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Some Picture Perfect Places in India to Visit in Monsoon

India has several exotic locations to visit during the monsoon. The Himalayan region is one such place that is truly spectacular during this time of year. The snow-capped peaks and the lush green valleys are a sight to behold. The Western Ghats also have some fantastic places to visit during the monsoon. The mountains and the forests of this region come alive during the rainy season and are a treat for the senses.

Listed below are top 7 picture-perfect places in India to visit during the monsoon season.

#1: Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong in Meghalaya is one of the most popular places to visit during the monsoon season. The weather is cool and pleasant, and the scenery is simply beautiful. There are many waterfalls and streams to explore, and the greenery is simply stunning. If you love the rain, then Shillong is the perfect place for you.

#2: Goa

With its stunning coastline, lush green hills, and vibrant culture, Goa is one of India’s most popular vacation destinations. It has something for everyone, from its world-famous beaches to historic churches and temples. Rain makes the beach view all the more alluring and the walk, all the more romantic. If you are looking for a family suite in Goa during the monsoon, check OYO hotels like Collection O 76989 Paradise Inn for best-in-class amenities at reasonable rates.

#3: Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand

Valley of Flowers comes alive during the monsoon season as several exotic species of flowers bloom around this time. It resembles a carpet of colourful flowers of all hues. The fragrance of the flowers is intoxicating, and the views of the surrounding hills are mesmerizing. The Valley of Flowers is a must-visit during the monsoon season.

#4: Andaman Islands

The Andaman Islands are a delight to explore during the monsoon season. The islands offer a unique and scenic landscape, with lush vegetation and clear turquoise waters. The weather is cool and pleasant, and the seas are relatively calm, making it ideal for swimming, snorkelling, and diving.

#5: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful place to visit during the monsoon season. The rains add to the beauty of this lush and green location. There are many waterfalls and streams in Mahabaleshwar, and the weather is delightful. This is a great place to enjoy the monsoon season.

#6: Mount Abu, Rajasthan

The monsoon season is the best time to visit Mount Abu, as the Aravali ranges are covered in a blanket of lush green foliage. The views from the top of the mountain are simply breathtaking, and there are plenty of hiking and trekking trails to explore. If you are lucky, you might spot some wildlife, such as deer and monkeys.

#7: Udaipur

Udaipur is a city located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is also known as the “City of Lakes” due to the large number of lakes within its boundaries. The city experiences a tropical climate, with warm winters and hot summers. The monsoon season in Udaipur begins in late June and lasts until late September. This is when the city becomes vibrant as the lakes and rivers are filled with rainwater. The air is also filled with the fragrance of wet earth and flowers. The monsoon season is the best time to visit Udaipur, as the city offers a mystical charm during this time.

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