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List of Best Restaurants in Jaipur to Taste Your Way Around


Jaipur is known for its rich historical exhibitions and colorful culture. But, it is also a delightful adventure for people who take their food seriously. Restaurants in Jaipur offer a gastronomic treat unrivaled by most other towns in India. From modern franchises to traditional Rajasthani food in Jaipur, tracing its origins to the stately kitchens of erstwhile emperors, the food scene is vibrant and versatile.

Today, Jaipur’s most intriguing restaurants have taken an innovative turn in their culinary offerings. By mixing cuisines from adjacent places, famous street foods, and faraway lands, the five-star chefs and local cooks work through the year to delight the city’s travelers with the most exotic fine dining experience. The city of Jaipur is known for serving wonderful meals that convey the city’s regal grandeur to your plate. The food here will delight any foodie, and it is the perfect place to get a taste of Rajasthan.

For generations, Jaipur has been recognized for its famed eateries that provide authentic cuisine made with unique ingredients, attracting culinary connoisseurs from all over the world. If you’re visiting Jaipur, it goes without saying that you should take part in a dynamic gastronomical trip by having a candlelight dinner in Jaipur or simply bite into the much-loved kachoris with your loved ones at some of the city’s most interesting locations.

We have curated a list of some of the best restaurants in Jaipur that are a must-visit.

List of Best Restaurants in Jaipur

1) SuvarnaMahal at Rambagh Palace

SuvarnaMahal is an excellent fine dining restaurant in Jaipur, incorporating the rich cultural history of Rajasthan into its food. Suvarna Mahal’s décor, with its lofty ceilings, gilded mirrors, and Florentine frescoes, transports you to the regal past of the state, which was once adorned by royalty.

2) OYO 9093 Hotel Ananta Inn

You can visit the OYO 9093 Hotel Ananta Inn for more of a budget meal. The hotel is situated near the Rambagh Palace and serves many cuisines. From Italian to Indian and Chinese, try the dishes to enjoy the ambiance and the food.

3) Peshawari at ITC Rajputana

Get transported to India’s Northwest Frontier with authentic flavors brought to life by scrumptious cuisine in Peshawri. Peshawri, with its beautiful ambiance, barbecued specialties, and baked Indian bread, will enthrall you more than any other restaurant in Jaipur.

The menu includes delectable tandoori kebabs such as reshmi, murghmalai, and kastoori and traditional meals inspired by the dining customs of aristocracies rich in spice and flavor. Dal Bukhara, SikandariRaan, Barrah Kebab, Tandoori Jhinga, and MurgMalaiKabab are some of Peshawri’s famous dishes. It is considered one of the best non-veg restaurants in Jaipur.

If you do not wish to splurge on your stay, you can check out the nearby hotel at the OYO 2281 Hotel Ankur Palace. This hotel is located near the ITC Rajputana, and they have all the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay. Since Ankur Palace is located near ITC, you can make a pit stop and taste some of their famous dishes.

4) Saffron at Marriott Hotel

Look no further than Saffron at Marriott Hotel if you’re looking for a spot to spend the perfect evening during your holiday in Jaipur. Saffron is most recognized for its use in delectable North Indian cuisine. There are excellent kebabs, curries, and biryani if you want to sample some of the region’s delectable specialties. Saffron has established a benchmark of outstanding service and high-quality food, making it one of the best restaurants in Jaipur.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly hotel near the Marriott Hotel, you can check out the hotel at the Collection O 28716 Aditya Residency. It serves traditional Rajasthani cuisine at reasonable prices. It is an excellent hotel for all kinds of travelers, be it solo, couples, groups of friends, or family. If you are staying in this hotel, you could easily stop by the Marriott and taste some of their famous dishes.

5) Dragon House

If you’re craving Thai or Chinese cuisine, Dragon House in Jaipur is the place to go. The extensive cuisine, together with the courteous and accommodating personnel, will present you with one of India’s best Oriental dining experiences.

Noodles, Manchurian, Dim sums, Fortune Cookie, and Hot Jasmine Tea are some of the most popular dishes served here. If you’re planning a walk across Rajasthan’s deserts and want a taste of China, stop by the Dragon House in Jaipur.

If Dragon House isn’t your jam, you can check out the restaurant at the Capital O 9304 Hotel Swastika. It serves clean and hygienic food and is known for traditional Rajasthani dishes.

6) Lalit Jaipur

Indulge your senses at Lalit with scrumptious North Indian cuisine that comes to life on your plate. The luxurious ambiance will make its way to your heart and transfer you to another world.

