and climb to the top to burst a pot which hangs overhead. The team which does that the fastest wins.

9. Pay your respects at the Brahma Temple:

Pushkar happens to be one of the few places in India where there is a temple dedicated solely to Lord Brahma who is considered to be the creator of the universe. In fact it is the only temple in the entire north of India to be dedicated to this God and the architecture of the temple is sure to leave you awestruck. The temple is built entirely in white marble and the stone slabs glitter in the sun. This is a very well known Holy location for the Hindus and people come here from all walks of life to offer their prayers.

10. Enjoy the Pushkar International balloon festival:

 Pushkar also happens to be one of the few places in India which has a hot air balloon festival. Can anything be better than getting a bird’s eye view of the entire Pushkar city? The hot air balloon takes you right at the top and offers you a panoramic view of the city below you. If you happen to stay on at the balloon for long enough you will see a lot number of activities taking place in various parts of Pushkar on either side. Do not miss this activity by any chance.

11. Stay at the adventure desert camps:

For those who have an adventurous bent of nature, they will surely love staying in the tents of Pushkar, which are constructed in the middle of the desert. The stunning town will offer you with a number of activities and you will be also delighted to see a puppet show and traditional kalbalia tribe dance. The food served year is simply delicious and you will also get a chance to interact with the local farmers and their way of life.

12. Stay at country themed Resort:

There are a number of traditional country theme resorts in Pushkar which have Rajasthani culture to express. The resorts are done up in traditional Rajasthani style and you will the feeling of staying in a Rajasthani village but complete with all the modern facilities. You will get a chance to experience the Garba dance and the folk dance of the region. The resorts are luxury stays and you will be treated to the Indian hospitality that you have heard so much about. Try to book your resort rooms well in advance because the foreigners always seem to book them first.

13. Stay at their Narayani Resort:

The Narayan Resort happens to be a heritage property which is enclosed by the Aravali Hills on all side and promises a most stunning scenery. Although a private property, it has all the amenities that are needed by tourist and yet you will get a chance to experience Rajasthani hospitality and their way of life. The grounds around the resort are amazing and you can go for long leisurely works or even take a cycle to go around the local towns. The markets in the main city are closed from here and you can also indulge in some local shopping.

14.  Explore the Varaha temple:

The Varaha temple is Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Vishnu- especially to his manifestation as the Varaha or the boar. The temple is simple in its architecture but there are depictions from the life of Vishnu engraved here. His image of Half man and half boar is manifested on the walls in a splendid manner and hundreds of pilgrims come here every day to pay their home made to the deity. The architecture of the temple dates back to the 12th century and at the walls of the temple are strong and intact. You need to visit this place even if you are not religious.

15. Visit the Savitri Mandir:

The Savitri Mandir in Pushkar is located on the top of the hill and she is known as the wife of Lord Brahma. It is said that the temple was constructed here after a Puja by Lord Brahma went wrong due to her absence. All that is completely mythological but it is still believed that the temple was constructed sometime in the 1700. It is known for its very unique architecture and the evening rituals here are truly amazing to be hold. The bells of the Aarti can be heard far and wide.

16. The city of Medta:

If you have visited Pushkar, then do not forget to visit the town of Medta, which is located a little distance away. This small town is known for many palaces and temples and it happens to be over 400 years old. A temple dedicated to MiraBai happens to be the most important landmark here and the others are the Aurangzeb Mosque and the Bhanwaal Mata temple. You might find this interesting that all the temples here have seen several wars but they have never really been ransacked by the  winning side. The armies of Jodhpur and Jaipur have clashed in the vicinity and even the Marathi and Emperor Akbar had fought wars here. The region is full of local lores and talesnand a guided tour of the temples and palaces will reveal much of their secret. This is a wonderful place to visit in Pushkar.

17. Pushkar Yoga Garden:

The Yoga Garden is located beside the Gurudwara and it is an ideal spot if you want to enjoy the serenity and calm nature of the many Ashrams that are located here. Foreigners find this place is specially interesting because they can practice yoga under expert trainers. Some of these aashram is also double up as residential quarters and so those who want to enroll for a full yoga course can stay for the duration. The style of yoga that is taught here is ancient and by practicing them one can get rid of many ailments and diseases. The yoga classes are held beside the beautiful lake and the Rose Gardens and their really rejuvenate one’s mind body and soul.

18. Explore the Amazing Cafes:

There are some wonderful cafes in Pushkar and the rooftop cafes of the city will of you a beautiful view of the city skyline. The suburbs of the city now have some of the finest cafes in the adjoining area. You will get mouth watering food in these cafes and to top it up, the view of the Ghat are equally amazing. Hence, you will get a chance to feast your eyes as well as your taste buds. In fact, try to book your seats as early as possible in the day because by evening almost all the cafes are full and you will have to wait in long queues. Your food hopping in Pushkar will not be complete unless you have visited some of these cafes.

19. Buy the Collector’ Items:

If you have an interest in collecting items which have been made by hand, then Pushkar is your go-to destination. In Pushkar, you will find a lot of artefacts and jewellery made from old gems and clothing made from textiles sourced from Rajasthan, Gujarat and even countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. One of the most unique things that are found your are decorations for camels and they are so fascinating and colourful that even if you do not have a camel of your own, you will feel like buying them and putting it on display at your own house. There is a place known as Collector’s Paradise and it has received a number of awards for sourcing some of the best artifacts in the entire City.

20. Take a long drive to Ajay Pal ji:

This small town is located about 10 kilometres away from Pushkar but it is very historical and an important religious site at the same time, because of the temple located here. Which temple has been built by Raja Ajay Pal, who was the founder of the city of Ajmer. The long drive will take you through lush green forests and splendid sand dunes and bikers also come here in huge numbers. This is a great way to enjoy the thrills of the city and yet take in the beauty of nature at the same time 

These stunning locations around Pushkar will surely make you look at the town in an entirely new light. This ancient city in the heart of Thar Desert will reveal many secrets of its own and is a great place to be in.

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