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Hidden Gems to Visit in Jaisalmer After the Pandemic is Over

Much like other places in Rajasthan, Jaisalmer is also known for its ‘royal’ look and feel. Jaisalmer is one of the ideal destinations in India for those who wish to embark on adventurous desert safaris. Desert safaris happen to be a striking feature of Jaisalmer as most of the land in the region is covered with sand and sand dunes.

Also, Jaisalmer is known for its traditional Rajisthani culture.  If you want to explore the traditional art and culture of Rajasthan, then Jaisalmer is a place that you cannot afford to leave out of your itinerary.

How to Reach Jaisalmer?

By Air

Jaisalmer does not house an airport, but the Jodhpur Airport, which is located at a distance of about 275 km from Jaisalmer, is the nearest airport connecting this desert land to the rest of the country. A taxi or bus can be availed from Jodhpur to reach Jaisalmer. Also, Jaisalmer hotel bookings need to be done well in advance in order to keep last-minute problems and booking hassles at bay. The place is visited in large numbers by people in the country (and the world

By Road

Jaisalmer and Delhi are separated by a distance of 760 kms. Travel via NH 11 to reach Jaisalmer from Delhi. Moreover, Jaisalmer is well connected to other parts of Rajasthan as well. Take this for an example: It takes nine (9) hours to reach Jaisalmer from Udaipur via NH 68. Moreover, those residing in Jodhpur can travel to Jaisalmer in under 5 hours. Do make Jaisalmer hotel bookings in advance in order to keep booking hassles aside.

By Train

Train journeys to Jaisalmer are expected to be fairly long and tiring. There is a luxury train that connects the cities of Delhi and Jaisalmer. You can board this train if you like to cover a distance of 650 km. Also, those who love long journeys (in order to spend time with loved ones) can go for train journeys. Do keep a good deal of electrolytes with you because it tends to get a bit too hot during summertime.

Try Out the Traditional Rajisthani Culinary Delights

Yes, do make it a point to try out the culinary delights of Rajasthan. The state has always been known for its focus on hospitality.  Do try out the pyaaz kachori and gatte ki sabzi if you happen to visit this place. Similarly, non-veg lovers can try out the Murg-e-sabz, which is one of the best dishes to try out in Jaisalmer. Also, make it a point to get hotels in Jaisalmer booked as soon as the trip is finalised because this desert marvel happens to be one of the most loved tourist destinations in the country. Also, try out the Makhania Lassi without fail if you happen to visit this golden city. The lassi is something that would keep you going when it gets scorching.


Check Out the Hidden Gems of Jaisalmer

Gadsisar Lake

Do visit this lake if you happen to visit the Jaisalmer Fort. One of the most beautiful lakes In India, it is located at a distance of just 1.5 km from the Jaisalmer Fort. Evening happens to be the ideal time to visit this manmade marvel as peace and tranquillity are there to be found in abundance near the lake. Also, photography happens to be a popular activity for people to undertake near the lake. So, do make it a point to carry your camera along and remember to get the best hotels in Jaisalmer booked this summer to enjoy a memorable time with friends and family.

Akal Wood Fossil Park     

All those who wish to travel back in time, to the prehistoric era, can pay a visit to the Akal Wood Fossil Park. Various pieces of history have been preserved by the authorities for the people to get a slice of India’s rich history from the medieval times. Also, do check out the traditional puppet show if you get to travel to Jaisalmer anytime soon. Plus, Jaisalmer is also popular because of the ‘Ghoomar Dance’, which has become a symbol of festivity in the region.


Gyan Bhandar

Those having an inclination towards the ancient manuscripts of India can visit this place. Those having a taste for history can visit this place as there is a lot to like about the Gyan Bhandar. It is a library that would be of interest to all of the book worms out there. So, all those planning to visit Jaisalmer this summer are advised to book a hotel in Jaisalmer at the earliest possible instance.

Desert Safari
Desert Safari and camel rides are two of the major attractions in Jaisalmer. There are luxury cottages available for people to enjoy a relaxed stay with their loved ones in the middle of the desert. Also, do make it a point to carry a few electrolytes as the place gets scorching during summer time.

Kuldhara Village:

Have an inclination towards ghost towns and villages? Well, if the answer is yes, then the Kuldhara Village is the ideal destination for you. The place is supposedly haunted, and has not seen human life in years. However, the place ends up attracting a lot of visitors in recent times. Book the best hotels in Jaisalmer and do not forget to visit this place in order to bring those age-old ghost stories to life. He village is located at a distance of 20 kms from Jaisalmer.

Shopping in Jaisalmer is an Experience Unlike Anything

Shopping in Jaisalmer is an experience worth remembering. There are various marketplaces for people to explore in Jaisalmer. All those who wish to buy leather products can visit the Manak Bazaar. Similarly, the Bhatia Bazaar is the best place to visit if the idea is to buy silk products and clothing. Visit Jaisalmer and do not forget to get your hands on the various handicrafts that ornament the shops. Book the best hotels in Jaisalmer and get to experience the best of hospitality in the western part of India this summer.

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