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Indulge in Himachali Delicacies on a Culinary Journey in Manali

Travelling isn’t just about breathtaking views, perfect weather, and meeting locals – it’s also about savouring the local cuisine. 

This blog is tailored for those who are travelling to Manali. Despite several Manali flood-affected areas, the Manali current situation welcomes tourists from all parts of India. So, we have also suggested the best family resorts in Manali. Here’s a roundup of some must-try foods in Himachal Pradesh and recommendations for the best places to relish these delectable meals at reasonable prices.

Top Delicacies to Try When You’re in Manali

Below are some of the best delicacies you can try when you visit Manali. We’ve also suggested the best restaurants that serve these foods and nearby OYO family resorts for a comfortable stay.

  • Kullu Trout Fish

The delicious Kullu Trout Fish is known for its fresh ingredients and taste. It is lightly fried in mustard oil and topped with a tangy lemon-onion sauce to bring out the natural flavours. It would taste best when paired with boiled vegetables and aromatic rice. People who expect highly nutritious and guilt-free food can try this out. Try out this lip-smacking, non-vegetarian dish at Johnson Bar & Restaurant. Before returning to your OYO family suite in Manali, indulge in the delightful experience of trying out Kullu Trout Fish.

  • Chaa Gosht

Chaa Gosht, a delightful non-vegetarian dish in Himachal Pradesh, features marinated lamb cooked with Indian spices such as red chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste, curd, bay leaf, asafoetida, and cardamom powder. Even though you can find this Himachali dish in several restaurants in Manali, the best version awaits you at The Johnson’s Hotel.


  • Siddu

Siddu is a beloved Himachali dish made from wheat flour and yeast, featuring a unique preparation. This bun is filled with a delightful mix of peas, potato, walnut, and occasionally rajma or kidney beans. What sets it apart is the distinctive process of roasting the dough before steaming, giving Siddu its special taste. You can taste the best Siddu at The Johnson’s Hotel. 

  • Dhaam

Immerse yourself in the essence of Himachal Pradesh with Dhaam, a culinary masterpiece that encapsulates the state on a plate. Resembling a thali, it features a delightful ensemble of red kidney beans, fried dal, rice, boor ki kadi, yoghurt, and a side of jaggery. Locals cherish this elaborate meal during significant celebrations such as weddings and festivals. It is available at almost every popular eatery in Manali, such as Manali Punjabi Dhaba, Drifetr’s Cafe, and Manali Veg Food Corner. 

  • Aktori

For a sweet treat, indulge in Aktori, a beloved pancake popular in Himachal Pradesh. Made with simple ingredients like milk, water, sugar, buckwheat leaves, and baking soda, Aktori is easy to prepare yet incredibly delicious. Originating from the Spiti Valley, this dessert has become a favourite across the entire state. For an authentic Aktori experience in Manali, head to Fat Plate and Cafe 1947. 

  • Mittha

Wrap up your culinary journey in Himachal Pradesh with Mittha, a delightful dessert from sweetened rice generously adorned with dry fruits like almonds and raisins. A touch of saffron adds flavour to this popular treat, often savoured during special occasions and celebrations. You can taste this delicacy at Manali Sweets, Bakers, and Gesmo’s Manali Day. 

Why Choose OYO Accommodation?

After indulging in physically demanding adventure activities in Manali, relax in the best family room hotel. Look out for the best OYO family resorts in Manali. You can experience a luxurious stay with our range of amenities like free Wi-Fi, comfortable beds, geysers facilities, a mini-fridge, TV, parking facilities, etc. You can have a safe stay with us by insuring through ACKO.

Some of our most searched properties in Manali include: 

Therefore, search for “family hotels near me” to find the best Manali hotels near Mall Road, the centre point of Manali. 


Indulging in authentic local cuisine is a must wherever your travels take you. It serves as a culinary gateway to the region’s culture and traditions. In Manali, immerse yourself in the rich flavours of authentic Himachali foods, experiencing a true taste of the local heritage and culinary traditions. Pack your bags, explore the Manali current situation and enjoy the authentic Himachali delicacies while staying in the best OYO family hotels in Manali.

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