The superb cuisine and first-class ambiance will definitely leave an indelible impression. If you’re looking for an amazing dining experience with your partner, the Lalit, nestled in the heart of Pink City, is a must-visit.

Another restaurant near the Lalit is at the OYO 1143 Hotel RDB Palace. This food joint serves the best of local dishes at reasonable rates. The food is hygienic and a treat for the taste buds. If you are staying in this hotel, you could easily stop by the Lalit and taste some of their well-known dishes.

7) The Verandah

Indulge in a superb dining experience while relaxing in a quiet atmosphere at the Verandah in Jaipur. The Verandah, located away from the city’s hustle and bustle, offers an amazing blend of the present and past, allowing you to enjoy a culinary feast.

While admiring the spectacular edifice or taking in the tranquillity of the environment, have a modest meal or a refreshing beverage.

Just 1.2 km away from the Verandah, you can also enjoy a pocket-friendly stay at the OYO 11389 Hotel N.G. Palace. The hostel serves its guests with around-the-clock check-in service, free WiFi, air conditioning, etc. Since Hotel N.G. Palace is within the vicinity of the Verandah. You could make a quick stop there and enjoy their traditional folk performances and international dishes.

8) Jal Mahal at Trident Hotel

Jal Mahal is known for delivering authentic traditional Rajasthani food in Jaipur. It should be on your list of top Jaipur restaurants to visit for a delicious lunch. Jal Mahal will delight you with friendly hospitality and antique décor, leaving you with something to remember.

Lal Maas and Dal BatiChurma are two dishes you should not miss ordering here. A broad selection of wines is also available, all of which are highly recommended for you.

OYO 15896 Hotel Jal Mahal Haveli is another establishment known for its authentic Rajasthani cuisine and traditional decor. The hotel is situated near the Trident Hotel and has stay options at affordable prices. If you are staying in this hotel, you could easily stop by Trident hotel and taste their scrumptious meals.

9) Handi Restaurant Jaipur

Handi, which opened in 1984 and is located on M.I. road. The road in Jaipur’s most centrally placed district welcomes you with enormous warmth and a lot of spice, making you feel at home the moment you walk in!!

Handi Restaurant Jaipur, located in the royal state of Rajasthan, will instantly touch your soul and make an instant connection with you. Thanks to its deep-rooted ambiance, which emits a subtle aroma of our complex blend of Rajasthani culture and food, Handi has carved out a place for itself in the Mughlai and Tandoori cuisines.

The OYO 16002 Hotel Shaan is another place where tradition meets trendy. The hotel is pocket-friendly, and they make sure that all the safety and hygiene guidelines are being adhered to. If you are staying at Hotel Shaan, you could easily stop by at the Handi Restaurant and taste their traditional Rajasthani food.

10) OYO Hotel Dev Villas

The rooftop restaurant at the OYO Hotel Dev Villas is one of the prettiest and coziest places you would ever come across. Being a part of the OYO Rooms chain of hotels, the restaurant also adheres to all the guidelines which come as part of the OYO brand.

The restaurant serves many dishes belonging to different cuisines such as Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and authentic Indian. Go and treat yourself to the sweet and savory offerings from the restaurant.

11) Cinnamon-Jai Mahal Palace

Cinnamon at Jai Mahal Palace is a terrific restaurant to add to your travel schedule if you are searching the internet for the best Jaipur restaurants. The pan Indian restaurant is known for its energizing blend of contemporary and tradition, which is reflected in its traditional ambiance and wonderful meals.

If you happen to stop by, don’t forget to try the most popular meals, including Dal Makhani, Vegetable Biryani, and Dal Bukhara.

Just a kilometer away, you can stay at the OYO 36316 Hotel White Palace, which has a beautiful restaurant on the premises. The establishment serves quality cuisines at reasonable rates. You can visit the restaurant with your family and eat to your heart’s desire.

12) OYO Hotel Roshan Haveli and Resorts

This hotel is part of the OYO Rooms chain of hotels which are known for their impeccable service and hygienic accommodations. Another attractive feature of the hotel is the multi-cuisine restaurant which serves dishes from around the world.

The restaurant seats a lot of people and is one of the busiest joints in the nearby area. If you are in the vicinity of the restaurant or staying at the hotel itself, this place is a great option for having a great meal at low prices.

The best restaurants in Jaipur have started Alfresco dining, which is becoming the favored choice. For people who want to safely enjoy a meal with their loved ones, eateries in Rajasthan offer dine-in services between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.

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