Summer Sojourns 2021: Visit The Lesser-known Marvels Of Wayanad

Wayanad has been a popular tourist destination for quite a while. All those who wish to tap into the rich diversity and culture of India’s south can definitely choose to visit Wayanad this summer. Moving on, Wayanad is also a popular tourist destination for people who wish to leave behind city life for a while.  There are places in Wayanad that would end up capturing the imagination of people. So, do make it a point to visit Wayanad this summer.

Hotels in Wayanad can be booked by going online. Also, it needs to be noted that Wayanad is a popular tourist attraction for those who wish to explore green hills and natural wonders. There is a lot to see and admire in Wayanad. So, make it a point to travel to this Marvel in South India without fail.

Reaching Wayanad:

Travelling by road isn’t recommended as driving all the way to Wayanad from any of the north Indian states will end up eating a lot of time. However, those residing in the south can use their car in order to travel to Wayanad. Also, there are buses that connect Wayanadwith Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. Therefore, travelling to Wayanad isn’t going to be a problem. Also, book hotels in Wayanad as soon as possible because the place tends to get a bit too crowded during the peak tourist season.

By Train

Those travelling by train can board a train to Kozhikode, which lies 110 km away from Wayanad. From there on, a cab can be booked in order to reach the destination. Train journeys to Wayanad are just splendid as major parts of south India hold mesmerising beauty in them that needs to be viewed and cherished. Moreover, do remember to book hotels in Wayanad as soon as possible because finding accommodation during peak season might be a tough ask.

By Air

Travelling by air is the quickest way to reach Wayanad (as expected). The Karipur airport, which is located at a distance of about 100 km from Wayanad, is the nearest airport that connects the 2 cities together. As is the custom, those travelling from Kozhikode to Wayanad can book a cab or bus to reach Wayanad by road from the airport.


Booking Hotels in Wayanad

The best hotels in Wayanad can be found by going online. There are various budget hotels for people to book in Wayanad this summer. Wayanad hotels are equipped with the best services and amenities for people to enjoy a hearty time with family and friends during the vacation. It is always a good idea to book a hotel near the marketplace to make it convenient for yourself to move around and shop.

What to Eat in Wayanad?

Wayanad has some of the best veg and non-veg dishes for people to try out this summer. All those who wish to enjoy a flavourful and savoury non-vegetarian delicacy can check out Fish Moilee, which is prepared using a wide range of traditional spices. If you love Dishes made in coconut milk and tamarind paste, then fish moilee is tailor-made for you. Those having a sweet tooth can try out Payasam (kheer) made using dry fruits. Also, do not leave the area without trying out the traditional vindaloo.

The Lesser-Known Marvels of Wayanad

Phantom Rock

Phantom Rock is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Wayanad. Also, the place is just about perfect for those who wish to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Also, people wanting to leave behind city life for a while can try out the Phantom Rock. The vicinity is visually-stunning and provides the visitors and tourists with ample emotional respite. Also, those wanting to roam around without having much to do can pay this place a visit. Do book rooms in Wayanad this summer before planning to visit this marvel.


If seclusion is what you want, then Kuruvadweep is just the destination that you will enjoy visiting. The island can be accessed using bamboo boats. So, those wanting to enjoy a boat ride can give this place a visit. Also, nature lovers should definitely make it a point to visit Kuruvadweep as the island offers people with an opportunity to experience the beauty and charisma of Mother Nature at its absolute best. Book rooms in Wayanad if you wish to experience the beauty of Kuruvadweep this summer. Roam around the island and click a few breath-taking photographs to add to your family album.

Kanthanpara Waterfall

This natural wonder in Meppadi should definitely not be missed out by travellers and touring parties visiting Wayanad. This wonder is the ideal romantic getaway for those who wish to spend some time with their loved ones. The extent of the natural beauty that’s on offer in the vicinity is second to none. Also, those searching for a picturesque destination to go on a picnic over the weekend can add this waterfall to their travel list. Book Wayanad hotels near the Kanthanpura Waterfall and enjoy the best hospitality in India’s south this summer.

Ruins of the Jain Temple

There are ancient ruins of Jain temples, which are symbolic of the Jain culture that prospered in the region in the past. However, most of them are in ruins, but still manage to attract a great deal of visitors. Those who wish to gain insights regarding the emergence and dissemination of Jainism in the region can pay these temples a visit. Plus, clicking photographs happens to be a popular exercise for people visiting the region. Do make it certain to book rooms in Wayanad as soon as possible if and when you plan on visiting the this South Indian jewel. Get all of your travel arrangements in place beforehand as well in order to keep all the troubles at bay.


Shopping in Wayanad

Honey is the most purchased item in Wayanad and happens to be a rage amongst those who get to visit Wayanad. Also, banana chips happen to be a popular indulge that is bought in large quantities by travellers. Book rooms in Wayanad near the market area if you wish to go shopping in Wayanad.  Artifacts made by tribal people are also bought in large numbers by tourists.

Happy Vacationing, lads!

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