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The 5 Western Ghat Road Trips: Which One Would You Prefer?

India is rich in picturesque destinations. Increased development has opened roads to many destinations, allowing people to travel more easily. While travelling by flight and train has been the norm for quick travel, nowadays road trips are becoming increasingly popular for adventure seekers and travellers with a wanderlust. The Western Ghats are highly preferred among road trip destinations due to the lush greenery and hills. Moreover, many fun resorts are available in these destinations, aiding in an enjoyable experience.

5 Western Ghat Road Trips That You Should Not Miss

#1: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Located among the hills in Satara, Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar is the perfect place for a road trip. Even in summer, the weather in the hill station is moderately cool. Post-Monsoon, the destination is filled with greenery, making road trips a pleasant experience. Since Mahabaleshwar is located at a high altitude, food stalls and refuelling stations are scarce. However, there are many top sightseeing places in Mahabaleshwar, such as the Mapro Garden and Arthur’s Seat, where you can find places to eat.

While Summers and Winters are considered the best time to travel to Mahabaleshwar, monsoons are the preferred time to experience this hillside destination in its complete glory. During the monsoon and post-Monsoon seasons, one can spot many waterfalls and lakes. Mahabaleshwar’s top tourist attractions include the Venna Lake and Lingamala Waterfalls. Apart from this, you can visit the Pratapgadh Fort while in Mahabaleshwar.

#2: Goa

Travelling to Goa by road trip is one of the most economical options. Goa is connected to three highways, NH4A, NH 17 and NH17A, making it an easily accessible location from major cities. All three National highways to Goa offer unique sightseeing locations on the way. Moreover, there are other routes to Goa which are equally safe. 

The ideal time for a Goa road trip is after the monsoon. After the rains, the weather is more pleasant and soothing, making the road trip even more enjoyable. You may find bustling crowds and a lively atmosphere from December to February. However, if you are looking for peace, the off-season of May to September would be the best for you. Moreover, you can book fun resorts at cheaper rates during this time.

#3: Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Chikmagalur is one of the most recommended destinations for road trips by Karnataka tourism. The most convenient way to reach the destination is via NH75, 73 and 48 from Bangalore. There are several popular tourist spots on the way between Bangalore and Chikmagalur that can be visited during the road trip. Some of the most popular stops are:

  • Hassan – It is a picturesque town surrounded by lush green valleys and filled with historical monuments.
  • Belur – Filled with heritage sites, this location has plenty of pilgrimage spots, making it a good place for travelling visitors.
  • Kunigal – While on the way to Chikmagalur, you will have to pass through the green lands of Kunigal. Also, while passing through Kunigal, visit Begur Lake, which is just 1 hour away.

The best time for a road trip to Chikmagalur is between September and March.

#4: Agumbe, Karnataka

Karnataka has many off-beat places that are perfect for a road trip. One such place is Agumbe. Travelling to Agumbe is possible throughout the year as the routes remain open at all times. There are several ways to reach Agumbe. However, most people prefer to travel the Chikmagalur-Agumbe route. The route is highly popular as it allows visitors to visit many sightseeing spots. Most routes to Agumbe experience moderate traffic, making them convenient whether you are travelling by bus. Moreover, the safe routes are perfect if you want to drive from Bangalore. 

You can enjoy the area’s beauty to the fullest extent after the monsoon. Moreover, the lakes and waterfalls are in prime condition at this time. 

#5: Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala

Kalpetta has many direct routes that allow travellers to travel from several cities. Kalpetta has a lot to offer, including wildlife, rich culture and historical sites. Moreover, other attractions include coffee plantations, heritage museums and temples. Other various places to visit here are:

  • Kanthanpara Waterfalls
  • Meenmutty Waterfalls
  • Vaduvanchal
  • Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Chembra Peak
  • Soochippara Waterfalls
  • Neelimala View Point

The most favourable time to visit Kalpetta is during winter, between October to March.

The Western Ghats are one of the greenest locations in India, making them perfect for road trips. So which one is your pick?


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