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Offbeat Biking Routes for Adventure Junkies

Biking is an experience unlike any other. With a bike, a biker forgets about the worries of daily life and elevates himself to a state of eternal joy. Biking is a hobby for many that bring immense delight to the rider. Getting on a bike and passing the top sightseeing in the area creates a sense of adventure and an unparalleled experience. Biking through the most challenging and exhilarating routes is the dream of true bikers. The Himalayas are home to riders when it comes to offbeat biking routes.

If you are ready to push your limits and get that thrill of adventure, the routes mentioned below are for you.

Chandigarh to Leh

It is the route to the ‘rooftop of the world.’ The Chandigarh to Leh route is one of the most popular and most admired by bikers all over India. An exciting journey in itself, it covers the states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir. Explore the best of all three states and indulge in top sightseeing in North India. The average duration of the ride is about twelve days. You can start your journey after resting in the best hotels in Chandigarh, such as 4 By OYO – Chandigarh.

Kathgodam to Munsiyari

Starting at Kathgodam, the gateway to the mighty hills of the Himalayas, this route takes the rider to the beautiful hills of the Kumaun region in Uttarakhand. The difficulty of the rides increases with altitude. You will pass through picturesque parts and experience the stunning culture of Uttarakhand. The destination is the snow-capped Himalayan peaks in Munsayari. The rides take about seven days on average. Before starting, you can find the required rest at OYO Flagship 48731 Pradeep Hostel near Kathgodam.

Guwahati to Tawang

A trip to the northeastern part of the country, this route will let you experience the natural beauty of the northeast as well as the profound Buddhist culture. It is an adventure for bikers. The journey starts with the gateway to the east and will take you through lush green national parks, snow-capped mountains, and frozen lakes. The ride will take about seven days. Be sure to rest before starting the journey at the best hotels in Guwahati, like SPOT ON 65254 City Lodge Ganeshguri.

Spiti Valley

Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley attracts a large number of tourists every year. It is a biker’s haven to ride in the breathtaking Spiti valley. A perfect offbeat destination for thrill lovers, it lets you visit the highest villages in Asia and beautiful mountains. The nine-day ride through narrow passes will leave you spellbound, and you will have a lifetime memory.

Rishikesh to Badrinath

A challenging route for bikers, the ride from Rishikesh to one of the Char Dhams can create a lifelong change in your personality. The experience is simply matchless. The narrow roads on demanding terrain make the ride dangerous. It takes an exhausting ten days for the rider to reach the destination. The route takes you to the magnificent Badrinath temple, and the road ends a few kilometres ahead in the last village of India, called Mana. This ride needs a lot of energy, and you must be well rested before beginning the journey. Look for the best hotels in Rishikesh, like SPOT ON 85342 Travel Dreams Hostel, to get a rest before the ride.

Srinagar to Manali

The Srinagar-Manali route is one of the most challenging routes for bikers. It is undoubtedly the dream of every rider to ride freely on this gorgeous route. The ten-day ride takes you through some of the most scenic places on Earth. Astonishing landscapes, great lakes, and monasteries, this ride has much to offer. It will surely give you an experience of a lifetime in the form of a thrilling journey.


Embark on a journey with your bike that will create a lifelong impact on you. Riding a bike is an art and a way to connect with your explorer side. Enjoy the best sightseeing in the Himalayas while riding a motorbike. Select a biking route from the list above and start a journey you’ll remember for a lifetime.


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