Kasauli Travel Guide – 9 Historical Places That Glorify Its Celebrated Past

Kasauli is a paradise for those who wish to explore things and places of historical importance, such as churches, colonial structures, etc. Kasauli is the ideal destination for you if you wish to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There is absolutely no dearth of hotels in Kasauli, and if you’re a traveller who wishes to experience nature and greenery, then there is no better place to visit than Kasauli!

Kasauli Presents a Wide Range of Exquisite Historical Places 

Kasauli presents an opportunity to people to explore some of the best historical places in north India. It is one of the best hill stations for all those planning to embark on solo trips. Kasauli is a quaint-little hill-station in the North of India, visited by both domestic and international tourists. Book the best hotel in Kasauli today to enjoy a hearty little vacation in the hills.  

Here are some of the best tourist attractions that the visitors will get to see in Kasauli:

Gurkha Fort

Gurkhas have had a rich history and cultural heritage during the British Raj. The Gurkha Fort was founded during the Raj by Amar Singh Thapa, an army man who went against his own British generals. This fort was founded by him to fight the British. The fort is located at a distance of about 16 kms from Parwanoo. You can visit this place during summertime if colonial structures end up fascinating you. Book a Parwanoo hotel if you want to enjoy a trip to the Gurkha Fort with ease.

Baptist Church 

Baptist Church needs to be visited by all those who are interested in knowing more about the Indo-British architecture. This church is the prime example of the blend between Indian and Victorian architecture style. However, the church was damaged by fire in 2008, but was rebuilt soon after the incident. This church was built in 1923 by a bunch of Britishers and is also a popular tourist destination (apart from its religious significance). Book a hotel in Himachal Pradesh (Kasauli) and you will be able to visit all of the best tourist spots in and around the region.

Gilbert Trial

Gilbert Trial is yet another popular tourist destination that dates back to the British era. It is a narrow trial that you can visit if you love birds. You will find various species of birds as soon as you reach this tourist attraction. Also, it is the ideal place to visit for you if you wish to undertake a nice little walk. The air force station happens to be nearby and so is the Sunset Point. A hike of 2.5 kilometres will have to be undertaken by you if you are planning to visit this place. Do make it point to get your hotel in Kasauli booked beforehand if you are planning to visit this hill station during summertime which is the peak tourist season.

Toy Train Ride

The Toy Train Ride is one of the major attractions that you would come across in Kasauli. It is also part of the UNESCO Worlds Heritage Site list. If you love greenery and fresh air, then here is an exercise that you need to undertake. Also, if you wish to visit forests of Deodhar and Pine, then take a train ride from Kalka to Shimla. The train would remind you of the good old trains that were operational during the British era. Book a hotel in Kasauli and enjoy natural beauty like never before.

Monkey Point

Monkey Point is not just a tourist spot but also a popular religious destination in Kasauli. The Point is known for the Hanuman temple that is visited by tourists and Hindu pilgrims. It is also the highest point of the Kasauli town. You will be able to treat yourself to a view of the plains of Chandigarh if you get to the Monkey Point. Book the best hotel in Kasauli and visit the Monkey Point this summer to enjoy a breath-taking view of the hills.

Mall Road

Mall Road in Kasauli is the best place to go shopping. Here, you’d find some exquisite woollen garments. In all fairness, there is no place better than the Mall Road if you want to go shopping in this lovely colonial-style hill station. Also, there are various restaurants that you’d come across as you keep walking along the Mall Road. Well, Kasauli is a tranquil town but the Mall Road presents a few exciting options for you to shop and eating out. Book a hotel in Kasauli town if you want to stay close to the Mall Road. 

Christ (Anglican) Church

All those planning to visit Kasauli to visit a Gothic-style church should definitely pay this place a visit. The Christ (Anglican) Church was constructed in 1853 by a group of British settlers in India. The good thing about this church is; it lies at a walking distance from the Mall Road. Also, just a kilometre’s distance separates the Christ (Anglican) Church from the heart of the city. It is a Spanish-style church that has stained glass windows with pictures of Christ and Mother Mary. Visit this church in Kasauli without fail if you plan to come to Kasauli anytime during your summer vacations. Book a hotel in Kasauli in advance if you are looking to have a blast during your summer holidays.

The Kasauli Brewery:

The Kasauli Brewery is the best place to be if you enjoy classic liquor varieties. This brewery is also called the Solan Brewery. It was started way back in the 1820s by Edward Dyer. Kasauli was chosen because of the availability of Springwater in the area. It still has some British-style equipment that were brought all the way from the UK during the 1820s. 

These are some of the best tourist places to visit and explore in the beautiful hill station of Kasauli. 

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