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Six Indian Destinations We Could Visit Again and Again

India is a diverse country with vibrant cultures, rich heritage, numerous art forms, and locations no one forgets once visited. You can plan holiday trips to various states and enjoy the delicacies and traditions. Whether you are travelling solo or as a couple, or maybe you like to travel with friends and family, there are places nationwide for every kind of traveller. 

Starting from the mesmerising snow-capped mountains of Leh-Ladakh in the North to the ultimate greenery and calm environment of Kerala in the South. So, if you plan a family vacation in one of these locations, don’t forget to book your accommodations with OYO! OYO has the best properties for your stay and a staff that provides warm hospitality. Just search for “family hotels near me,” and there will be a list of the top OYO accommodations in the area! 

Let’s discuss 6 Indian destinations that anyone can visit again and again due to their uniqueness: 

Top Indian Destinations You Can Visit 

India has a variety of cultures and religions, with each state possessing a unique charm, but there are a few places you might want to visit often after visiting once. Keep reading to learn about these destinations: 

  • Goa

One cannot forget about Goa when talking about must-visit places in India. Its stunning beaches, exotic drinks, diverse culture, and hippie vibes are the centre of attraction for people worldwide. Goa is a place filled with tourists year long, but the place has different energetic vibes around Christmas and New Year celebrations. 

  • Rajasthan

Rajasthan is the place of Kings, with majestic forts, welcoming people, and delightful food. This haven is for history fanatics, architectural enthusiasts, and food lovers. The city has many getaways from temples, forts, wildlife, stunning palaces, and huge deserts. Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Udaipur, etc are some popular places in Rajasthan. 

  • Delhi

Delhi, also known as “Dil Walon Ki Dilli”, is a city of food lovers and people who live freely. Delhi is a city that will offer you something new each time you visit. It has heritage sites, art galleries, vibrant bazaars, temples, popular shopping centres, museums, classy restaurants, and Mughal monuments. In fact, when here, you must visit Chandni Chowk, the oldest and busiest market in Delhi.

  • Manali

Manali is known worldwide for its charm and scenic beauty and is a tourist hotspot. The dense forest, huge mountains, beautiful valleys, and streams make it a charming destination for everyone. Another beautiful thing about Manali is its unique blend of rich cultural heritage and modernisation. You can find peace here and various thrilling adventurous activities; it’s up to what you seek. 

  • Leh Ladakh

Almost every photographer’s dream place is Leh Ladakh. It is a popular destination for its scenic beauty and captivating landscapes. With an altitude of 3500 m above the ocean level, it is among the highest tourist attractions in the country. Leh Ladakh offers various things, from stunning Pangong Tso Lake, the world’s highest motorable pass, Khardung La, to the magical Nubra Valley. 

  • Kerala

Referred as God’s own country, Kerala is a tropical beauty. Whether the white sand beaches, eco-tourism, or magnificent Palm trees, Kerala offers a place to feel serenity. Thekkady is a tiger preserve that you can visit to admire the flora and fauna, as well as Kerala’s popular houseboats, backwaters, and vibrant temple festivals. 

Kochi is the hub of Kerala, where you can witness the local fish industry thriving with colonial architecture. 

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Visiting some face places again and again can help you experience new things. Certain places in this country offer you something unique each time you visit them; our blog has helped point out a few. You can enjoy the stunning beaches, majestic mountains, delightful cuisine, or serenity in different places. Book your accommodation via OYO and get high-quality services with 24/7 staff assistance. Use filters like ‘Manali hotels near Mall Road‘ or ‘4 star hotels in Goa‘ to find what you want.

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