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The Lesser-Known Beaches of Goa to Explore on a Beach Holiday

If there is one thing synonymous with Goa, it’s the beach. The sweet smell of sand (and the sea) has the power to attract people. If you are someone who loves the sea, then Goa is just the destination for you. As soon as the tourists set foot in Goa, they would come across some of the country’s most popular beaches. It certainly would be no overstatement that the beaches of Goa offer the audiences ample respite from the tensions and pressures of everyday life. Do remember to book hotels in Goa to enjoy a memorable vacation in the western part of India.

However, it would be interesting to note that despite being the country’s beach capital; many of Goa’s beaches haven’t been explored in their entirety. It would be safe to say that people tend to travel to the popular ones and leave the ones that are ‘unpopular’. Those travelling to Goa in 2021 should make it certain to visit some of Goa’s lesser-known beach jewels. Go for sanitized hotels in Goa to enjoy a healthy stay. If you are wondering how to travel to Goa from Delhi can look for alternatives online.

Here’s a small list of Goa’s lesser-known beach jewels that need to be explored. Take a look:

Ashwem Beach:

One of the lesser-known beaches in Goa, Ashwem Beach is the ideal destination for those who wish to experience tranquility. If you happen to travel to Mandrem Beach, then do make it a point to visit Ashwem Beach as well. A bunch of palm trees would greet you as soon as you set a foot in the beach area. The beach does attract visitors but isn’t as popular as some of the other beaches in Goa, attract visitors, such as Calangute Beach. Those running on a tight budget can opt for budget hotels in Goa to enjoy a hearty vacation.


Cola Beach
The Cola Beach is yet another lesser-known beach destination in India that can be visited by the touring parties who happen to be searching for a quaint and peaceful destination to rejuvenate their mind and senses. If you happen to travel to the southern part of Goa, then this beach is a must-visit. The Dudhsagar Waterfall is one of the most picturesque tourist attractions on the beach. Also, you’ll find a spice farm, along with countless blue lagoons. Do remember to carry your camera along and snap a few mesmerising pictures. Do book hotels in Goa near Cola Beach to enjoy a comfortable and luxurious vacation this summer.

Hollant Beach

Hollant Beach is yet another popular destination that would be loved by all types and kinds of travellers. All those who wish to explore the Bogmalo area of Goa. The fishing community is an integral part of the beach and can be seen undertaking repair work (of boats and vessels). Also, do try out the various non-vegetarian delicacies, including prawns and crabs if you happen to visit the beach anytime soon. Do try your luck at boating if you get a chance because the sea looks mesmerising in this part of Goa. Book the best hotels in Goa near Hollant Beach to enjoy a memorable vacation in the beach capital of the country.

Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach is the ideal destination for those who want to treat themselves to some of the culinary delights, including the tiger prawns. Also, sunsets in the area happen to be no less than mesmerising. Therefore, all the romantic couples out there can make their way to Mobor Beach. Do make it a point to book the best hotels in Goa near Mobor Beach to enjoy a vacation like no other. Also, do not forget to get yourself snapped.  Get budget hotels in Goa booked as soon as possible.  Come to Mobor beach, which offers top sightseeing in Goa.

Other lesser-known beaches in Goa include Butterfly Beach, Kakolem Beach, Galgibaga Beach, etc. Do check out all of the beaches and make it a point to visit most of them if you are planning to visit Goa anytime soon.


Shopping in Goa:
Make your way to Anjuna Beach if you want to shop around in one of Goa’s busiest marketplaces. It is a place wherein you will be able to find a wide range of trinkets, wall hangings, bedsheets, etc. Also, the vibe of the market is what ends up making it a popular attraction amongst the visitors. The Flea Market @ Anjuna Beach is one of the best places for shopaholics to visit in Goa. Do make it a point to put your bargaining skills to use. Also, opt for hotels in Goa near Anjuna Beach to enjoy a great stay. Also, so buy yourself the traditional beach hat in Goa to counter the sun.


Here are Some of Goa’s Signature Culinary Treats 

Planning a trip to Goa? Do make it a point to try out the traditional Goan Pork Vindaloo. Pair it up with a bowl of red rice and order a bottle of beer to wash all of it down. Plus, cashews in Goa happen to be no less than a rage. So, do not forget to buy cashews if you get to visit Goa anytime soon. Also, get hotels in Goa booked as soon as possible because the island state does attract a great deal of visitors all year round. So, get your accommodations booked and get ready to enjoy a memorable vacation.


Happy vacationing, folks!

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