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Rejoice in Grand Holi Celebrations in Mathura at These 7 Places

Mathura is the ideal Holi hotspot for travellers and Holi lovers from different parts of the country. In all fairness, the city of Mathura is synonymous with breath-taking Holi celebrations. Be it the Rangji Mandir or Nandgaon, there are various places in Mathura that are just about perfect for Holi lovers and travel enthusiasts.

Also, do not forget to book a hotel in Mathura as soon as possible. All those travelling to Mathura during the Holi week need to be extra careful while booking hotels as touring parties from all parts of the country tend to flood the city.

The City is a Shopping Hub as Well

Apart from all of the Holi festivities, Mathura is also a shopping destination.  Right from the Chatta Bazaar to Tilak Dwar Market, Mathura houses some of the best local markets known for selling handicrafts, garments, sweets, and a lot more.

All those planning to shop for items made of brass can make their way to the Lal Bazaar, which is one of the primary shopping destinations in Mathura. So, all the shopping lovers out there should definitely book a hotel in Mathura because there is no place better than Mathura for budget shoppers looking for cost-effective products.

Govardhan Parvat (Hill)

Govardhan Parvat (Hill) is one of the most significant places associated with Lord Krishna in Mathura. All those looking for a hotel in Mathura and Vrindavan can book a hotel near Govardhan Parvat because it is one of the best places to visit during Holi. Legend has it that Lord Krishna lifted the entire mountain on his finger.

Therefore, the ‘parvat’ is of immense religious and spiritual importance. Krishna Puja is held near the hill during Holi celebrations. So, all those planning to visit Mathura and Vrindavan during Holi should definitely pay this place a visit.  Book a hotel in Mathura right away and enjoy a great day in March during Holi.

Shri Krishna Janamsthan Mandir

The sight of Shri Krishna Janamsthan Mandir during Holi celebrations is something the tourists would savour (and remember) for the rest of their lives. Holi is celebrated with great fervour in the land of Krishna. Therefore, all those planning to witness the best of Holi celebrations should definitely pay this temple a visit. It is believed that the temple is built on the grounds where Krishna was born to mother Devki.

Besides the prison cell, there are various rooms for carrying out aartis and prayers. All those planning to visit the temple need to keep in mind that the place gets crowded during Holi. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get a hotel in Mathura booked well before the plan to visit this place gets materialised. Also, all those travelling by train can book a hotel in Mathura near railway station.

Lathmar Holi @ Nandgaon
Lathmar Holi is the heart and soul of Nandgaon. Holi is played with sticks of wood in this town, and it is a sight to savour. All those wanting to indulge in the true colours of the Holi festival should give this place a visit without fail.

Check out all of the hotels in Mathura near Nandgaon because there is no certainty of getting a hotel in this city during Holi. However, hotels can be booked in advance.

Kusum Sarovar
The Kusum Sarovar is one of the most divine destinations in the holy town of Mathura. The water body is surrounded by temples on all sides. Also, it is the ideal place to visit for all those who want to spend some time in peace while staying away from the city.

Much like all other water bodies in and around the area, this ‘Sarovar’ is also of great religious importance and is considered sacred. Get a couple of boxers and be prepared to jump into the ‘Sarovar’ as it is considered ideal for swimming.

Vishram Ghat

Vishram Ghat is another one of those sacred bathing spots in Mathura. Interestingly, there are as many as 12 ghats to the north of it and as many to the south of it as well. So, it is the centre of all the ghats in the area. One of the ghats known for its association with Krishna, the Vishram Ghat is known as one of the holiest ghats in the area. Come here during a summer evening and there would be evening prayers on display. The sight of evening prayers is the one to behold. Book a hotel in Mathura right away and get to indulge in the festivities at Vishram Ghat during Holi time.

Kans Kila

The Kans Kila of Mathura is one of the most significant structures in town. It is an enclosed fortress and is visited by tourists and visitors who wish to get a slice of Kans’ history.

Known to be a mixture of Indian and Islamic architectural styles, this fort should be on the travel list of all those who want to know more about Kans’ rule in Mathura during Lord Krishna’s childhood. Book a Mathura hotel and visit this fort without fail as it would give the visitors insights regarding Kans’ rule during ‘Dwapar Yug’.

Chowk Bazaar

The Chowk Bazaar is the ideal getaway for those who wish to shop for economical garments, sweets, and other stuff. Also, those looking for multi-cuisine restaurants in the area can come to Chowk Bazaar in order to appease their aching bellies.

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