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Must-Visit: Dandeli, The Hidden Gem of Karnataka

Situated 1551 feet above sea level, Dandeli is a hidden gem in Karnataka. It is the most pleasant place to relax and unwind from a monotonous work schedule. Many tourists who visit Karnataka come to Dandeli to spend time amidst nature.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Karnataka, visit Dandeli to take respite in the lap of nature. Dandeli has amazing places to visit. Book reservations in one of the best resorts in Dandeli for family, like OYO 62486 Masur Garden Resort or OYO 83156 Parampara Cottage, for a memorable stay.


7 Places That Are a Must-Visit in Dandeli

The adventure destination of Karnataka, Dandeli, has many religious spots and historical places to visit. The following are seven top places.

1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

The place that experiences the most crowd, especially from September to May, is Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Nature lovers will find this destination mesmerizing due to the wide range of flora and fauna. Several wildlife species like elephants, leopards, tigers, and langurs can be spotted here. Besides, fun activities like safari tours, trekking, mountain climbing, coracle boat rides, and cycling are also available. This place is Karnataka’s second largest wildlife sanctuary after Bandipur National Park. Tourists can make reservations at a good family suite in Dandeli and explore this place at their own pace.

2. Kali River

Another fascinating place to visit in Dandeli is the Kali River. This place is surrounded by greenery. On reaching, you will witness Sadashivgad, a beautiful temple on the Kali River bridge. Apart from a soothing atmosphere, you will hear the gushing sound of the waves. If you like water sports, you can engage in flying fox, boating, and other activities. With a few family homestay options in Dandeli, like OYO HOME 84068 Black River Homestay, you feel at home even when miles away. This place is ideal if you love barbecue parties.

3. Shiroli Peak

If you want to capture the views of the Western Ghats at their best, visit Shiroli Peak. It is an ideal place for photographers. Visiting this place requires no entry fees; you can come here at any time of the year. Do not forget to watch the sunset from the peak. Apart from this, there are many OYO hotels in Dandeli where you and your family can unwind during the trip.

4. Kavala Caves

Situated in Lalguli, Kavala Caves experiences crowds flocking every year. This place houses a temple. Temple and caves can only be reached by climbing stairs. It is believed that this place has existed since the pre-historic period, which makes it a must-visit place for history lovers. This place remains dark throughout the day, and bats and snakes can also be seen here frequently, so stay alert! Come for trekking with your friends or family and book a room at one of the premium family hotels in Dandeli to relax afterwards.

5. Shivaji Fort

History lovers should head to this place. Shivaji Fort is a beautiful destination for history lovers. It is believed that Chhatrapati Shivaji once constructed this fort; hence, it is named Shivaji Fort. Apart from history lovers, trekking enthusiasts can also visit here for trekking. Make reservations at one of the best family resorts in Dandeli and visit Shivaji Fort in the daytime to enjoy the magnificent view.

6. Mini Tibet

As the name suggests, this place is a mini version of Tibet. The place has a Tibetan vibe to it. It has a Tibetan monastery that depicts the culture of the refugees. It is situated at a distance of 81 km from Dandeli. Tourists who wish to learn about Tibetan culture can visit this place with their family or friends and have a good time.

7. Supa Dam

Supa Dam is situated in a serene location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is located at a distance of 21.6 km from Dandeli. This place is a solid gravity dam. You can spot many birds and mammals at this location. The best feature about this dam is that it provides a beautiful view of the sunset from its locality. You can book a room at a good family room hotel in Dandeli and visit this place with your family to experience the sunset view and the beauty of the location.

From flora and fauna to wildlife species, peaks to temples, caves to dams, Dandeli features everything and provides a pleasant experience for visitors. Book OYO rooms and hotels for a clean santisied rooms and best-in-class services.


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