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Outdoor Adventures and Fitness Hotspots in Gurgaon

Modern lifestyle has greatly impacted human living styles. Especially the complexities that everyone faces in their work life and personal life. Hence, balancing both has become a need of the hour. And for that, staying fit and healthy is very essential. 

Getting into outdoor adventure rejuvenates and refreshes the body. Taking a break and working to keep yourself healthy is of utmost importance. Gurgaon has many outdoor adventures and fitness hotspots. So, plan a short trip to Gurgaon, book yourself an OYO room near fitness centres, and participate in outdoor adventurous activities. Giving yourself a break from the regular chores will enhance your overall productivity and mental peace. 

Before searching for family resorts in Gurgaon, let’s explore some of the fitness hotspots and outdoor adventures in Gurgaon.

Outdoor Adventures and Fitness Hotspots in Gurgaon

A few fitness centres and outdoor adventures in Gurgaon are as follows:-

Aravalli Trail Experience

Learn horse riding during your private ride at the Duke Horse Riding Club in Gurgaon. Discover quiet landscapes and tranquil hillsides outside the bustling city. Horse riding lessons include the time to enjoy nature along the Aravalli Range. Everyone is welcome, including beginners. One session lasts for two hours.

Tiger Photography Safari

It is specifically designed for photography. This private three-day expedition in the Ranthambore National Park lets you click pictures of the park’s epic wildlife species and enhance your photography skills. Spot tigers, leopards, and crocodiles as you explore the area in an open-top jeep. The package includes delicious meals and a door-to-door pick-up and drop-off. 

Leisure Valley Park

Situated opposite the Kingdom of Dreams, this park in Gurgaon is one of the most happening locations for outdoor adventures. Many fitness activities take place in this park in the morning, with residents using the space in the park as a track for jogging, a sandy area developed near one entrance having swings and slides for children, After participating in Fitness Activities in the Leisure Valley Park, you can enjoy simple home-like food in the nearby cafe, Roots Cafe, it is entirely run by solar power. Amazing, right?

Ozone Fitness and Spa

The Ozone Fitness and Spa can be called the one-stop fitness destination. It specialises in aerobics, spa, yoga, Zumba, etc. Its main highlight is the cardio and resistance training with benefits, such as cardio burn burnout, weight loss, building endurance, etc. The fitness centre is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

Why Book OYO?

OYO Hotels and Resorts, the biggest hotel chain in India, is a one-stop accommodation. It offers a delightful experience with every stay. You can select from various accommodation options, from basic to premium stays. A few highly reviewed OYO hotels in Gurgaon are as follows:-

Whether looking for cheap hotels in Gurgaon or premium, OYO is always at your service. With top-notch facilities and well-trained staff, OYO makes your stay joyous and unforgettable. Browse the official website or download the mobile application to book your room for discounts. Also, OYO insures your stay as a complimentary privilege with Acko.


So, that is all about Gurgaon’s outdoor adventures and fitness hotspots. You can participate in any adventurous activity or visit fitness centres. You can choose any activity and fitness hotspots mentioned in the article and spend your day there. Also, book OYO rooms for a comfortable and relaxing stay in Gurgaon.

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