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Popular Tourist Attractions to See in Ujjain

If you are someone who loves exploring the jewels of ancient India, then Ujjain is a city that should sit atop your travel list. Those who wish to explore central India can give the city of Ujjain a try. Right from natural wonders, such as waterfalls, to ancient temples, Ujjain has it all for the tourists and families to explore and admire. If you are a travel junkie, then do make it certain to add Ujjain to the list of must-visit places in India.

Start looking for hotels in Ujjain well in advance if you wish to travel to this city anytime soon. It’s no rocket science to understand that Ujjain is one of the most popular cities in India, thanks in part to its rich history and cultural significance.

All those wishing to embark on a long and memorable vacation can book travel tickets to Ujjain right at this moment. Also, do make it a point to get the accommodations booked well in advance to swat aside last-minute booking shenanigans. Travellers and tourists can also check out hotels in Ujjain near the railway station to make things easier for themselves.

Here is what travel junkies can do in Ujjain

The first thing that tourists can do is: make their way to the Ram Ghat in order to enjoy a boat ride. The Ram Ghat is surrounded by temples and shrines on all sides. All those planning to visit the Shipra River should definitely make it a point to pay this ghat a visit. Boat rides during one of those lovely summer evenings happen to be a sight to behold. The Shipra River is one of the most visually stunning tourist places in and around Ujjain. Also, Ujjain hotel bookings can be made with ease by going online. So, book a hotel right at this moment and enjoy a lovely vacation in one of central India’s most popular cities.

Apart from the Shipra River, tourists can check out the Gomti Kund, which is yet another place of immense religious and spiritual importance. Taking a dip in the Gomti Kund is not allowed, but you can still click photographs and pray at the Kund. Also, the Kaliadeh Palace is one of the very few marvels left in the region that symbolise the beauty and grandeur of Persian architecture. The palace is in ruins but doesn’t fail to attract visitors and tourists. Also, book Ujjain hotels that are sanitized in order to rid yourself of all the infections whilst you travel.


Other Significant Attractions to Look Forward to in Ujjain:

Ujjain has a lot in store for tourists to see and admire. Here are a few of the top tourist attractions in Ujjain:

Mangalnath Mandir
The Mangal Nath Mandir is located near the banks of The Shipra River. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as it is believed that a drop of Lord Shiva’s sweat is what ended up giving birth to this temple. Also, this temple is known for its early-morning prayers. Visit this temple on a Tuesday and you will find a rush of tourists and devotees in and around the area.

Jantar Mantar

The 17th-century sundial is a major attraction in Ujjain. Not only is it a tourist place, but also a symbol of Maharaja Jai Singh’s inclination towards astrology. The Tropic of Cancer also passes through Ujjain. The place is also a photography hub and attracts a great deal of amateur and professional photographers to Jantar Mantar. Make Ujjain hotel bookings well in advance to stay ahead of all the booking hassles that might pop up out of nowhere.

All those who want to get their hands on designer quilts and oudhnis can make their way to the Bhairogarh market. If you are someone who has a taste for textile printing and painting, then Bhairogarh is the ideal place for you. Also, Kal Bhairav Mandor is also a popular attraction for pilgrims and travellers.


Other places of religious importance include Bharti Hari Cave, Bade Ganesh Ji Ka Mandir, Harsiddhi Mandir, etc. Do make it point to book hotels in Ujjain at the earliest possible instance to enjoy a memorable stay. It would be great if you can make travel arrangements beforehand as well.



What to Eat in Ujjain?

Bhutte ki khees is one of the most popular dishes in Ujjain (and in other parts of Madhya Pradesh as well). Rogan Josh is one of the most popular non-veg dishes in the area and is served quite frequently in Ujjain, and in other cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh as well. Try out the very best of the central Indian cuisine by locating the best hotels in Ujjain beforehand. Plus, there are local eateries selling Mewa Bati, which is a popular sweet sold in various parts of Ujjain and Madhya Pradesh.


Where to shop in Ujjain?

All those who wish to buy textiles (and readymade clothing) will have to travel to Maheshwar, which is located at a distance of about 150 km from Ujjain. Mehendi (a paste made of henna) is also a popular thing to buy in Ujjain and is used to make designs and temporary tattoos. Moreover, if you have an inclination towards locally-made snacks (namkeen), then Ujjain is just the ideal destination for you. Come to Ujjain and you’d find vast reserves of Jain Namkeen. Most of these snacks are made using gram flour. Make it a point to book hotels in Ujjain beforehand if you wish to visit this very popular tourist place in central India.


Here’s wishing you a happy and safe journey, folks!

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