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Explorer’s Lens: Must-visit places in Pondicherry

Southeast of the Indian Peninsula is Pondicherry’s quaint and attractive town. With French colonial architecture still present throughout the city and immaculate beaches all around, the city is one of South India’s most picturesque vacation destinations. 

One of India’s most visited tourist destinations by both domestic and foreign visitors, Pondicherry is an ideal location for your family trip. Pondicherry offers many beautiful beaches, temples and churches, resorts, and top sightseeing possibilities. Here is a complete guide to the top destinations and nearby family hotels in Pondicherry that you can look for during your family trip to the place. 

Top Six Destinations In Pondicherry For You To Visit With Your Family

Pondicherry is a picturesque city that draws a lot of tourists. It is best seen in the winters when the weather is pleasant, and you may maximise your time by visiting the city’s major tourist attractions. After a tiring and long day, you can easily rest and stay in a nearby family hotel in Pondicherry. Here is a list of the top sites to see if you are organising a family trip to Pondicherry and are looking for the best locations.

1. La Maison Rose

An excellent example of historic French colonial architecture is the La Maison Rose, which has been transformed into three boutique stores called Oh la la, Domus, and Amethyst.

Location – Romain Rolland St, White Town

Closes – 11 pm (Available all days of the week)

Nearby hotel for family – OYO 24169 Hotel Aiswariyam (1.1 km)

2. Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Ashram

In the Indian province of Puducherry, there is a spiritual community called the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. After quitting politics, Aurobindo Ghose established this ashram, intending to bring spirituality into his life. A few of Aurobindo’s disciples came to the ashram with him to pursue spirituality. Shri Aurobindo Ghosh Ashram is a remarkable historical and spiritual place to visit. 

Location – Marine Street, White Town

Closes – 6 pm (Available all days of the week)

Nearby family resort in Marine Street – OYO 19906 Hotel Bliss Inn 

3. Auroville

The 1968-founded Auroville is referred to as “the city of Dawn.” Men and women from all nations are welcome to coexist in this universal community to advance harmony and attain human unity. The place is the top sightseeing in Pondicherry for those who seek spirituality and peace. 

Location – Villupuram, Tamil Nadu

Closes – 5: 30 pm 

Nearby hotel/resort – OYO 19906 Hotel Bliss Inn 

4. Paradise Beach

Unlike the coarse sand of Auroville beach, Paradise’s sand is gentle in texture. As a result, they are ideal for playing sports and having fun. The beach is lovely because the sand is golden and white, and the ocean has a truly blue tint. You can even find Pondicherry resorts for families near the beach with great ease and at a short distance. 

Location – Chinnayanpeth Main Road

Closes – 12 pm (Available all days of the week)

Family suite near Chinnayanpeth Main Road – OYO 77065 Jeyam Residency Near Paradise Beach 

5. Gingee Fort

This can be the ideal location for you if you enjoy sports and wish to take your family on a fort trek. Gingee’s Gingee Fort is a well-known tourist destination and is one of the few first found in Pondicherry. A mound smaller than Rajagiri supports the fort. Despite having 400 stairs, the hilltop is unquestionably steeper than Rajagiri.

Location – Sevalapurai post, Melmalayanur taluk, gingee main road VILLUPURAM DIST

Closes – 7 pm (Available all days of the week)

Nearby resort – Collection O 81473 Anandham Residency


Pondicherry is a peaceful and quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It has some of the most impressive historical sites and beaches you can visit. So, whether you are planning for a two-day trip or an extended vacation, Pondicherry could be the best place to go with your family. Additionally, you can easily search for the “best resorts near me” to get the best offers on the best nearby OYO hotels and resorts, making your trip exciting and comfortable.


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