5 Monsoon Destinations In India


Whenever you plan a vacation, you will always be advised to avoid the months of June to August as the torrential rains will surely be a spoilsport. However, India experiences gorgeous and vibrant rains that cast a magical spell around the country and transforms many lands into a mystical paradise. With different parts of the country receiving different levels of rainfall, each place adopts a unique ambience that is so special and breathtaking.

With heavy downpour in the South and calming drizzles in the West, sunny delight in the Himalayas and lush wet rains in the East, our country evolves and morphs into beatific wonders, each in its own way, which every passionate explorer needs to witness. Moreover, what is even an obstacle to a true traveller? Venture out to the unknown and you will surprised at the sheer beauty and splendour you discover during the monsoons. Here are 5 heavenly monsoon destinations in India that reach the pinnacle of their glory during the rains. Let’s check them out!

Re-Discover these 5 Destinations in Monsoon

It is such a disappointment when you get some free time during monsoon seasons but cannot plan a trip because of all the risk factors. Well, bid your worries goodbye because there are several places to visit in June, July and August! These amazing tourist spots come alive during monsoons with the marvellous pillow like clouds leisurely meandering about in the skies and the surrounding greenery dancing and prancing to the soothing winds and pitter patter of rain drops.

It is not only exhilarating and adventurous but also the cool winds in your hair, the wet splashes, the swaying trees and the intoxicating smell of the earth, all of it creates such a romantic atmosphere which you cannot experience anywhere else. So let’s see the five best places in India during monsoon.

5 Destinations in Monsoon

  1. Lonavala
  2. Cherrapunji
  3. Alleppey
  4. Valley of Flowers
  5. Orchha

1. Lonavala

 This idyllic hill station in the Sahyadri Mountains of the Western Ghats is a lush green paradise. With dense green forests, picturesque scenery, voluptuous rivers and magnificent waterfalls, Lonavala is the ideal place to visit during monsoons. It can be easily accessed from either Pune or Mumbai and the drive itself is one of the most memorable and beautiful things ever! Some of the most popular spots in Lonavala are Bhushi Dam built on the gorgeous Indrayani river, Pawna Lake and Tungarli Lake which will transport you to a different world altogether with the surrounding forests looking enticing in the rains and Tikona and Rajmachi Fort, which are two of the most famous historical sites here. If your heart is yearning for something thrilling and unforgettable then you should definitely go for trekking to the Tiger’s Leap and Lion’s Point which not only have exciting terrain but also the best scenic views from the points.

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2. Cherrapunji


With the first sprinkle of rain, the North East brightens up and unfurls its true beauty. However, the place that embodies the monsoons is definitely Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Enjoy rustic villages, lush green hills and valleys, varieties of flora and fauna and the fluffiest clouds while you absorb the rain drenched land and all the wonderful things it has to offer. Since it is the second rainiest place in the world, the rivers and waterfalls here overflow and look ethereal. You should definitely visit the Nokhalikai Falls to witness its sheer might and aura during the rains. Take a walk through the forests, root bridges, adventurous trails and unexplored caves while the white clouds envelop the lands in a hug. Shillong and Guwahati are the closest places to access Cherrapunji from.

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3. Alleppey


Alleppey in Kerala looks absolutely spectacular in the monsoons. Lush green fields and hills with beautiful rivers and backwaters makes this place a real treat. It’s truly blissful to enjoy a boat ride in Alleppey through the backwaters, canals and lakes with the refreshing misty rain caressing you. The abundance of natural beauty here will refresh your mind and soul and monsoons are also perfect for Ayurveda which is very popular here. The closest airport is Cochin while you can also ride a train to Alleppey.

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4. Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

No other place can be better for a monsoon trip than the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. The rains bring all the flowers to life and they erupt in the most vibrant hues across the valley, looking a lot like a fantasy world. The valley has more than 400 varieties of flowers and you can enjoy a thrilling trek to this paradise for an even better experience. Imagine walking through miles of flowers with the magnificent mountains standing tall in the distance and the misty chill after a refreshing downpour settling within your bones – true bliss! The nearest bus station is Govindghat which can be accessed through both Rishikesh and Dehradun.

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5. Orchha


This historical town in Madhya Pradesh turns into a golden delight during the monsoons. Since it remains dry for the most part of the year in the Malwa Plateau, the rain really brings out the liveliness and beauty of the place. The Betwa River running beside the town flows full of life and the town gets painted in vibrant greens which makes it look serene and romantic. The historical monuments, temples, buildings and forts return to their old glory after the first shower and the picturesque hilly backdrop truly looks like a living painting. The drive to the town is itself very soothing and enjoyable. You can easily access Orchha through Gwalior or even Jhansi.

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Adventurous yet Soothing

Plan a trip to one of these monsoon destinations in India for a healing and therapeutic vacation. Embark on exciting treks and hikes or take long relaxing walks with the fresh and cool winds caressing your face and the blissful scenic beauty blessing your soul. These locations are not only perfect for a getaway with your friends or even loved ones but they’re also great for a solo trip. No other season can be better than monsoon for some spiritual soul searching!

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