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Janmashtami Melas To Attend If You Are In Or Around Delhi

Celebrated in August or September, Janmashthami is among the most colourful Indian festivals. It celebrates Lord Krishna’s birth, and you can witness the festival’s verve throughout the country. Nevertheless, there are a few places where it is much more than a festival. Delhi is one of the amazing places to celebrate and experience this festival. You can see colourful decorations, people forming a human pyramid to break the dahi handi, etc. People celebrate Janmashthami in numerous ways. You can browse the top sightseeing in Delhi for Janmashtami celebrations.

You can visit Janamsthami Melas in and around Delhi. While planning your visit, searching and booking OYO family hotels in Delhi is important to avoid last-minute hassles. You can choose from several options like Super OYO Flagship Trio Raj, Super OYO Hotel Raas Near Nawada Metro Station, Super OYO Hotel Diamond Star, and Super OYO Flagship Hotel Olive Saffron. You can also book accommodations near the Janmashtami Mela locations to enjoy the festival.

The article covers some Janmasthami melas you can visit to witness celebrations and have a memorable experience.

Janmashtami Melas To Attend If You Are In Or Around Delhi

People and devotees from every community celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth. It is a joyous occasion celebrated on an enormous scale in Delhi. Many areas witness charismatic fairs, tableaus, and dahi hani activities. The following are some Janmashtami Melas you can visit in or near Delhi:

ISKON Dwarka Mela

ISKON temple requires no introductions when it comes to Janmashtami celebrations.  Everyone knows about the significance of the prestigious ISKON and how Janmashtami is celebrated there. It is a must-visit mela, and visiting ISKON mela to see the Janmashtami celebrations should be on your bucket list. Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated on a massive scale, accompanied by Jhaankis and witnessing the Vaishnav culture. You can also find multiple stalls built in the nearby parks. Lastly, bhog or prasad is distributed among the visitors.

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

The Janmashtami Mela in Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh is one of the biggest in Delhi and the NCR region. It is a yearly carnival that offers several food and shopping options, skits and lightning shows like giant wheels, trains, swings, etc. The major attraction and highlight in this mela in Punjabi Bagh is Shri Kridhns Leela Jaankis. The fair is free for everyone, but the rides are paid. The fair is on the ring road and offers rides, magic shows, etc.

Uttam Nagar Janmashtami Mela

The Janmashtami Mela in Uttam Nagar is set up on a small ground visible from the metro station. You can enjoy seeing the celebrations and participate in the celebratory and festive activities with all the colourful decorations set up around the area. You can enjoy several rides, food and Krishna Jhaankis.

Janakpuri Mela

The Janakpuri Janmashtami Mela is situated on Dussehra ground near Bharti College. The Mahotsav and Mela in Janakpuri offer fun rides, dance performances, a food court, etc. The fair continues for up to ten days. You can enjoy the Janmashtami celebrations with a minimum entry fee. In addition to witnessing the Janmashtami celebrations, you can enjoy more than ten amusement park rides, go shopping, haunted house, and play different games in the gaming zones. The rides include a giant wheel, toy train rides, breakdance rides, etc.

DDA Grounds, Dwarka

The Janmashtami Mela in DDA Dwarka is a two day mela. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan organised the mela with no entry fee. Various stalls are set up, from food stalls to cultural activities. The program’s uniqueness is Krishna Leela’s live experience.

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This is all about Janmashtami Melas you can visit in or around Delhi. You can also plan a trip to Delhi and attend these fairs. Each one of them has their unique speciality. Also, while having fun by witnessing the celebrations and attending the melas, a few specific things will remain usual, high-class OYO services, delicious food, and unforgettable memories which you can cherish later.

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