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Exploring the Pink City Jaipur

Jaipur, the ‘Pink City of India’ holds a rich and valorous history. The beautiful forts here, speak about the grand past. It was the first planned city of the subcontinent that stands as an abode to the maharajas’ royal grandeur and lavish lifestyle. To experience these, tourists from different corners of the globe come here. The city is home to the cultural, historical, and architectural richness of the country. You can book OYO family hotels in Jaipur and ensure your comfortable stay.

Also, by taking an in-depth look at the city’s structures, you will notice a mesmerising collection of 19th-century architectural wonders standing tall. However, life in Jaipur is beyond this historical marvel. Here you also get to explore the energetic nightlife and great food preparations. Continue reading to experience life at Jaipur to its fullest.

Plan A Day For Any Of The Forts In Jaipur

The city of Jaipur stands for everything grand, depicting the larger-than-life exclusivities of the kings owning these places. So on your tour, start by exploring some of the sites listed as the top sightseeing spot in Jaipur.  

Amber Palace

The palace, pronounced ‘Amer’, is depicted as a world heritage site by UNESCO. By visiting this place, you will get to indulge in the magnificent aura it has to offer. The fort combines nicely blended architectural styles of the Mughals and the Hindus. Helping you with nice captures.

Sheesh Mahal

The Hall of Mirrors makes for a must-visit place if you are interested in the architecture and history of India. Intricate paintings and carvings on this place’s wall form the best of the attraction. To make your day visit a seamless experience, you can book OYO family hotels in Jaipur near Sheesh Mahal.

The Nahargarh Fort

You cannot afford to miss the Nahargarh Fort when planning to cover all the places for top sightseeing in Jaipur. Built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II in 1734 AD, the fort is an explicit part of the defence ring of the city. Also, by visiting this place, you can experience the glorious architecture of the Nahar Singh Bhomia temple.  

Hawa Mahal

The shape of this mahal is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The building resembles his crown. Besides being a place, the Hawa Mahal’s architecture also resonates with past culture.

Enjoy The Local Delicacies Of The Pink City

Besides the lavish lifestyle and great architectural evidence, Jaipur is famous for multiple lip-smacking delicacies and authentic preparations. During your stay at the best OYO family suite in Jaipur, do not forget to try the following delicacies.  

Pyaz Kachori

It is a deep-fried snack, with the main stuffing being onions. As one of the specialities in Jaipur, it will make for the best evening snack with a cup of tea. There are 50 varieties of Pyaz Kachoris that you will find in Jaipur.

Daal Baati Churma

It is basically three different dishes served as one. This famous Rajasthani delicacy will add the ultimate charm to your tour. In it, you get lentil curry – Dal, Baati – a bread dipped in desi ghee and Churma – which is a sweet dish.


The thick yoghurt is made from cardamom, saffron and sugar added to homemade hung curd. When trying it in Jaipur, the dish comes loaded with great varieties of seasonal nuts, making for the ultimate dessert experience after a fulfilling meal.

Laal Maas

Being the best place for non-veg lovers, laal maas preparations are a must-try. The base material of the dish is mutton, cooked for hours in special Rajasthani spices and yoghurt. The name of the dish comes from the red chilli powder used. If you have an excellent taste for spices, do make sure to give it a try.


Ghevar is usually found around the time of Teej. The main ingredients used are milk, ghee, sugar and flour. The makers are also known as artists because making Ghevar and giving it a particular round shape is art from years of practice.  

Explore The Nightlife Of Jaipur

The pink city is also known for its enchanting vibes after dusk. Here, you can find many fancy cafes and traditional restaurants to visit. Also, you can plan a tour by the Chokhi Dhani – to explore traditional Rajasthan at night, start strolling around the Jawahar Circle Garden or have dinner at 1135 AD inside Amer Fort.

Book A Room With OYO

The pink city of Jaipur is a lively holiday destination for people from India and the rest of the globe. Booking OYO family hotels in Jaipur adds to a seamless accommodation experience. You get access to properties in the most sorted locations across Jaipur and enjoy days at their best. With OYO, you can book premium hotels, flagships, townhouses and complete homes in Jaipur. Avail extra 5% off with Wizard member OYO.

Each property comes equipped with the best of amenities like:

  • Daily housekeeping
  • Attached bathroom
  • CCTV surveilled common space
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Card payment
  • Fire safe

Also, all the staff are well trained and will offer access to the best living experience. Each stay in OYO family hotels is insured under Acko as a positive benefit.


Pink City has much to offer guests from around India and the globe. Experience the cultural, historical, and architectural excellence of India. For a comfortable stay, you can always rely on OYO rooms.

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