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Road Trip During Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know

After being confined at home for months due to the pandemic, travelers are looking to venture out and explore! A road trip is the best way to drive around and visit nearby tourist spots. 

A road trip is a socially distant method of transportation, where you have complete control of where you drive to, where you want to stay overnight, what you order in restaurants, etc. As more destinations like national parks and beaches reopen, it’s time to pack your bags and get going on an exciting road trip this summer. However, this year you need to plan carefully before embarking on a road trip owing to the pandemic. You need to have all of the essentials on hand, like cooler bags, phone mounts, chargers, etc. 

You are wondering where to stay overnight during your road trips? Book Oyo rooms hotels that are adhering to W.H.O guidelines to ensure safe accommodations for all their guests. 

You can book hotels in Goa while road tripping in the scenic beaches and neighborhood. Goa is an exotic destination surrounded by pristine beaches, rocky shoreline, lip-smacking seafood, Portuguese churches, and so much more. Book hotels in Goa that are located by the beaches like Calangute, Anjuna, Baga, etc. 

COVID-specific restrictions 

Check for any travel or COVID- specific restrictions in the areas you are traveling before you go. You can check for the latest update on the State Government websites as the rules start changing. For example, check if there is a mandatory mask mandate, social distancing norms, border pass requirement, etc. You can check the state health department or government COVID website to stay updated with the latest regulations. You can book hotels online before arriving at your chosen destination. 

Ensure everyone traveling are COVID-free

If anyone in your group has COVID-like symptoms, it is recommended to be tested and cleared for COVID before leaving for the road trip. Check out for the common symptoms of Covid like fever or chills, muscle aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing, loss of taste or smell, vomiting, and diarrhea. Book hotels in Bangalore while planning a road trip on the outskirts of Bangalore. Ensure to check for hygiene and safety when you book hotels in Bangalore.

Pack Hygiene Essentials

We know how the COVID virus spreads through coughing, sneezing, laughing, talking, breathing, or touching a contaminated surface. While masks and social distancing can help, avoid touching your face. Make sure to pack masks, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. 

Pack your pillows and linens

The SARS-CoV-2 can stay on contaminated linen and pillows when used by an infected person. Sometimes respiratory viruses can penetrate pillow covers and get into the foam/ microfiber stuffing. Therefore, it is a wise idea to carry your pillows and linen during your road trip. Also, ensure to check for hygiene and safety when you book hotels in Bangalore.

Keep disinfectant wipes handy 

High-touch surfaces are vulnerable to be contaminated with the Covid virus. So when you book hotels online, it is a good idea to wipe the car door, window, handles, buttons, light switches, seat adjuster controls, radio controls, the steering wheel, glove box button, gear/drive, handbrake levers, rear-view mirrors after it has been parked overnight. You are ready to drive to the next location. 

Plan activities to enjoy during driving

While you might not wear a mask inside the car when traveling with close family members with whom you have been in contact within the past few days. Laughing and singing will supposedly release more droplets than talking. So, it is recommended to get everyone tested before going for the road trip. 

Social distancing at every pit stop

Maintain social distancing at service stations. It is advisable to maintain 2 meters distance between you and the next person while paying for fuel, ordering food, and visiting the restroom. After touching high-touch surfaces such as petrol pumps, door handles, bathroom taps, make sure to wash and sanitize your hands before getting back in the car. 


Pay online wherever possible
Pay online through card, net banking, or mobile wallets to avoid touching money. Bills exchanged over a while can be carriers of the virus and spread to the person touching it. Making a payment online will also enable you to maintain social distancing. 

Covid-safe hotels
You can check with the hotel management what steps they have taken to make the place hygienic and safe for travelers during covid. Oyo hotels are ensuring safe accommodations for all their guests. 

Sanitize high-touch surfaces of your hotel room

Use disinfectant wipes to clean high-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, cupboard handles, taps, and toilet flush buttons in your hotel accommodation. If you have access to a kitchen in the rented accommodation, you can put dishes and cutlery through a hot cycle in the dishwasher. 

Plan your pit stops

It is good to plan your pit stops as important as planning out the route for your road trip. Choose the spots for fuel, food, rest, and accommodation before you set out on your road trip. Use travel apps like Google Maps to find what’s nearby and the best spots for practicing safety measures. These apps are handy and can help you to locate pharmacies, petrol pumps, and eateries near you. 

Road trip playlist

Road trips can seem monotonous after you’ve driven for a while and don’t have some activities on board to make the trip fun and adventurous. So curate a playlist just for that road trip with upbeat songs that will keep your mood uplifted.

Choose the best season

Wherever you plan to visit, pick the best time and season. Do your research before picking a preferred destination. For example, you shouldn’t be picking monsoon season if you want to drive to a snowy destination. It is a risky affair to drive around on the steep slopes during the rainy season. During the summertime, it is a good idea to choose hill stations for road trips. Check for the latest weather updates for the best driving experience.

Food & Snacks

Pack enough snacks and beverages while planning your road trip. It is important to stay hydrated while driving around, so keep those water bottles refiled. While on vacation, keep yourself healthy by packing some healthy snacks for the road. It is recommended to go for takeouts when stopping for lunch or a snack. If you opt for sit-down dining, go for al fresco dining places instead of dining indoors. 

These are some of the tips to help you plan a fun road trip this summer with your friends and family. 

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