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From Lathmar to Ukuli: Here’s How Different States Celebrate Holi

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in India, typically in late February or early March. This year the “Festival of Colors” is on 8th March, 2023. Holi is a celebration of spring and the victory of good over evil. It is a time for people to come together, forget their differences, and spread love and happiness.

During Holi, people take to the streets to play with coloured powders, dance, sing, and feast. The use of coloured powders is one of the most distinctive and recognisable features of Holi. It is said to symbolise the coming of spring and the renewal of life. Holi is also a time for forgiveness and resolving conflicts, and many people use the occasion to make amends with others. As sung in the famous song “Holi ke din dil khil jaate hain, Rangon mein rang mil jaate hai.”

In addition to street celebrations, Holi is also marked by religious rituals and prayers. People visit temples, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu and the Hindu gods, and sing devotional songs. Holi is also a time for special foods and sweets, such as gujiyas (sweet dumplings), mathris (deep-fried crackers), and thandai (a sweet and spicy drink). It is one of India’s most popular and widely celebrated festivals and is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are participating in street celebrations, enjoying a family feast, or simply taking in the festive atmosphere, Holi is a vibrant and joyous celebration that truly embodies the spirit of spring and the celebration of life.

India is a kaleidoscope of different cultures and traditions. And Holi is a celebration of different colours that connects people from different states and generations. People wait in anticipation for this festival that is celebrated in unique ways all around the country, reflecting the diversity and richness of the country’s culture.

Different Forms of Holi Celebrated in India


Rang Panchami, Maharashtra

 In Maharashtra, Holi is known as Rang Panchami or Shigma. The celebration begins with worshipping the auspicious pyre and this is known as Holika Dahan. The pyre of the burning Holika symbolises the victory of good over evil. The next day of Holika Dahan is called Rang Panchami, which includes the frolic and fun of people applying colour to others and spraying coloured water on each other.  

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Lathmar Holi, Uttar Pradesh

According to mythologies and legends, it is believed that Holi as a celebration began in the Barsana region of Uttar Pradesh, India. Even though Holi includes playing with colours, women also play with lathis in this region. Such a celebration draws a huge crowd in Mathura along with Vrindavan, Nandgaon, etc. These are all places in the region of Barsana. 

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Dol Jatra and Basant Utsav, West Bengal

During the time of Holi, Basant Utsav in Shantiniketan of West Bengal is a true delight, which also celebrates the spring season. Everybody dresses in yellow, and the people host many cultural programs where women and men dance and sing Rabindra sangeet. In Bengal, Holi is known as Dol Jatra, where a massive procession of Lord Krishna is held on the streets, and devotees smear colour on each other while singing. 


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Hola Mohalla, Punjab

Hola Mohalla in Punjab is commemorated a day before the actual Holi. This unique celebration of Holi involves reciting poetry, horse riding, and a display of martial arts. These art forms pay due respect and homage to the brave hearts of Sikh warriors or specifically the Nihang Sikhs. But the celebration also involves colours, dance, and music later on. 


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Kumaoni Holi, Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, there is a special way to celebrate Holi in the region of Kumaon. The name Kumaoni Holi comes from the region where people commemorate Holi in three different forms – Baithaki Holi, Khadi Holi, and Mahila Holi. Baithaki is where the locals sing and display an array of musical performances with instruments. In Khadi Holi, men dance and sing with instruments while wearing traditional clothing. Mahila Holi is a celebration exclusively for women and is similar to Baithaki. 

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No matter where you go to celebrate Holi, each place has a unique way of celebrating the festival. While travelling, you can book your accommodation with OYO Rooms and get the best offers and facilities. Further, the convenience of the booking process will make your visit more enjoyable.

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