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Gifts You Can Give to Your Children This Christmas

Christmas is the best time for wonderful celebrations and explorations. Everybody gets thrilled when they hear about Christmas. Children are always eager to decorate Christmas trees, eat lots of chocolate, and are excited to receive presents from Santa Claus. Are you planning to give your children a gift and are unsure about choosing one? Here are some suggestions of gifts you can give and make them smile. 

This Christmas Season, Amaze your Children with Perfect Winter Vacations!

Children get thrilled and excited about spending their holidays amid mountains or oceans. They enjoy visiting new places because it’s always fun exploring. Travelling is always better because children learn new things and are close to nature, and it helps them get out of their comfort zone. They learn about different cultures and get familiar with diversity. Besides, parents can get some family time with their kids and explore beautiful places. 

Going out for vacations is one of the most thoughtful gifts for children. They love to explore new places and enjoy their parent’s company. Here are some places which you can visit during Christmas with your children:


December is the best time to visit Goa. Every nook and corner of Goa during Christmas sparkles with beautiful decorations. There are mesmerizing beaches, beautiful churches, and mouth-watering snacks. Here, particularly in December, you may see migratory and domestic birds in the nature-friendly sanctuary on the Charo islands. Allowing children to explore, learn and get new experiences. Along with these, they can also participate in live events with their parents, making their experience memorable. 

What are you waiting for? Plan your vacation in Goa and check out some of the best OYO family hotels in that area. One of these includes OYO Flagship 702984 Hotel La Parla, it offers hassle-free check-ins and other basic facilities, making your vacation a lot easier.


Christmas time in Pondicherry is merry and bright. Each year, the city organises an annual Christmas market, also known as Marche de Noel, that takes place till Christmas. The market is great for finding unique handmade gifts and locally grown products from Indian and French artisans. Children can enjoy the beautifully decorated historic churches. Along with these you can take children out on Mission Street. Vendors hang stars from trees, put out tinsel and Santa for sale, and offer miniature crib sets from the sidewalk. So there are no doubt children will love hanging around this place on Christmas Eve.

And while you’re finding the best gift for your children, don’t forget to book the best stay while you’re in another city. Check out OYO’s reliable family hotels like Collection O 87564 Mgr Inn in Pondicherry to enjoy your tour tension-free with your family and kids.


If your children like snowfall, adventure, or nature, a trip to Shimla can be a perfect Christmas gift. You can witness the beautiful wonderland and snow-capped mountains in December. It’s a perfect time to visit Shimla in chilly winters with your family and friends. And while you’re here, do not forget to shop for winter wear like caps, mittens, and mufflers for your children. Shimla offers tourists some of the top sightseeing spots in India, including a Neo-Gothic cathedral which dates back to 1844. 

If you plan a vacation in Shimla with your family, try OYO 81277 Kavyansh Inn. It is one of the highest-rated best family hotels in Shimla, making your experience worth every penny you invest here.


Kerala is perfect for spending your Christmas holiday with your kids and family. The Christmas celebration here is full of lighting, presents, special Christmas cakes, and all kinds of decorations to make your new year special. You can feel the air of cheerful celebrations and joy in God’s own country during Christmas.

This state has some really beautifully decorated churches open throughout the night. Your kids will be happy to see the miniature models depicting the birth of Jesus in the churches. After strolling the decorated streets on Christmas Eve, you can also tour the amazing tourist sights like the backwaters, highlands, and mountains the next morning.

Enjoy the amazing Christmas celebration in Kerala and explore the unique flavours with their traditional and delicious meals. Whether you are planning an energetic, adventurous, or peaceful vacation, it all accounts for refreshing your mind. Then why wait?

To experience the best vacation while you’re staying here, check out one of the best family resorts like OYO 90680 Hill Top Down here. The resort will definitely stand your expectations, turning your vacation into a beautiful picture. 

Kids are happy souls! They find pleasure in small things. Take them on their favourite holiday tours this Christmas together with gifts and chocolates. And find the best OYO’s premium family hotels and resorts for your kids that can make them feel at home.

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