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Hyderabad Food Trail: Lip-smacking Dishes from the Old City

Hyderabad’s old city is among the best vacation spots for foodies in India. Its roadside street food, and run-down eateries offering mouthwatering kebabs, cookies, and biryanis, are among the most delicious foods to try.  

In the old city, you may get everything from a filling breakfast to a quick evening snack to a complete supper, highlighting Indian food tourism. When you are in that area of the city, check out some of these places. The locations are listed in the order they appear if you begin walking from Shah Ghouse in Shalibanda towards Madina. Let’s go and explore the food street!

Shah Ghouse

There are three Shah Ghouse locations in the city, with Shalibanda being the oldest. No matter if you visit this Irani Cafe for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you may find something to enjoy there. You can enjoy a plate of Khichdi with Keema and Khatta if you arrive in the morning. Their Haleem and Biryani are frequently rated among the top restaurants in the city.

Pista House

Due to its strong distribution, Pista House, the most well-known producer of Haleem, serves as the official face of Haleem in Hyderabad. Freshly prepared Haleem is served at its Shalibanda, Moghalpura, and Tolichowki outlets.

Shadab Hotel

This well-known hotel in Hyderabad serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and its wide menu justifies the long opening hours. It costs more than the alternatives, but the additional cost is unquestionably worthwhile. Slow-cooked chicken and mutton nihari are their specialities.


In one of the gates just before the Charminar, there is a tiny room where this little kebab shop is located. Seekh Kebab and Tala Hua Gosht with Warqi Paratha are must-order items at this restaurant. 

Akbar Fast Food Corner

In every corner of Hyderabad, you may get a meal known as Chicken 65. But, of course, everybody has a different opinion about how this meal earned its name and how it should be prepared. Chicken 65 is spicy enough and has a slightly crispy outside. But the sweet and tangy chutney is what makes it best. People from all over the world visit Hyderabad to make it one of the best vacation spots for foodies.

Nimrah Bakery & Cafe

In the 8th to 10th centuries, a group of Persians known as the Parsis emigrated from Iran to India, and their culinary traditions persisted in Indian society. The most well-known of them is the Irani chai, an Iranian tea introduced to India by the most recent wave of immigrants in the early 20th century. Enjoy some delicious Osmania biscuits with your tea. The buttery biscuits are ideal for dipping in your tea since they are the right balance of sweet and salty.

Karachi Bakery

The most well-known biscuits in Hyderabad are served by Karachi Bakery. A Sindhi family was compelled to relocate to Hyderabad after the division opened the bakery. They now have outlets in many locations. It’s a sight to stand and see customers running amok inside the store while carrying armfuls of biscuit boxes.


Bilal Ice Creams is to round out your tour of the Old City’s restaurants. Enjoy a scoop of seasonal specialities like Chikoo, Mango, and Sitaphal or all-time favourites like Paan while sitting inside the opulent clock tower of Mozzam Jahi Market. Don’t forget to try the traditional sundaes before you leave.


Hyderabad is a perfect example of Indian food tourism. Visit the hotels in Hyderabad listed above in this post if you’re in Hyderabad and savour their delectable cuisine. If your family is travelling with you, you can reserve a family hotel room at the OYO 24204 Nav Bharath Residency, OYO 40166 Hotel My Choice, or SPOT ON 37214 Classic Lodge and travel effortlessly. These are among the most affordable hotels in India.

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