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Planning A Budget-Friendly Road Trip: Top 5 Destinations To Go To

Road trips are always fun. Driving through highways offers a different set of experience altogether, making it a memory to cherish for a lifetime. Although air or train travel gives more comfort, the road trip will satiate your soul. The Indian subcontinent has a variety of places to visit by road; each destination is unique.

So here’s presenting to you the top 5 destinations for your upcoming road trip.  

But remember, road trips can be tiring too, so you must book a good accommodation. OYO family hotels can be a great option when on a budget. All the properties are ergonomically designed and intact with multiple facilities.


Top 5 Destinations To Choose For Your Budget-Friendly Road Trip

Before you move on to the top 5 destinations by road within a budget,  you should also ensure you get a comfortable stay during halts. In that case, OYO is completely transparent and lets you choose properties over multiple filters. We will discuss it further in the blog. Let us explore the places first.

1. Delhi To Kedarnath

India is the land of beliefs and miracles. Adding to the speciality, you have the temple of Kedarnath in the Uttarakhand region, guarded by the mighty Himalayas. You will also get to find Badrinath, both emitting a charismatic appeal.

There are multiple modes to reach this place, and owing to the beauty it emits, people choose to opt for road trips from Delhi to Kedarnath. While travelling, they stop by to adorn the beauty of Rudraprayag, Haridwar and Gaurikund. But often, finding suitable hotels is difficult when running on a budget. OYO family hotels near Delhi airport (Super OYO Flagship Trio Raj, Super Airport Hotel Anshu, etc.) offer great relief from such conditions before you start the journey.   

2. Mumbai To Goa

Mumbai and Goa are similar but unique, known for busy lifestyles, great food and a vibrant crowd. However, owing to the long list of top sightseeing in Goa, including its calming beaches, it is always a great option to opt for a road trip from Mumbai to Goa.

While travelling, the main milestones of your journey will be Kolhapur, Satara, and Sankeshwar. If you have time, visit the Jyotiba Temple, Panhala Fort, and Rankala Lake.

After such an exciting trip, you can add more zeal to your vacation days by booking Goa hotels near beaches at a low price with OYO. You can always pay at the hotel or complete your payments online. While on a budget trip with OYO, you can also opt for 3-star hotels in Goa to live with family, provided attractive discounts always back your stay.

3. Dehradun To Mussoorie

Dehradun and Mussoorie are known for their magnificent sceneries and great weather. Located at a distance of 37 kilometres from each other, the journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie can be your best road trip so far. While travelling, you can expect majestic snow-capped mountains, the gushing water of the Alaknanda River and green valleys all around.

After such a fulfilling journey, if you are looking for a comfortable stay within budget, you can easily go for the OYO family hotel in Mussoorie near mall road. Select from OYO Premium, Flagship Home, Collection O and Capital O properties.  

4. Chandigarh To Rishikesh

While Chandigarh is known as the planned city of India, you have Rishikesh, known as the holy town in Dehradun. Also, you might have seen people opting for char dham yatra packages to visit Rishikesh because this place is the gateway to the four holy temples in the hills.

Looking into your road trip venture, three routes will take you from Chandigarh to Rishikesh. Each will have you spend a minimum of 5 hours on average, adding to a great experience to cherish.

Moving on, once you reach Rishikesh, be careful and do not settle for cheap hotels in Rishikesh just because you are on a budget trip. Choose OYO family hotels instead, with a guaranteed 5% discount on Wizard member hotels and attractive deals on first bookings through OYO App. If you want to settle in a specific location, search with the place’s name, like OYO hotels in Shivpuri Rishikesh.   

5. Shimla To Nainital

Known for picturesque locations and great local cuisines, the Shimla to Nainital road trip will elevate your travelling experience. Cover the distance between Shimla and Nainital (570 km) by road to get memorable moments. It is always a great experience to stay at a family hotel in Shimla near mall road and be a part of the vibrant culture. Here is a list of some of the best stops that you can stop by are:

  • Gurudwara Bhatta Sahib Ji
  • Baradari Garden
  • Zakir Hussain Rose Garden
  • Sukhna Lake

On the way or after reaching your destination, you can always book hotels in Nainital from OYO’s website/App. OYO also offers Manali hotels near mall road for a comfortable stay.

Why OYO?

For an area like Kasol, located 1500 m above sea level, booking a property within budget gets hectic. However, your Kasol hotel booking spree will be easy with OYO’s list of family hotels. With a prominent presence across India and the globe, OYO family hotels and rooms are the best you can book.

Whether you are looking for Dalhousie hotel booking services in the mountains or near the coastal regions, an OYO property is at your convenience. 


These are the top 5 road trip ideas for your budgeted trip. Under conditions, when you are ready for an upgrade, in your stay, you can go for 3-star hotels in Chandigarh or any other destination mentioned here.

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