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How to Stay Safe and Healthy During Summer Travel

The pleasant warmness of the summer months permits just about any vacation activities without climate-based interruptions. When travelling during the summer, you can plan any activity without fear of severe cold or snow getting in the way. 

However, it is one thing to plan for that holiday and another to arrive at your summer destination healthy and safely. Nonetheless, with the right planning and precautions, you can reduce these risks and guarantee a safe and healthy travel experience.

Read on and learn how to stay healthy and safe during summer travels!


Why Do You Need To Stay Healthy and Safe During Your Summer Travel?

The key benefits of staying healthy and safe during your summer travel:

  • It helps you take preventive measures to prevent sickness and illness.
  • If you are ill or feel unsafe, you won’t enjoy your summer trip efficiently.
  • When you stay healthy and safe, you save unnecessary costs on medical bills and unexpected travel expenses.
  • Being wholesome and secure allows you to enjoy your travel experience fully. 


Helpful Tips on How to Stay Safe and Healthy During the Summer Travel 

To stay safe during your summer travel, follow these tips efficiently.

Reduce your Risk of Being Robbed

When travelling for a summer vacation, you must reduce your risk of being robbed. Travelling light can help you stay safe. 

  • Pack only essential items like travel documents and lightweight clothing if you travel internationally. 
  • When going to locations for top sightseeing, Carry a purse or bag close to your body to avoid theft, pickpockets and the like. 
  • Blend in with the residents of your destination. Dressing otherwise will make you stand out, making you susceptible to attacks. 
  • Travel in safe and well-lit areas. Most areas are dangerous, so take your time moving on a dark street.

Lodge in a safe hotel 

It is one thing to reach your summer destination safely, and it’s another thing to stay safe during your holiday. Book a safe family hotel in your summer location. Residing in a well-secured hotel will ensure your safety and peace of mind. You can look up and book safe, family-friendly hotels with OYO rooms.

Keep your Family Informed

In case of an emergency, keep your extended family and close friends informed and updated on your travel schedule. Give them information on your activities like:

  • Your arrival date 
  • Hotel/Room number or tag 
  • Tourist locations you are about to visit, etc.

Keeping your family informed on where you are going and how to reach you in an emergency can help ensure your safety. If something unexpected happens while you’re away, your family will be able to locate and contact you quickly.

To stay healthy during your summer travel, follow these tips efficiently.

Visit a Doctor

Before commencing your summer travel trip, visit a health professional to help you. Examining your health concerns, activities, and planned itinerary with your doctor will allow them to give more specific advice and guidance.

Pack a First Aid Kit Box 

Prepare a travel first aid kit box with items you may need, especially those things that may be hard to buy at your summer destination. Pack up your medications and medications inside your first aid box that can last you enough on your entire trip. You can also add extra medication in case you encounter travel delays. 

In addition to your medication, you may also want to add;

  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen will help insulate you from sunburns and harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, brown spots, and wrinkling.
  • An insect repellant: Insect repellents enable you to prevent, repeal, or mitigate insects. You can apply these products to your skin to disperse insects.
  • Alcohol-based Hand sanitiser: Using an alcohol-based sanitiser helps kills bacteria and germs. It is effective during your summer travel which will help reduce the spread of viruses.

Eat Healthily and Stay Hydrated

Being careful with your meals is a crucial step towards a healthy summer. You wouldn’t want a tummy upset during your summer travelling. Therefore, ensure you eat light if you eat outdoors, and purchase fruits or light snacks with you everywhere you go. Get a water bottle that will help you stay hydrated. Your body needs to be replenished because of sweating. Two to three litres of liquid every day is perfect. Avoid sodas, and drink coconut water and juices. It will help with detoxification and easy digestion.



Staying safe and healthy during your summer trip needs a bit of preparation and an understanding of possible risks. Taking the necessary measures can reduce the likelihood of getting sick or injured while on vacation. By staying proactive and mindful of your health and safety, you can enjoy a fun and memorable summer travel experience.

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