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Kasol Hotel Booking: 7 Tips To Get The Best Accommodation

The enchanting town of Kasol brings travellers and tourists from around the globe with its magnetic charm. The town has beautiful mountains, lush greenery, and pristine rivers surrounding it. As you plan your journey to this amazing destination, one important aspect that needs detailed consideration is your accommodation. 

Travellers face a lot of difficulties while visiting this palace, mainly because of limited accommodation. So, here are seven tips to help you secure the best accommodation in Kasol, ensuring a satisfying and memorable experience throughout your stay.

An Overview of Kasol

Kasol is a small settlement in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. It can be found in Parvati Valley by the Parvati River. Kasol is a top sightseeing Himalayan go-to location for backpackers and hikers. It is a base for nearby treks to Malana and Kheerganga. It is called Mini Israel of India due to the increased number of Israeli tourists here. There are many top sightseeing places in Kasol you can find a comfortable stay around:

  • Katagala- A perfect hiking area
  • Kasol Temple- A highly known Hindu temple
  • Nature Park Kasol- A beautiful park and garden with lush greenery
  • Parvati Valley- A captivating natural reserve
  • Manikaran hot water pool- A historic landmark
  • Hot water spring- A captivating landmark.

7 Tips to Get the Best Accommodation in Kasol

Below are seven tips on securing the best accommodation in Kasol.

#1. Plan, research and book in advance: 

Kasol is a well-known tourist destination, especially among hikers and adventure seekers. Accommodations are always fully booked during peak seasons, such as summer or festival periods. To secure the best accommodation options, it’s advisable to plan your trip, research about accommodations available and make your Kasol hotel bookings early. 

#2. Read reviews and ratings:

Different visitors have various tastes when it comes to accommodations. Reading reviews helps you know if a particular accommodation caters to your needs. Before finalising your accommodation, read reviews and ratings from prior visitors. Be keen on cleanliness, service, location, and overall guest experience. These reviews will help you in making an informed decision.

#3. Check facilities and amenities

The facilities and amenities can impact your overall experience of staying in a particular accommodation. You don’t want to return from your strenuous physical activities to no hot water supply at the accommodation you are staying in. Before finalising hotel booking in Kasol, check the facilities and amenities the lodging offers. Look for essential factors such as hot water availability, Wi-Fi, parking facilities, spa and any extra services you might need.

#4. Consider the location: 

Kasol is a top sightseeing destination known for its beauty and trekking tracks. By selecting accommodation in a convenient location, you can easily access the attractions and save time commuting. It is advisable to consider the location of your accommodation. If you want a peaceful environment, choose places away from the major locations with noise. Also, choose a centrally located lodging option if you need easy access to cafes and shops.

#5. Contact the accommodation directly: 

Occasionally, online booking platforms need updated information and may display only some available options. Also, contacting the location directly allows you to negotiate costs and ask about any deals or discounts they might have.

Once you’ve made your choices, contact the accommodation to ask about availability, amenities, and special offers. Talking to a staff member can provide you with how a sense of their service will feel, which is important during your stay.

#6. Seek recommendations: 

Kasol is a famous tourist destination with hidden gems that only locals or frequent visitors know. Seeking recommendations will help you discover unique accommodations that might only sometimes be advertised online. Hence, If you know anyone who has stayed in Kasol before, ask them for recommendations on the best places to stay. Also, local advice can lead you to top-notch but lesser-known accommodations that suit you.

#7. Flexibility with travel dates:

Being adjustable with your travel dates allows you to plan your travels more effectively. Accommodation prices in Kasol can also vary depending on demand and availability. Being flexible with travel dates allows you to compare prices across different times and places. It will help you find better deals at discounted rates during off-peak times. Adjusting your travel dates allows you to find fairer deals and secure a reservation at a preferred accommodation option.


Securing the best accommodation in Kasol needs careful planning, thorough research, and flexibility. By following these tips, you can enhance your chances of finding the perfect place to stay during your visit to this enchanting destination. You can also ensure a memorable and comfortable stay in Kasol, allowing you to fully engage in the natural beauty and vibrant culture of this captivating hill station.

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