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Enjoy a Refreshing Weekend At Bichitrapur Mangrove, Orissa: 7 things to do

Do you want to spend the weekend away from your regular tiring lifestyle and do something fun? The ideal option for you is a Bichitrapur Mangrove Orissa: Refreshing weekend plan for two or three days. The mangrove forest is located in the Balasore district of Orissa and is about 18 to 20 Kilometers away from Digha.

A two-hour journey from Digha will bring you to the captivating natural beauty of the Bichitrapur mangrove forests of Orissa. The lush green forests in Orissa serve as a perfect place to rejuvenate your soul and forget about all your worries.

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How and when to visit?

bichitrapur mangrove

It takes approximately two hours to reach Bichitrapur from Digha by hiring an auto. It is around 100 Kilometers from Balasore, Orissa. You can travel by car as well. Traveling by car is a great choice as you can enjoy the experience of the drive and also feel the fresh breeze if you keep your window shields rolled down.

People can go there at any time of the year but the winter season from the months of November to March is more preferable because the summer months are hot and humid. The locals generally recommend tourists to visit the mangroves during high tide as it elevates the experience.

Things to do at Bichitrapur Mangrove

  1. A Boat Ride
  2. Explore the Wildlife
  3. Simply Relaxing And Strolling Around
  4. Check Out The Olive Ridley Turtles, A Major Attraction of This Place
  5. Visit the Famous Chandaneswar Temple
  6. Expand Your Knowledge of Marine Life
  7. Enjoying The Sea Waves is a Must

There are lots of things to do and places to enjoy over your weekend stay in Bichitrapur. From beaches to forests you will get it all in your weekend tour to Digha and Bichitrapur.

1. A boat ride

bichitrapur mangrove

 You can go for a boat ride if you want to travel around the mangrove forests. The boat rides are not expensive and are easily accessible. These boat ride services are provided by Government aided organizers. Enjoy the boat floating through the river Subarnarekha as it makes its way through the mangrove forest. You will also catch a glimpse of many birds waiting to catch fishes. You can get great boating facilities in Amravati Lake as well which is located near Digha. There is also a snake farm near that place which boasts of a rich collection of different kinds of snakes. A boat ride gives you the opportunity to recognize the beauty of the mangroves while taking in Mother Nature at her most pristine.

2. Explore the wildlife

You can opt for a wildlife safari during your stay in Digha and Bichitrapur. The wildlife in Dighais composed of an abundance of marine creatures. The forests there provide a home for a variety of flora and fauna. A lot of medicinal plants are found in Bichitrapur as well.


3. Simply relaxing and strolling around

bichitrapur mangrove

 Bichitrapur mangrove forests are not yet entirely commercialized. So, you can spend some time away from the din and noise of the city. It gives you a scope for an escape from the monotonous life. You might also want to check out the famous handicraft work for which Digha is famous throughout West Bengal. You can get a large variety of accessories made out of seashells and also ornaments that you can decorate your house with. Small showpieces made of different shapes and sizes of seashells are sold a lot here.

4. Check out the olive ridley turtles, A major attraction of this place

 The endangered species, the Olive Ridley sea turtles that lay eggs on the beach during their breeding period, can be found here. These distinct species are a special attraction in this area. You can get more information about these sea turtles from the locals or the guide who accompanies you.

5. Visit the famous Chandaneswar Temple

 The famous temple, the Chandaneswar Temple is another place to visit in Balasore, Orissa. It is a famous Shiva temple for the locals of the area. A large number of pilgrims pay their visit to this temple during the Pana Sankranti. During that period you will be able to experience the bustling fairs. These fairs sell attractive products at low prices.

6. Expand your knowledge of marine life

 You can get knowledge about marine life from the Marine Aquarium and Regional Centre which is one of the largest Marine Aquariums in Asia. The museum displays collections of crabs, corals, lobsters, fish, stingrays, sharks and many more sea creatures. The Marine Aquarium displays three kinds of marine life which consist of species that need to be protected, species found locally and freshwater species. A lot of the displayed species are endangered. If you are interested in marine life and want to know more, this is the right place for you.

7. Enjoying the sea waves is a must

 What is more refreshing than a splash in the sea waters! The high and low waves splashing at your legs are going to refresh you and make your day a perfect one. Visiting the beach and enjoying a little bath is a must for all the beach lovers. The Digha beach is the most famous beach in West Bengal and a popular place to visit. You can also enjoy some beach activities here.

You can also visit nearby beaches if you are willing to stay a bit longer near the mangrove forests and the beach. The Talsari beach is not far from Bichitrapur. You will get to see numerous red crabs along the whole length of the beach. The beach with its continuous range of trees is believed to be somewhat similar to that in Kerala. You can rent a bike to ride along the beach and also watch the fishermen catching fish.

So, there are several reasons why the Bichitrapur mangrove Orissa: the refreshing weekend plan is a good idea for a short trip. This place becomes equally engaging if you visit with your family or even travel solo.  Sitting by the beach, enjoying the sunrise and being mesmerized by the beauty of the mangrove forests is truly a magnificent experience. Digha and Bichitrapur give you complete experience by all means.

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