How To Spend Your Time On Kanyakumari Beach

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The Kanyakumari Beach, known as Cape Comorin during the British Raj, is a splendid beach in the southernmost tip of India, in the city of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu. The beach is large and splendid, and although it is thronged by tourists for the majority of the year, it is still possible to find nooks and corners here where you can relax without all the chaos and cacophony which the tourists bring with them.

Kanyakumari itself is extremely significant for historical, religious, mythological and spiritual reasons and the myths surrounding this land are endless. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the place, or just spend some relaxing time by the beach, you are going to be thoroughly impressed by what you see here.

The Beauty of Kanyakumari Beach

The Kanyakumari sunrise is the predominant reason why people come here. While sunrise at a beach is always splendid, there is something very magical about the sun’s first rays touching the waters of all the three oceans that surround the Indian Peninsula- the Bay of Bengal, the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The three distinct shades of the waters of the three oceans can be witnessed here and it is quite an experience.

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The beach itself is sandy and when the tourists are not thronging, it is also very peaceful and pristine. It is also a wonderful beach to swim and sunbathe and vacation seasons always attract the tourists in huge numbers. On the other hand, the sunset in Kanyakumari is equally special because one can see the sunset and the moonrise at the same time for much of the year. It is indeed a splendid sight to behold.

Legend of Kanyakumari

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Those who visit the Kanyakumari Beach make it is a point to visit the Kanyakumari Temple and a number of festivals are celebrated here throughout the year, like the Vaishakha, Kalabham and the Navratri. The beaches come alive during these times and devotees come from far and wide to offer their prayers to the deity. Legends say that the Goddess Kumari considered a manifestation of the Goddess Parvati, performed strict penance and meditation on the now named Vivekananda Rock to be united with Lord Shiva.

However, even after making her a promise, Lord Shiva does not arrive at the designated time because unbeknownst to her, Devi Kumari had to kill the demon Bana, who could be slain only by a virgin. She is left waiting at the wedding mandap and in her rage, vows to remain unmarried forever. The uncooked rice, grains, and vermilion for the wedding turn to the pebbles and conch of the beach eventually. It is said that unmarried girls pray to the goddess where when they want to marry a suitable husband.

Other notable places of sightseeing on the beach are the Gandhi Memorial, the Vivekananda Rock and the Thiruvallavar Statue that rises 133 feet about the sea level.

  • The Gandhi Memorial is the place where the urn containing the ashes of the Mahatma were kept before they were immersed and people come from far and wide to pay their respects. Various other artifacts pertaining to his life are also kept here.
  • The Vivekananda Rock was built by Ramkrishna Mission and it is said that it was on this rock that the young saint gained enlightenment as he swam out to the sea to pray to the Goddess. The rock can be reached only via a ferry ride.
  • The statue of Thirivallavur can be seen from a distance and he was one of the most eminent sage writers of Tamil literature and much of classical Tamil literature is attributed to him.

Most Beautiful Beaches to Explore in Kanyakumari

view from kanyakumari beach

Apart from the main beach at Kanyakumari, there are three other smaller beaches in the vicinity which are relatively less crowded and so you can enjoy some peaceful time here while exploring Kanyakumari.

1. Mutton Beach

The Mutton Beach is about 16 km from Nagercoil and has white sand on the beach which is warm and soothing to walk on. There are also some rocky stretches here which add to the topography and also makes for a lovely perch to sit and enjoy the view, or to be photographed!

2. Sanguthurai Beach

Sanguthurai Beach is about 9 km from Nagercoil and there are some special facilities here for the needs of the tourists. The eateries and snack bars are very good and there is a play zone for the kids where they can spend time while the parents enjoy a relaxing dip in the waters and have a good time. The beach is lined with coconut trees which provide lovely shade. There is tower here from where one gets a good view of the surrounding landscape.

3. Sothavalai Beach

The Sothavalai Beach is about 10 km from Kanyakumari city and is about 4 km long. In spite of being one of the longest beaches in Tamil Nadu, the beach is secluded and quiet in most places and apart from fishing boats every now and then, not much is there to break your reverie. There is also a tower nearby from where you may admire the beauty of the beach.

Activities in Kanyakumari Beach

1. Triven Sangam

Tourists also visit the lighthouse of the beach that is still functional today and one can look out far into the oceans from here. The Triven Sangam, where the waters of the three seas meet, can be best witnessed from here. They can also engage in a number of water sports here and there are provisions for jet skiing and gliding as well. In other words, there is no dearth of activities one can try out on the beach.

2. Photography

Photographers some here in dozens to capture the myriad views of the beach and its splendid vistas. Cranes and other birds also frequent the beach and try to capture the beauty of the sunrise and the sunsets here which never gets old. The adulterated beauty of the beaches is hard to find anywhere else.

3. Shopping

Shopping at the beach is truly delightful because the beach shacks provide a number of options. Souvenirs are sold at most of the shops and you can also buy jewelry made from conch and shells, along with bamboo and jute items. Naturally, most of the items sold here are handmade and sustainable. Wall hangings and showpieces made from shells, coconut skins, and cane can be bought at very affordable rates. The drawing on palm leaves is surely a collector’s item which you will get in the shops here and they are done by local artists.

4. Eating

Do not forget to try out the beach shacks for the most delectable seafood. Fresh prawns and crabs from the sea are brought in and they taste heavenly. There are also a variety of coconut sweets available here and various kinds of other fish dishes to be enjoyed, complete with spicy mustard chutneys and gravy. Most of the food items are served on coconut leaves which make the experience rustic and very welcoming.

Best time to Visit the Kanyakumari Beach

While one can visit the beach at any time of the year, the best time is from November to March. December and January are particularly overcrowded so if you do not want to wait in long queues wherever you visit, you can avoid these two months. You must make it a point to visit the beach during sunrise and sunset.

How to Reach Kanyakumari Beach

The beach itself can be visited at any time of the day and there are plenty of buses, cabs and auto-rickshaws to take you to the beach from the main city. The buses have fixed ticket rates but the autos can charge around INR 500 to take you and they increase it further during peak seasons. In case you have a problem with the local language, you can also hire a car from the hotel you are staying at.

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