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Family Trip or Solo Backpacking: What’s your pick?

Both solo and family trips are fun and memorable. Some people prefer solo travelling over family trips. At the same time, others may have the opposite opinion. However, each has unique perks that can help you decide on your next trip. So, look at what solo and family trips have to offer.

Advantages of a Solo Backpacking Trip

1. Freedom

The primary reason why many people opt for solo backpacking trips is freedom of choice. When you are travelling alone, you can create your own itinerary as you wish, allowing you to explore your desired destinations. Moreover, travelling alone gives you the freedom to be spontaneous. So, you can easily decide to visit a destination on your whim, allowing you to adjust your plans on the go.

2. New Adventures

Experiencing new adventures is much easier when you are travelling alone. You can take advantage of your alone time to set out on a camping trip under the stars or go on a trek for an amazing adventure. Some top sightseeing places in Maharashtra and Karnataka offer adventurous experiences for solo travellers, like camping among fireflies during Purushwadi Firefly Festival and Coracle Rides in Shivanasamudra Falls.

3. Budget Planning

Planning a budget for your solo trip can be quite easy. Solo travellers can keep track of their expenditures, such as accommodation, food and transportation, without any hassle. Moreover, solo travellers can choose cheap accommodation options, like a backpackers hostel offering affordable rooms with amenities. In addition, you can travel via public transport when on a solo trip. Moreover, it is easy to avoid impulsive purchases while travelling alone.

4. Set Your Own Pace

You can adjust your plans and set your own pace when travelling solo. Moreover, when travelling solo, you are free to take occasional breaks to rest or enjoy the local culture. If you like a certain place, you can decide to remain to extend your stay there. Also, you are free to cut your trip short without the guilt of upsetting anyone.

Advantages of Family Trips

5. Organised

Family trips tend to be much more organised in terms of itineraries and daily schedules. Therefore, you can be prepared beforehand, making things less unpredictable. Going on an organised family trip can be hassle-free as everything, including accommodation and transportation, is prearranged.

6. Memories

There is no better way to spend quality time with your family and create new memories than going on a family trip. Family trips can give you ample time to relax while bonding with your family. Moreover, family trips can be greatly helpful in removing the sense of daily monotony, giving everyone a chance to unwind and enjoy.

7. Experience

Family trips provide a different experience than solo travelling as you will be experiencing every moment with your family. Experiences like playing games, bonding over old stories, and singing songs become even more special when you are with your family.

8. Safety

One of the key advantages of going on a family trip is having someone to take care of you. There is nothing that feels worse than feeling ill when you are travelling. Having family members with you on a trip reassures you that someone can tend to you, allowing you to travel without stress.

Which one Should You Choose?

Visiting the top sightseeing places in India can be fun whether alone or with your family. On the whole, travelling to a new place is a worthwhile experience that gives you plenty of chances to create memories and experience new things. You can go on a solo trip for soul-searching and exploring. Or, you can plan a family trip to relax and bond with your family. However, the ultimate choice between a solo backpacking trip or a family lies in perspective and your personal choice.

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