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Exploring Krishna’s Birthplace During Janmashtami

Lord Krishna is an important part of Hindu mythology, known for his compassionate nature and as a sole protector of good over bad. His birthday, i.e., is famous as Janmashtami among the Hindus. And around this time, people from different parts of India and the globe rush to the birthplace of Krishna. They take part in celebrations and venture around temples dedicated to the lord. 

Mathura, i.e., Brij-Bhoomi, is the birthplace of Sri Krishna, and people here get the day celebrated in the best form. Everything they do is filled with utter devotion and enthusiasm. As an ardent devotee of the lord, you can also head to the temple town of Mathura during this time, but make sure to book comfortable accommodation in advance. When considering unique options within your budget, you can browse through OYO family hotels in Mathura and move around the place accordingly.   

Things To Do In Mathura During Janmashtami

Besides the top sightseeing in India, filled with mystical glimpses of the mountains and natural lakes, a view of the temples in Mathura during Janmashtami does offer great peace. Visiting the Sri Krishna Janma Bhoomi at this time of the year will introduce you to a happy mood. Also, you will get to witness a live screening of Krishna Rasleela by famous artists from the birthplace of the lord. Also, there are other things to do:

Do not miss out on The Grand Abhishek of Lord Krishna

The grand Abhishek, or the holy bath of Lord Krishna, is one of the most anticipated rituals of Mathura during Janmashtami. The lord is bathed with milk and curd, then dressed in beautiful poshak (clothes) and jewellery. Visit the ISKCON temple in Mathura or the Dwarkadhish temple to get a glimpse of the event. 

Take Part in Dahi Handi Celebrations

When visiting Mathura during Janmashtami, you must participate in Dahi Handi celebrations. In this, a pot filled with curd is suspended at a height, and people, make a human pyramid by climbing over one another. The person at the top breaks the pot, and the celebration begins. 

Devour Chappan Bhog for A Fulfilling Experience

A plate with 56 cuisines combining sweet and savoury items is presented to the lord. Mantras are chanted, and then the bhog is distributed among the devotees. When visiting Mathura during Janmashtami, you must try out Chappan Bhog at the Shri Krishna Janm-Bhoomi Temple arranged by the authorities.  

Places To Visit In Mathura During Janmashtami

There are multiple attractions and top sightseeing in Mathura to amplify your wanderlust. Still, when visiting during Janmashtami, the following places require special attention, and you must not fail to visit them. 

Sri Krishna Janm-Bhoomi Temple

Built 5000 years ago, the temple has witnessed multiple changes throughout history. Inside, you will find the Garba Griha, Bhagvata Bhawan and Keshavdev temple, offering their own mysticism. When visiting during Janmashtami, you will find the place glittering with life, marking the end of sadness or negativity and the beginning of immense bliss. 

Dwarkadhish Temple

One of the most visited temples of Mathura, the Dwarkadhish Temple, has an ornate construction with multiple murals. Lord Krishna residing here is known as Dwakadheesh or Dwarkanath. He sits as a black marble idol within the shrine. During Janmashtami, lord Krishna is bathed here in water, milk and curd and put on a cradle. 

Vishram Ghat

Some of Mathura’s most elegant temples and important shrines surround the Vishram Ghat. You should never miss out on the evening aarti of this place. In the ghat, people set little oil lamps afloat on the water. These together emit a calm sparkle soothing the eye and the soul. Once you are done with Vishram Ghat, visit the sacred kunds of Mathura – Shiv Tal, Potara Kund, Saraswati Kund and the Balabgadra Kund.    

Why Choose OYO To Book Hotels In Mathura?

When you want to explore the birthplace of Lord Krishna at your own pace, there are multiple OYO family hotels in Mathura. Choose from OYO Rooms, Flagship properties, Capital O and Collection O as you like. Each property comes with its own safety features and well-ventilated rooms. You get a TV, Mini Fridge, AC, Attached bathroom and Wi-Fi within the OYO family room hotel. 

Most OYO family hotels in Mathura are near the top sightseeing locations. Thus you get to save a few pennies extra from your tour budget, which you would otherwise have to pay for transportation around the city. Moreover, all rooms across all the OYO family hotels are available at discounts. Booking at a Wizard Member OYO will fetch you a flat 5% off. Also, when booking through the OYO app, amazing discounts are always available at your disposal.


Janmashtami is the best time to visit Mathura. Once here, you get to be a part of a spiritually changed atmosphere. Other than Indian visitors, foreign tourists flock around this place to participate in the celebrations. The vibe in Matura calls for everything positive, eradicating the concept of grief within the soul. And magnifying the celebrations are the OYO family hotels, with the best-ever prices and accommodations. 

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