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Restaurants In Mandi That Serve Authentic Pahari Meals

Mandi is a small town and a commercial hub in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh. The spectacular town is well-known for its challenging trails, natural beauty and stunning handicrafts. But many don’t know that the beautiful town is famous for its authentic Pahari cuisine. Himachali food served in this little town is an intriguing blend of Punjabi and Tibetan cuisine. 

The primary tourist attractions in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, are Rewalsar Lake, Tarna Garden, Pachvaktra Temple, Sunken Garden, etc. These are must-visit attractions and are highly recommended. It has many restaurants and food outlets where you can comfortably relish authentic Pahari meals while exploring the town during the day and spending the night comfortably in OYO hotels

After reading this, we know you must be craving a delicious Pahari meal! The article covers some of the best restaurants in Mandi offering authentic Himachali food. So, why wait? Let’s explore some renowned restaurants here!

Restaurants In Mandi That Serve Authentic Pahari Meals

Restaurants, eateries and food outlets in Mandi are transforming how authentic Pahari food is cooked and consumed. The best part is that these restaurants include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in their Pahari meals. Some of these restaurants are as follows:-

Black Pepper Restaurant

Many people residing in Himachal Pradesh are popularly known as early risers. Meeting friends over breakfast is far more famous than evening coffee or beverages at night. If you wish to explore Mandi like a native resident, it is advisable to have breakfast at Black Pepper restaurant. You can place your order for thukpa or thenthuk to keep you warm. These are famous Pharai meals. The restaurant is open from 12 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Chawla’s Square

The Chawla’s Square menu is a paradise for non-vegetarians. In addition to Pahari meals, popular dishes include chicken tikka and butter chicken with chapati or naan. The chicken dishes comprise the ideal amount of spice. You can end your meal with sweet dishes like rabri or kheer. The decoration in the restaurant is minimalistic, casual, quirky and enjoyable. It is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Highway Treat

Nestled on the busy main road, visiting the Highway Treat for an authentic Pharai meal is highly advisable. The restaurant’s menu is multi-cuisine, from Dham and Sidhu to Madra and Traut. It has been serving authentic Pahari meals for the longest time. The meals are rich and packed with different flavours. Trees surround the restaurant, and the walls of this place are plastered with quirky posters and have a comfortable seating arrangement.

Ekant Restaurant

The Ekant restaurant is among the popular restaurants in Mandi. The place is packed and always brims with happy families. The dishes cater to vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Some native mouthwatering dishes included in the menu are Mittha, Babru, Kaddu ka Khatta, Patande and Bhey. The food flavours will remind you of homely food. The restaurant is open from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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Hence, if you are looking for family hotels in Mandi, OYO is an excellent accommodation option. With clean and hygienic interiors, every OYO accommodation offers smooth and complimentary Wi-Fi access, 24-hour hotel assistance, heightened security, a pet-friendly environment, and all basic necessities. Food expeditions in the town may be overwhelming, but you can comfortably relax at any OYO property in Mandi. No matter where you are, OYO is always at your service.


So, that is all about the Mandi, Himachal Pradesh restaurants serving authentic Pahari meals. Visit these restaurants, other food outlets, and eateries and indulge in authentic Himachali food. These small yet comfortable cafes and restaurants across Himachal Pradesh serve mouthwatering dishes at affordable rates so you can relish the maximum number of traditional delicacies on your trip to Mandi. Also, book OYO rooms near and around Mandi for the most comfortable and memorable stay.

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