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Exploring Gujarat With a Sweet Tooth

Situated on the western shore of India, Gujarat, in terms of area, is the fifth largest state in the country. Apart from various top sightseeing places in the state, it is also famous for its delicacies. The food of Gujarat makes it globally famous.

It is said that Indian food is incomplete without desserts. Hence, they are the best segment of the meal. And because of their mouth-watering sweets, Gujaratis are known to have a sweet tooth!

Where can you find the most famous sweets in Gujarat? Read this blog to know the best family hotels where you can find lip-smacking sweets in Gujarat!

Surati Kansar Aur Gujarati Thali!

With an outstanding taste, the famous Gujrati sweet Kansar is very simple to prepare. Some jaggery, flour, water, cardamom powder, ghee, and sugar powder are enough to make this sweet. It is not so greasy in taste and is full of healthy vitamins.

Where to try: Although it can be available at any shop, Surat is quite popular. Some restaurants and hotels like POP 92353 Crown Hotel are best for this dish.

Ahmedabad Ka Mohanthal

This sweet is often prepared in Gujarat at many auspicious times and festivals. It is full of appealing flavours of milk, flour, and nuts and has a very simple recipe to prepare. You only require khoya, besan, and cardamom to make Mohanthal. With an irresistible taste after tasting it once, you can’t stop yourself from ordering it again!

Where to try: This sweet is available at Ahmedabad hotels and restaurants like OYO 9805 Hotel Apollo.

Shrikhand From Rajkot

It is a famous Indian traditional sweet and must be part of Gujarati thali. Shrikhand is also named Matho and is offered as a prasad in many temples and festivals. It is prepared by mixing hung curd with sugar. The flavours of saffron and cardamom give a more delicious taste to this sweet. Because of its creamy flavour and texture, it is liked by people of all ages.

Where to try: OYO Flagship 701602 Hotel Capital and some other hotels are famous for Shrikhand.

Ahmedabadi Malpua Or Khana Pura Ni Hua!

It is a special Gujarati sweet. Simply speaking, it is like a pancake in shape. It is prepared with simple ingredients such as sugar, flour, and oil with a sugary and rosy flavour. You can also get coconut, fruits, and mint-flavoured Malpua at some places. With many dry fruits added to its mixture, its distinct flavour marvels at you. To enhance its flavour, sometimes malai is served with it.

Where to try: You can find numerous Gujarat shops selling Malpua. But for the best taste, you can try it at Collection O 2219 Hotel Skyland!

Navsari Keri No Ras

‘Keri No Ras’, generally known as ‘Aamras’, is Gujarat’s most popular sweet. You can say that without this sweet, they do not know how to live in summer! This sweet is prepared with just one main ingredient, i.e., Mango. It is the juice of Mango.

Usually, Aamras is prepared with a variety of Mangoes called Alfanso. However, people use various other Mangoes to give it a more inviting taste.

Where to try: OYO 66478 Sai Hotel is the best place to try ‘Keri No Ras.’

Vadodara Ki Basundi

It is a significant speciality of many festivals. Basundi is as sweet as chocolate and melts in your mouth within a minute. This sweet is a captivating sweet dish of Gujarat loved by many people. Gujaratis like to gobble this sweet dish with their breakfast as well. After preparation, it is easily prepared by boiling milk and mixing it with other ingredients. Finally, garnish it with saffron.

Where to try: Give it a try at OYO 30540 Hotel Infinity!

Gandhinagari Ghevar!

This sweet is typically served at the Teej festival. Prepared with flour and sugar syrup, Ghevar is designed in a round disc-shaped. To add more taste, many places sprinkle a coating of khoya on top of the ghevar. Many delicious varieties of Ghevar are available such as Mawa Ghevar, Plain Ghevar, and Malai Ghevar. Some other ingredients used to make it more flavourful are kewra, ghee, butter, milk, saffron, almonds, and cardamom.

Where to try: OYO 36117 Hotel Parivar is the best place to enjoy Ghevar with other Gujarati dishes.

In a Nutshell

With the best family hotels mentioned earlier or some other OYO Hotels and Restaurants, you can relax, tour Gujarat and taste many authentic flavour dishes with various sweets. So, what are you waiting for? Go for a mouth-watering Gujarati sweet dish to sate your sweet tooth!

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