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A Complete Trekking Guide to Dodital

Why Should You Choose Dodital Trek?

Are you looking for an escape from the pandemonium of city life into Nature’s serene comfort? Does your heart yearn for thrilling adventures that will leave you speechless for days? If you are eager to feel that adrenaline rush that can only come from being one with the mountains, then you must embark on the electrifying Dodital trek, Uttarakhand.

A pristine lake resting amidst the Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand, the Dodital trek is one of the most difficult yet exhilarating treks that every trekker has on their bucket list among all best hill stations in Uttarakhand. This trek has everything that a passionate trekker wants – challenging terrain, splendid landscape and the most gorgeous and intoxicating view from the top that will definitely make you feel like you are at the very pinnacle of the world!

When and How to Reach Dodital Trek?

Dodital Trek 1

For the best weather and experience, it is recommended that you plan the trek during the months of February – July and September – December. Both these periods offer something completely distinct and wonderful. On one hand, the summer months will greet you with clear sparkling skies, comfortable weather and delightful flora and fauna that will brighten up your day in an instant whereas winter trekking at Dodital exudes a mystical charm straight out of a fairy tale. Picture this. Cold harsh winds whipping from all sides while you trek through the daunting snow laden route, each step taking you closer to that serene and holy lake like the sweetest reward after all the hardships. Seems like a scene from an adventure movie, doesn’t it?

The most convenient way to reach the trek route is by reaching Dehradun railway station first and then taking any vehicle from there which will be approximately a distance of 201 kms. Moreover, if you wish to come by flight, then the nearest airport would be the Jolly Grant Airport from where you can avail any vehicle where you will need to cover a distance of almost 207 kms. You will not face any issues about hiring vehicles for the ride as the service is quite smooth. These cars will drop you near Sangamchatti where the Dodital trek route starts.

Phase One: Sangamchatti to Bebra

Dodital Trek 2

As the trek starts from Sangamchatti, where the magnificent Assi Ganga River flows, the route is quite steep and rocky. With sudden ascents and descents, the path is tricky but oh so wonderful! You will find quaint peaceful villages along the way looking like paintings that have come alive from those art classes back in school. Through 5 kms of winding paths and idyllic scenery, you will reach the beautiful little hamlet of Agoda, nestled within the tall peaks of Bakara Top and Dayara Bugyal. As the trek is quite long, you can take some rest here and spend your time drinking warm tea and enjoying campfires in the midst of this paradise.

Phase Two: Bebra to Manjhi

Dodital Trek 3

Here’s where the real challenge begins. The trail will keep getting steeper and more difficult as you climb. However, no amount of hardship can beat the absolute marvellous view of the alpine forests and the grand Dayara hills standing tall and proud. The sheer beauty of the scenery will energize you to keep moving forward. Manjhi takes about five long hours to reach and on the way you will be blessed by glimpses of the Bandarpoonch range which is widely famous in this area.

Due to the high altitude, Manjhi remains sprinkled with snow practically throughout the year making it look really wonderful and pretty. The scenic beauty will truly soothe your soul and you will fall in love with it. In winters you will barely find habitats there, and so this seasonal village remains completely isolated which is quite an eerie yet thrilling experience. Do not miss out on the view of the mountains during sunset. The multiple splashes of pinks and oranges in the sky while the setting sun paints patterns on the mountains is a scene that will forever remain etched in your heart.

Phase Three: Manjhi to Dodital

Dodital Trek 4

The final leg of the journey is around 6 kms and the trek is very smooth and comfortable as it nears the destination. Along the way, snow covered trails and frozen streams will make you feel like you are in a winter wonderland. But do brace yourself if you are going during winters. The terrain might be easy but the snow will dial up the danger quotient quite a lot. If you are a passionate photographer, this is the location for you as everything on sight is so picturesque and marvellous that you will crave to capture every second of your journey. As the trail ends and the lake slowly appears before you, the feeling is quite inexplicable.

The view of the beautiful lake surrounded by snow capped mountains will stay with you forever. Reaching the lake after such a long trek feels like a spiritual awakening. Moreover, the mythological significance of the lake associated with Lord Ganesha also has its impact that cannot be ignored. You will find peace and tranquillity as you absorb the vast expanse of snow and mountains and the experience is truly rewarding.

The Perfect Remedy for Your Tired Soul

Dodital Trek, Uttarakhandis everything that you have ever wanted in a trek and some more. From exciting trails to picturesque views, lush greenery to snowy paradise, this rare yet challenging trek route is a personal favourite. Since it is a really long route and will take around 5 days, do carry a lot of water and food with you.

You will barely find people on your way and the disconnection from human society and its resources is an extremely unique experience that adds to the charm of the trek & also makes it one of the best offbeat destinations at Uttarakhand. If you are sick and tired of the gruesome city life and wish to take a breather away from all responsibilities, then this is your very own Narnia!

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