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Matheran: A Quaint Hill Station Of Maharashtra

Want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of city life? Looking for a short trip to refreshment and re-energise? Then pack your bags and get ready for a Matheran trip!

Located near Mumbai, Matheran is a famous weekend spot. This small town sits in the lap of nature. The clear blue sky, fresh air, lush green forests, and much top sightseeing in Matheran can let you have fun and excitement with memorable moments.

Dive into this blog to learn more about Matheran and the best family hotels in its vicinity.

About Matheran

The general meaning of Matheran is ‘Forest on the Forehead.’ In the age of technology, Matheran is still an automobile-free hill station in Maharashtra. Despite its popularity, this small hill station has maintained its charm and beauty. It is one of the best gateways for family trips.

The top sightseeing places in Matheran enhance the quaintness of this little hill station in India. One can find more than 30 enticing sights in this breathtaking town.

How to Reach Matheran?

You can visit Matheran via road easily as it is connected with all major cities by road route. You can also reach via railway. However, both journeys stop at a common destination, ‘Neral,’ 21 km from Matheran.

You can’t get ahead of Neral via automobiles as they are not allowed to enter the town. So only local transport can help you with this Neral to Matheran 30 minutes journey. After which, start your trekking tour!

What Is the Prime Time to Visit Matheran?

It is located 800 m above sea level. Compared to its surroundings, Matheran has a dryer and cooler climate. That’s why it is quite popular during the summer season.

It is best to visit this place for sightseeing from October to November. From December to February, it is the best place for honeymooners. The cold weather of days and nights let them feel more romantic with the beauty of the mist surrounding the place. It is reported that from March to May, the weather reaches up to 35°C. Despite this temperature, it is likeable by tourists.

However, from June to September, heavy rainfall is recorded in Matheran. Therefore, it makes this place hard to reach. However, if you visit during this season, make sure to pack raincoats and umbrellas.

What Are the Prime Family Hotels in Matheran?

Because of its popularity, you can easily find plenty of hotel choices in Matheran. You can easily select an accommodation depending on your budget, duration, and preferences. The best thing is that almost all the best family hotels in Matheran are available at affordable prices, such as OYO 93031 Nirvana Lodging And Boarding, OYO 91230 K K Royal Residency, and many more. Some hotels even offer meals with their packages.

What Are the Places to Visit in Matheran?

Matheran is full of visiting and enticing sites. For example-

  • Louisa Point
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Toy Train
  • One Tree Hill
  • Echo Point
  • Irshalgad Fort
  • Porcupine Point
  • Prabal Fort
  • Monkey Point
  • Khandala Point
  • Matheran Market
  • Panorama Point
  • Honeymoon Hill
  • Rambagh Point
  • Chang Bhale Temple
  • Madhav Ji Point
  • King George Point

Other than these places, the Sunrises and Sunsets of Matheran are truly wonderful. So, whether a photographer, a nature lover or a trekker, everyone falls in love with this place.

What Can You Do in Matheran?

Some of the best activities that you can enjoy during your stay in this marvellous town are given below:

  • You can go for a waterfall mountaineer at Dodhani Waterfalls.
  • For trekking lovers, Chanderi Caves have stunning landscapes.
  • A visit to Charlotte lake can let you have a peaceful experience.
  • For a 360-degree view of the pleasing surroundings, visit Louisa Point.
  • Go for the Kalavantin Pinnacle trek.
  • For beautiful Sunsets, Porcupine Point is the best site.
  • For an outdoor picnic with family and friends, head to Rambagh Point at dusk.
  • Take a journey from Neral to Matheran via Toy Train.
  • Spare some time for a Rock Climbing adventure.
  • To seek peace and blessings once, visit Ambarnath Shiv Temple.
  • Stop by the highest altitude spot Mount Berry.
  • It will be your best decision to take a trek to Irshalgad Fort.
  • The majestic surroundings of Little Chowk Point won’t let you forget Matheran.

In a Nutshell

Matheran is one of the best locations you can come upon whether you want to break from the city life or enjoy nature and adventure. You can enjoy and explore this picturesque town with many exciting things, from waterfalls to mountains. So, plan your trip to this paradise and make some remarkable memories!

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