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Reconnect With Your Sibling, Plan A Trip This Bhai Dooj

In today’s hectic schedule, one hardly finds the time to spend with family. Festivals like Bhai Dooj and Diwali are some of the rare occasions when the entire family gathers to spend time together. If you belong to one of those families where you hardly get time to catch up, or your siblings stay in some other city, you can use the occasion of Bhai Dooj this year to full advantage.
Sibling love is always cherished, adored, and celebrated in every culture. Be it the tom and jerry fights, the naughty leg-pulling, or a serious duel, we all share a very special bond with our siblings. We have also heard numerous stories and legends concerning the bond between siblings, from the royalties of the land to the heart of our mythological Gods and Goddesses.
What better way to celebrate the bond with your sibling than taking them on a vacation and reconnecting on a deeper level on this Bhai Dooj! No idea where to start planning? Don’t worry. Let us help you with a list of the ideal places to visit with your sibling on Bhai Dooj.

Places to visit for Bhai Dooj

1. Udaipur

Known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur is one of the most accessible places from Delhi. It is a must-visit destination for Bhai Dooj, and if you or your sibling are culture and art connoisseurs, that is an even bigger reason to choose this place for your trip. The backdrop of Fateh Sagar lakes and Pichola, along with a hot cup of rich kulhad chai, will make for one of the most memorable experiences you and your siblings will cherish for eternity.
The place also has hygienic and comfortable family hotels like OYO 29424 Hotel City Inn and OYO 14814 Hotel Vinayak, where you can stay for as long as you want.

2. Chiplun

If you guys are looking for a weekend getaway for top sightseeing in Maharashtra, then definitely go to Chiplun! Chiplun is an unexplored destination located at the detour of the Mumbai-Goa highway. The richness of flora, piping hot vada pavs, and splendid mountains in the area will remind you of the school camps you and your siblings loved and cherished during childhood.
You will also not have to worry about accommodation as there are comfortable and affordable family hotels in Chiplun, like OYO 65749 Hotel Omega Deluxe and SPOT ON 65994 Sailee.

3. Ramgarh

In Kumaon, this unique hill station will take your breath away and put you in a serene mood while on a siblings’ trip together. What’s more? The pink, cold and gorging decadent Kumaoni food and top sightseeing in the embrace of the Himalayas will make for the best sibling stories for you to share with the rest of the family.
There are many comfortable family hotels and resorts in Ramgarh, such as OYO Flagship 45144 Hotel Annie and OYO Flagship 79612 Hotel Sidhu Kanhu & Banquet, where you can stay.

4. Lakkidi

Lakkidi is also known as ‘The Gateway of Paradise in Wayanad’. If you and your sibling are nature lovers, there is no reason why the place will not interest you. The enchanting meadows, serene ghats, and tribal warmth of Lakkidi will bid you a happy farewell. Not to mention the nearby Muthanga Elephant Camp that is guaranteed to take you and your sibling back to the good, old childhood days when you used to watch Discovery Channel together and then fight over the remote.

Creative ways to surprise your sibling while on the trip

We have a few delightful ideas for you if going on a trip is not enough to surprise your sibling.

1. Surprise with a gift

There is probably no greater joy than receiving a surprise gift from your family, especially from siblings, on the occasion of Bhai Dooj. Who wouldn’t want it? If you cannot decide exactly what to give, you can simply think of something they’ve been meaning to get for the longest time. They will get something they want, and it will also speak of your unconditional love and consideration for them.

2. Revive childhood memories with fun games

Remember those childhood days when you would just not get tired of playing games all the time? You should revive those fun memories by holding game sessions with your sibling while on the trip. It can be a game of truth, dare, or anything else; the main idea is to revive the wholesome memories from childhood so that both of you cannot help but smile.


Even though there is no time when it’s not ideal to go on a sibling trip, planning a fun time together and going on a holiday makes more sense on a festival like Bhai Dooj. We hope the tour ideas above help you and your sibling celebrate Bhai Dooj with great fun and enthusiasm. Book your accommodation in OYO hotels right away at your favourite destinations and celebrate Bhai Dooj with your siblings to the fullest!

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