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Romantic & Weekend Getaways near Ahmedabad

If you are looking for charming and romantic weekend getaways near Ahmedabad, then you are in for luck! There are tons of options that you will find if you choose to search online for romantic getaways near me or couple getaways near me. Ahmedabad is one city which offers easy proximity to a plethora of beautiful attractions nearby for visitors and guests.

You are assured of finding some of the most romantic hotels near Ahmedabad in exotic locales that will ensure a V-Day weekend that is memorable and immensely fulfilling to say the least! So without waiting any further, plan your romantic sojourn this Valentine’s Day with your better half in tow. Book hotels online at OYO Rooms and get the best deals and offers right away!

Best weekend getaways near me- V-Day Guide for Ahmedabad couples

Planning to book lovely Valentine getaways near Ahmedabad for making priceless memories with your better half? These are some of the options that you must check out without further ado.

  • Gir National Park- Gir National Park is one of the more adventurous and offbeat romantic couples getaways that you can consider for Valentine’s Day. The Gir National Park covers a whopping 1,412 square kilometres of dense jungles and is also home to its famous lions. It is one of the most thrilling and uniquely romantic trips that you can take from Ahmedabad. Embark on a jeep safari together for spotting the iconic Asiatic lions in their natural habitat while also watching striped hyenas, Indian leopards and mugger crocodiles among other wildlife. 250+ varieties of birds can also be spotted here, which is great news for birdwatchers. Gir National Park is approximately 325.3 kilometers away from Ahmedabad and you can check out several hotel options here including OYO 36015 Hotel Diamond Resort & Restaurant, SPOT ON 77081 Hotel RJ and OYO 40092 Hotel Morry’s among numerous others.
  • Lothal- Lothal is one of the most offbeat Valentine getaways from Ahmedabad that you can consider. Lothal is famous for being a noted archaeological site at the location of the world famous Indus Valley Civilization in ancient times. The remnants of culture from Harappa can be found here in Lothal till today. Lothal is only 78 kilometers away from Ahmedabad and a must-visit for history-loving couples.
  • Mount Abu- Mount Abu is one of the marvelous attractions located in close proximity to the city of Ahmedabad. You can take a romantic weekend trip here with your beloved and it is the sole hill station near the Gujarat State border as well. It is also a vital site of pilgrimage for Jains in India. The Jain temples at Mount Abu go back several centuries while being impeccably carved with amazing architectural touches. The Dilwara temples are worth visiting along with the lovely forests, waterfalls, lakes and rivers dotting this hill station. The distance from Ahmedabad is approximately 235 kilometers and you can consider hotels like OYO Home 27712 Padmavati Stay, OYO 78082 Abu Homes and OYO Home 24665 Cozy Family Studio Near Nakki Lake among numerous others.
  • Junagadh- One of the most photogenic romantic couples getaways from Ahmedabad, Junagadh is famous as a historically important site. You can view attractions like the Mahabat Maqbara, Ashokan Rock Edict and the Buddhist Caves here. The town is located along the foothills of the iconic Girnar Hills which are reportedly older than even the Himalayas. The Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden was founded in the year 1863 and was also called as the Sakkarbaug Zoo. This 200 hectare zoo is worth visiting and has purebred Asiatic lions under international and Indian captive breeding programs for critically endangered species. It is the sole zoo in India to accommodate African cheetahs while it also has a museum of natural history that is worth visiting. The Junagadh Buddhist Cave Groups have impeccably carved gateways and arches along with sculptured pillars, sanctums and Chaitya Halls among other classic instances of rock-cut architectural influences. Architectural remnants of structures built by the Chudama Rajputs can be viewed through the Adi Kadi Vav and Nabghan Kuvo. There are several religious monuments including the Jama Masjid which showcase ancient Muslim architectural styles. The Ashokan Edicts is a classic instance of ancient styles of engraving rocks. The ancient palaces in Junagadh and Maqbaras take you back into a rich historical past. 2 kilometers away from Junagadh stands the Edict of Emperor Ashoka which has been inscribed on a rock and goes back to the 3rd century BC. The Edicts state several moral duties and cover aspects like harmony, dharma, peace and tolerance. The circumference of the rock is approximately 23 feet or 7 meters while it goes up to 10 meters and has the Brahmi script for its inscription, carved with an iron pen. The distance from Ahmedabad is 315 kilometers while hotel choices nearby include Capital O 65330 King Water Park & Resort and many others.
  • Bhuj- One of the most historically appealing weekend getaways near Ahmedabad, Bhuj holds numerous attractions for visitors. There are several historic events that have taken place here over the years. Key landmarks include Prag Mahala, Aina Mahal, Hamirsar Lake and also the vibrant Kutchi arts and handicrafts that you can buy at the flourishing markets here. The distance from Ahmedabad is approximately 333 kilometers. Major hotel options available include OYO 28024 Hotel Royal Palace, SPOT ON 38154 Shakti Hostel & Hotel and OYO 67158 Hotel Bhagvati among many others.
  • Rann of Kutch- If you both are into adventure and natural splendor, pay a trip to the Rann of Kutch. Immerse yourself in the sheer magic of the white sands at the Rann of Kutch while exploring the innumerable shops selling handicrafts and other trinkets. You will love feasting on the filling Kutchi cuisine here. The Great Rann of Kutch is a massive salt marsh within the aegis of the Thar Desert and is approximately 750 square kilometers in terms of size. It is one of the world’s biggest salt deserts while being inhabited by the native Kutchi dwellers since time immemorial. The distance from Ahmedabad is 390 kilometres and it is a huge expanse venturing inland from the sea which will captivate you instantly. There is a sense of almost nothing for several miles which is stunning with small water bodies and shrub forests being homes for wild asses and pink flamingoes alike. Tribal hamlets are where you will chance upon delightful Kutchi embroidery and tie and dye work along with bell metal crafts, pottery, leatherwork and the iconic Rogan painting by the sole surviving family which has expertise in this field. 200 kilometres eastwards from the Rann of Kutch is the Little Rann of Kutch which has the Wild Ass Sanctuary covering 4953 square kilometers. It has the sole surviving population for the chestnut-colored Khur or Indian wild ass along with blackbuck, blue-bulls and chinkara.

Check out the list of top weekend getaways near Ahmedabad and book instantly for a memorable sojourn with your beloved on Valentine’s Day.

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