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Explore the Venice of East: Alleppey with Your Partner

If you are a romantic at heart and want to explore nature, you must visit Alleppey, a small charming town situated in the centre of Kerala. The oldest planned settlement on the backwaters’ banks is Alleppey, usually referred to as Alappuzha. Alleppey has been referred to as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon, viceroy of the British Empire in India. It continues to be affectionately referred to by the same name among tourists and lovers of nature today. OYO family hotels in Alleppey are readily available with all amenities at affordable rates, making it all the more tourist-friendly place. Alleppey is a must-see location for everyone travelling to Kerala. A houseboat stay should also be on your bucket list. Learn more about Alleppey by taking a cruise on a traditional Kerala houseboat.

Lunch, tea, and dinner are scheduled in the boat depending on whether you go for a houseboat couple’s package or a family package.


What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

The best time of year to visit Alleppey is during the winter, from November to February, when the weather is mild and pleasant. During this time, the typical temperature fluctuates between 17 and 32 degrees Celsius. Throughout this time, taking a houseboat tour of Allepey’s backwaters is a fantastic way to spend the day.


What are the best places to visit in Alleppey?


  • Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach, sometimes called Alleppey Beach, is renowned for its scenic surroundings and a 150-year-old pier that juts out into the water. Tourists can chill amid the palm trees or enjoy a picnic there. You may schedule a trip to Alleppey Beach around the Sand Art Festival and the Alappuzha Beach Festival, two festivals that take place there.


  • Marari Beach

The distance between the centre of Alleppey and Marari Beach is around 11 kilometres. Vacationing with family or friends is ideal at Marari Beach. Visitors to this well-known beach can relax and refresh with Ayurvedic massages and cures. According to the National Geographic Survey, this location is among the top five hammock beaches in the world. For everyone, Marari Beach is a must-visit location.


  • Vembanad Lake

Located in Kerala’s Alleppey district, the Vembanad Lake is a lagoon. The nation’s longest and largest lake, Vembanad lake, is reachable via Kottayam, Kuttanad, and Kochi. Vembanad Lake is known by various names throughout Kerala. It is referred to as Kochi Lake in Kochi, Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad, and Vembanad Lake in Kottayam. Two more names for it are Vembanad Kol and Vembanad Kayal.


  • Backwaters in Alleppey

A trip to Kerala would be incomplete without a leisurely cruise around the backwaters of Alleppey. Formerly used for farming, fishing, and transportation, these backwaters are now popular tourist destinations and are among the top sightseeing options in Alleppey. The Alleppey backwaters’ major attraction is an overnight voyage in one of the renowned Kerala houseboats. These houseboats have an open deck as an added feature and are just as comfortable as any family hotel in Alleppey.¬†


Local Delicacies

The top regional specialities in Alleppey include cheera parippu thoran, pulissery, and Thalassery biriyani. Kerala sadya, puttu, and kadala, idli and sambar, Malabar biryani, fish curry, idiyappam, ela ada, semiya payasam, and meen curry are a few more must-try local foods.


Top 5 OYO Houseboats in Alleppey 


Our top picks for houseboats in Alleppey are:


OYO 13525 Houseboat My Trip Deluxe 3 Bhk Private

OYO 23105 Houseboat Luxury 3bhk

OYO 24611 Houseboat Water Cruise Sharing

OYO 24271 Houseboat My Trip 2bhk

OYO 24925 New Dream Sharing Houseboat

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