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Here are the Checklist Before Packing Your Bags for Your Manali Tour

Are you planning a vacation to Himachal Pradesh soon? A trip to Manali must be on your checklist. Manali is renowned for its snow-capped mountains and picturesque scenic views. It is located within the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges and is the go-to destination to beat the scorching heat during the summer. No matter which time of the year you visit, the destination is a perfect getaway for nature and adventure sports enthusiasts.

But while packing your bags, you must know what to wear and carry in Manali whether you plan your winter or summer trip. The blog post covers a descriptive checklist of what you need in Manali and how staying in OYO family hotels can be your best choice. Thus, let’s dig in!

Essentials You Must Carry on Your Manali Trip

The following are the essentials you should carry on your Manali tour:-

Warm Clothes

Warm clothing is a must for a trip to Manali, especially during winter or autumn. Even if you visit Manali in summer, you must carry light, warm clothing and thermal innerwear. The temperature at night falls to zero, and you will need warm clothing to guard yourself from cool temperatures. Carrying light-warm apparel like sweatpants, joggers, sweatshirts, hoodies, socks, jackets, etc., will allow you to enjoy your outing comfortably. 

Polarised Shades

The altitude of Manali and its surrounding areas, like the Rohtang Pass, makes it perfect for carrying polarised shades to drive the glare away. Suppose you are exploring snow-covered areas. In that case, wearing sunglasses becomes vital for protection against harsh ultraviolet areas.


The beautiful hill town of Manali is adequately connected to many tourist spots. Daypacks or backpacks are essential for carrying important items and documentation to attractions such as Solang Valley, Jogini Falls, Rohtang Pass, etc. You can also stuff water and quick snacks like dry fruits, cakes, and biscuits in the backpack or daypack. In skincare, keep sunscreen lotion and lip balm near you. Furthermore, these places are best explored while keeping your hands free, so adding a durable backpack is advisable.


The journey to Manali commences from plains to snow-capped mountains and settles with a serene valley. Packing a small medicine emergency kit is a sound decision, particularly when travelling with a family and small children. Therefore, it is recommended to carry medications for motion sickness, nausea, cold, fever, and vomiting.

Camera and Batteries

Cameras, batteries, and other electronic accessories are other essentials. Remember to take spare batteries. Also, have extra chargers to charge multiple devices at a single time. A power bank is handy and vital, especially if you habitually scroll your phone, capturing pictures and sharing them on your social media accounts. It is advisable to have two power banks because finding a charging port can become challenging in deserted areas.


Every adventure activity you enjoy requires energy and strength. You must keep your energised and hydrated. Dry fruits, protein bars, and packed juices can help you regain energy. It is the best option, and it takes up little space in your bag. These items don’t stale easily and remain fresh for a long time. You can consume them whenever you want. Also, carry water when on your trip to Manali because you are required to hydrate yourself regularly.


There are some crucial documents you must carry wherever you go. The following are the travel documents you must carry:

  • Original and photocopy identity documents
  • Itinerary
  • Travel tickets
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Medical and travel insurance
  • Passport-size pictures.

Why Book OYO?

Are you looking for the best family resorts in Manali?  From premium to affordable, with OYO, your stay will be comfortable and enjoyable, offering high-class amenities in all the properties. Also, if you are travelling from Chandigarh, you can book your stay near the highway, but it is advisable to check the Manali Chandigarh highway status before travelling.

OYO caters to everyone’s diverse needs. Use the filters on the official website or the mobile application and search per your requirements and budget. You will find a plethora of OYO family hotels for your Manali tour. Some of the top-rated hotels are:

Each OYO family room hotel comes with basic amenities. You can enjoy a smooth Wi-Fi connection, round-the-clock hotel assistance and room service, clean linen, comfortable beds, and more. Moreover, booking OYO needs less paperwork, making your lodging procedure smooth and hassle-free.


Our extensive guide includes everything you may need on your trip to Manali. Carrying these essentials will help you to be prepared for any situation. Sometimes, the weather in hill stations can be unpredictable. So, always have a jacket with you in your entire trip. 

So, now that you know what you should pack on your Manali trip, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, plan your holidays to Manali, and book your stay in OYO’s best family resorts!

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