Kashid Beach- A Paradise Near Mumbai For Your 2019 Trip

A beach with white sand, blue glittering sea, and landscape comprising of rocks and cliffs, Kashid beach is where you can witness nature in its full glory. Kashid beach is a paradise near Mumbai for your 2019 trip. This quaint beach located at a distance of around 124 kilometers from Mumbai in the Konkan region of Maharashtra is perfect to spend your weekends away from Mumbai.

The beach stretches to a vast coastline and is known for its picturesque location and tranquillity in the atmosphere. Kids, couples, families and adventure buffs, everyone can find more than one way to enjoy their vacation at the Kashid beach by indulging in the various activities it has to offer. Because of its proximity to two major cities, Mumbai and Pune, the beach remains crowded mostly on weekends.

An alluring place in the arms of nature, Kashid beach is sure to delight you with its beauty and the charming landscape. A drive to reach the beach through the surreal setting in itself is an amazing experience. So what are you waiting for? pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable experience at the Kashid beach.

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How To Reach The Kashid Beach

Being well connected with roadways, railways and airways Kashid beach can be easily approached from any part of the world – another reason why it is an ideal destination for a quick vacation.

By road: Situated at a distance of about 150 kilometers from Mumbai and 175 kilometers from Pune, you can easily reach Kashid beach via road amidst the beautiful scenery. Numerous buses operate regularly from Mumbai and Pune to Alibaug, get down at Alibaug and take an auto or taxi to reach the scenic beach.

By Train: Roha railway station is the closest station to Kashid beach located around 48 kilometers away. The station on the Konkan line is well connected with all the other major cities.

By air: if you wish to reach there by airplane, the nearest airport is Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai at a distance of 135 kilometers from Kashid beach.

Best Time To Visit The Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach

The best time to visit this mesmerizing beach is during the winter between October and February. The weather during these months is extremely pleasant and is also suitable for swimming, water sports, and other beach adventure activities.

From July to September, the coastal area receives high rainfall making it difficult for the tourists to indulge in swimming and other sports activities because of high tide. But you can still enjoy the charming landscape and the cool gush of winds.

Try not to plan your trip to the Kashid beach during the summers because the hot and humid atmosphere will not let you experience the real beauty of this place.

Enthralling Activities You Can Do At The Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach

The stunning Kashid beach is not just about some precious moments of relaxation and rejuvenation in the blissful settings but there are a plethora of activities that you can enjoy while you are here. Some of which are –

  • Get in the water! Run and play. Put in use your swimming skills and let the waves wash over you. But always remember to be careful and follow the lifeguard’s instructions.
  • Enjoy the thrilling water adventure sports including parasailing, scuba diving, and banana boat rides.
  • Like riding horses? If yes, then you are going to enjoy the vacation even more. The serene Kashid beach offers horse riding for the visitors as well. Enjoy the cool blowing winds while the horses take you around the place.
  •  Probably the best part of visiting the Kashid beach is the night camping. Camping near a beachside, watching the stars and enjoying the bonfire amidst the beautiful scenery can be an awesome experience.
  • There are numerous sightseeing places located nearby like the Alibaug beach, Korlai fort and Janjira forests amongst others.

Places To Visit Near Kashid Beach

Your trip to the Kashid beach will remain incomplete if you miss visiting the famous tourist attractions located nearby. Some of the popular places of tourist interests that you must visit while you are in and around Kashid beach are –

Top 6 places to visit around Kashid Beach

  1. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Korlai Fort
  3. Revdanda Beach Fort
  4. Murud Janjira Fort
  5. Alibaug Beach
  6. Datta Mandir

1. Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Murud, at a distance of about 12 kilometers from Kashid beach, this wildlife sanctuary is one of the best destinations for wildlife enthusiasts. The sanctuary covering an area of 6979 hectares is home to a varied species of flora, fauna, and avifauna.

Hyena, Muntjac, Bombay earth snake, Crested serpent eagle, and Sri Lanka frogmouth are some of the species housed at the Phansad wildlife sanctuary. The flora of the sanctuary includes Ain, Teak, and Kinjal amongst others. The Phansad wildlife sanctuary is a secluded one and is not very crowded, hence perfect for a calm visit between lush greenery and the rich biodiversity.

2. Korlai Fort

 Built by the Portuguese in 1521, this enormous fort has become a popular tourist attraction owing to its captivating beauty and historical roots. Perched on the top of a hill, the Korlai fort has an enchanting lighthouse and eleven large gates adding to the beauty of the fort. The fort is located around 14 kilometers away from the Kashid beach.

To make your evenings more pristine, you can enjoy the view of the sea waves and the sunset from the top of the fort. This fort is an ideal place for photographers and nature lovers. An endearing destination, Korlai fort must be visited by everyone while in an around the region.

3. Revdanda Beach Fort

Revdanda Beach Fort

 The fort which is now entirely covered with wild plantations was built by the Portuguese in the year 1524. The canon holes present on the walls of the fort is one of the key features that act as a crowd puller for the tourists. Located near the origin of the Kundalika river, the Revdanda beach fort is perfect to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The fort is situated at a distance of mere 15 kilometers from the Kashid beach where you can enjoy the beauty of nature with the flavor of history.

4. Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort

 Murud Janjira fort is a marine fort located near the coast of the Murud village at a distance of about 20 kilometers from the Kashid beach. The ancient fort with 26 rounded bastions still stands intact. You can enter the fort using the sailboats that are easily available near the shore. The pure historic charm combined with nature’s alluring beauty makes this place a must-visit.

5. Alibaug Beach

One of the most famous beaches near Mumbai, Alibaug beach is just 34 kilometers away from the Kashid beach. This serene and tranquil black sand beach with the Kolaba fort forming its backdrop is an ideal option for an enthralling getaway destination. You can enjoy boat rides while appreciating the beauty of the place, especially during the sunset. You can also visit a nearby Ganpati temple which is believed to be around 400 years old.

6. Datta Mandir

 Located at the top of the hill around 18 kilometers away from the Kashid beach, data mandir is one of the prominent tourist attractions of the region. The red-domed shrine is dedicated to Shri Datta and was constructed by Swami Brahmendra. You can reach the temple either after a small trek amidst the picturesque views or by a vehicle. Most of the visitors choose to trek to enjoy the scenic beauty on their way tit the temple.

Shopping Near The Kashid Beach

After you are done with different activities of the trip, the only thing that is missing is shopping. All of you will agree that the most exciting part of the trip is to roam around the city and buy some memorable stuff to take back home.

Kashid beach is a shopping paradise with a variety of handicrafts and wooden items. The local shops selling stunning Maharashtrian jewelry are a must-visit. They have an excellent collection of other handicrafts with a touch of Maharashtrian culture which is a delight to the eyes.

The seashells and beautiful items made out of them by the locals are definitely going to be the highlight of your shopping experience. This beautiful destination is a shopping hub where you can get your hands on some amazing decorative items and other stuff which you can take back with you and relive the memories of the trip for a lifetime.

Isn’t Kashid beach near Mumbai an ideal holiday destination for the quintessential beach person in you? With a bunch of exciting things that you can enjoy here, you will also find rejuvenation at its best at the Kashid beach. The weekend spent here is sure to take you into the world of ultimate solace.

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